DEA Inflicts Harm on Chronic Pain Patients

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In an effort to curb opioid drug abuse and addiction, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has issued new rules that limit the accessibility of hydrocodone, putting chronic pain sufferers who rely on the drug in an impossible situation.

The DEA’s new restrictions come after the decision to relabel hydrocodone as a Schedule II drug, making it difficult for users with chronic pain to receive the medicine they need. The recent changes include the elimination of phone-in refills and a mandatory check-in with a doctor every 90 days for a refill.

Hydrocodone is one of the most widely used drugs to fight chronic pain in the United States, serving a consumer base of about 100 million people. Many who rely on hydrocodone suffer from debilitating chronic pain, which greatly disrupts and decreases their quality of life.

Pain advocates across the country were vocal when the DEA announced these changes: they would have unintended consequences that would hurt, rather than help, legitimate pain patients in need. I spoke with a former patient of mine to find out how she was affected by the up-schedule of hydrocodone. She lives two hours away from the doctor who currently helps manage her pain. For her, it’s a 4 hour round trip every 90-days to access the medication that has helped revive a semblance normalcy since her pain first surfaced when she was just 20 years old. What’s worse, she told me that now, more than ever, she has been made to feel like a criminal for seeking access to medicine that has been rightfully prescribed to her by her own doctor.

In attempting to decode how other patients have been affected by the DEA rule change, the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association (NFMCPA) released a survey of assessing the first 100 days after the regulatory change. The results are scary:

·        88 percent of patients felt that the changes denied their rights to access pain medication

·        71 percent report being switched to less effective medications by their doctors, who are fearful of legal issues

·        52 percent felt an increase sense of stigma as a patient receiving hydrocodone

·        27 percent of patients even reported suicidal thoughts when unable to access their prescription.

Controlling the abuse and overuse of pain killing drugs is necessary to keep patients safe, but the importance of decreasing drug abuse does not outweigh the needs of millions of people who suffer from chronic and depleting pain. When patients who suffer from these excruciating conditions are denied access to medication, they often turn to alternative forms of relief such as black market drugs, creating a larger issue of abuse.

Solving the problem begins with communication among the medical community, to ensure patients have access to their necessary medicine and the ability to live the life they deserve.

The medical system’s purpose is to treat and work for the betterment of patients. When we work against the people we are set up to serve, we are doing a great disservice to our cause and the people who rely on us most.

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1,303 thoughts on “DEA Inflicts Harm on Chronic Pain Patients

  1. Dr Webster – new studies show that long term opioids DO NOT work for most patients, and the conversations surrounding the up scheduling of hydrocodone (Vicodin, Percocet, etc) began long before the now pandemic of chronic pain patients in our country. This is a very misleading article. What we have in our country is >100 million narcotic dependents due to the false marketing of Purdue Pharma, and uneducated “pain management physicians”.
    Up scheduling hydrocodone in fact, MAKES physicians be engaged in their patients “pain” complaints and multidiscipline treatment modalities with opioids as a LAST resort. This is in fact exactly what your are now publishing within the VA system. So, to blame the DEA for aligning with your now “new” platform of chronic pain treatment, is extremely short sighted and inaccurate.
    Please do not mislead the public again. Our country is loosing 1 life every 19 minutes due to your previously boisterous education of the physician community that “opioids” are not addictive. They in fact are, and the cause of the CDC declared epidemic.
    Very misleading article, and as a physician, you again are promoting false information with insufficient efficacy studies on long term use of narcotics.

    1. Oh my doctors which were ignorant enough to prescribe pain meds to addicts are also ignorant enough to not prescribe medicines for the people who need it.Now that they are afraid of getting in trouble and not properly treating there patients it would be horrible to know what the suicide rates of those people who are not able to live with the debilitating condition that your friends and family already suffer from losing you. No hope people will definitely die because of all the ignorance going around.

      1. Pain management is nothing more than a shot mill, instead of being so calked “” pill mills” now they order injections, that do not help, are extremely expensive, and if yoh donot participate w injections you no longer get your small amout of pain medication thats been cut to lower and lower doses, to piont of its hardly worth a four hour drive, and a mthly forced visit to get three pills a day that do not even get you out of bed or begin to have pain control. And worse if you
        Are a woman, your not being cared for the same as a man. These pain doctors treat me lije a drug addict snd the ironic thing is the men who ate being prescribe larger amounts of stronger pills are not even taking them, they are selling them to women who cannot get pain control, they are selling, trading for sex, and the doctors think they are so smart!! I take all of my meds, but i have had to buy pills off these men who are able to walk in there and get the same meds they were prescribe by their family doctors. It took me years of extensive mri’s therapy, and when I go to pain managementmy meds are changed, dropped from 80 mg to 30 mg. I was on a lon lasting med and a break threw med, now im dropped to 3 short lasting pills 3 x’ s daily. The instructions on these medicines are you DO NOT STOP taking, you are to be gradually lowered, yet not one care about the consequesnces of what changing my doses are going to do to me…im already in pain, suffering, and you want me to go threw withdrawl on top of that. And that dies not make you an addict, it makes you dependant, there are many meds thats need to be gtaufually lowered not judt opiods

          1. I mean no disrespect sir but its you who do not know what you are talking about you are speaking of your results, I’m glad to hear they have worked for you but please do not lump the rest of us together with your success . I’m a 45 year old man that injured my knee hip neck and back when I was in the Marine Corps from a 25′ fall fast roping from a CH 53 helicopter back in 1990 . I was discharged and had to fight for disability benefits for 7 years, hell im still fighting to receive compensation for my back hip and neck. After being discharged and having no way to support my family I fell back to the trade of welding and fabrication I had before I joined the Marine Corps as a Infantry Mortarman welding and fabrication on heavy equipment was what I knew and the quickest way to put food on the table and a roof over our heads . I worked as a welder from 1991 until 2004 all the while being in pain 24 hrs a day until I couldn’t walk or go to the bathroom with out help. I’ve had dozens of injections none of which ever worked been on every kind of pain med on the market none of them helped until Oxycontin and Oxycodone seemed to help . This lead to having my back fusion’s of L-3-4-5 and S-1 twice in eleven months both fusions never healed so the only thing holding my spin together is the rods and screws . The fusion’s have also lead to the levels above failing rapidly ! Two years ago the DEA decided to group the people who need the medication with the ones who abuse it to get high . In eleven years I have taken my pain med’s as prescribed not once asking for more so if I was selling them or using the med’s to get high you would think I would have to get more . I have been through every kind of therapy injection bio feed back nerve medication root blocks counseling done everything that The VA has asked me to do plus the Doctors tell me that they know I’m not abusing my medication or think I’m a junkie yet the have doomed me to a life of agony and loneliness . I have lost my wife of 17 years have two daughters I can not do things with I stuck at home in the worst pain I can’t even put on my own shoes any more . Now they are telling me I need to have my neck and most of my back fused . I think 5 knee surgeries 2 major spinal fusions are enough . I’d rather live a shorter life with being in the worst pain imaginable than a long life filled with miseries !!

          2. Really sorry about your experience and life with pain. I know exactly how you feel. Have RSD in my right shoulder and have been in the worst pain of my life, because my doctor was forced to lower my medications for nothing that had to do with me. I went from being completely bedridden (about 20hours/day)… Then I went to my new Dr. and got pain relief for the first time. I was out of bed 16 hours/day like a normal person all because I was given the medications I need and the right dose. It drastically changed my life for the better and it gave me my happiness, hope and freedom back. With out these medications you have no freedom when in pain lie this. The doctor has Absolute power over you and I don’t understand how that’s even possible. In our country a doctor can choose for you if you will be in constant severe, debilitating pain. He can choose if you will be bed ridden and stuck at home 24/7 (false imprisonment) or if you will be free to live as you choose. Our country, our Constitution and our Freedom don’t work like that. It’s extremely illegal and I have tons of research to prove it. Wish I could name it all now, but in too much pain to type enough at the moment. If there’s a way for you to contact me I would be more than happy to show you some great research I found. It could help a lot.

            I think it’s disgusting that they’re violating people this way and it’s outrageous that we treat our own people this way and especially our veterans and military our often treated much worse. With me, I had to give up my entire future. I have no hope or dreams now. Good luck if I don’t hear back from you. I hope you get better and find real pain relief.

          3. She is correct, women are treated differently! My house was broken into and my father and I live together and go to the same pain management group, both of our meds were stolen along with cash and other items, however my Doctor WOULD NOT give me a bridge refill for my stolen scripts until my appointment on Monday but my father’s Doc gave him a bridge script for a sched 2 narcotic!

          4. John, as you said, “You obviously don’t known what you are talking about.
            You are projecting your experience intő others.” You are doing the same thing! Along with spinal disorders and blown discs, I have lupus, fibromyalgia and full body inflammatory osteoarthritis. Shot activate my lupus big time, make me swell up like a toad and cause severe pain. Shots don’t work on every one!

          5. Umm John good for you if the shots worked but most of the time, they do not. I have had shots so many times and I get nothing out of them. I have had cortisone, nerve blocks, epidurals and none of them have helped. They just dont work on some people. We are not all the same. So before you go telling people they do not know what they are talking about, Maybe know what your talking about.

          6. yes injections worked great on me for about 3 weeks and 1200 bux. I do not wish pain upon others, but I’ve read several posts over the last several months from people like yourself that I’m projecting that if the injections didn’t work on you people then you wouldn’t be making the comments that you’ve made. In other words if the injections didn’t work then what would you do? Obviously your in some sort of pain to get injections in the first place 🙂 anyway I probably should have just kept my mouth shut. On a side note I’m fortunate enough I have enough sense to stay on as low doses of opiates just in case I have to continue taking them. I’m sure I’ll also be stupid enough to pay 1200 bux again when I’m offered the back injections. I could definitely tell a difference during that time

          7. John it not funny to me that “projecting your own experience” is exactly what you’re doing. But on top of that your callousness towards Christine is appalling to me. She is obviously suffering, something which I think you think you probably do but I can tell from your ignorance you don’t know what long term suffering truly is or you wouldn’t reply like that. And don’t writer back with some sob story of how much you suffered cause it wsn’t enough for you to have compassion for your fellow human being

          8. Dear John…We definately know what we’re talking about. Everyone is Different. I hate to tell you John, but soon your injections will stop working for you. Sorry. Also, if they are steroid injections, it starts to weaken/destroy bone or discs.

          9. This is letter is in response to Ken’s all too frequent experience.
            It n 1980, 4 years after I had graduated from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education
            with my Ed.M, while working at a shelter for battered women, I was working with a newly
            arrived woman from Laos who was extremely ill with a serious form of the Asian flu with
            which she managed to infect almost everyone then either living or working at the shelter
            with that highly contagious and serious form of the flu. Most everyone who became ill were able to return to work within 2-3 weeks. I was bed-bound for close to 6 months and when I finally managed to get out of bed I discovered that I could no longer
            turn my head, unbend ever there my elbows or my knees and was therefore sent to the
            Rheumatology clinic at the University of Mn where, in addition to other tests, ha genetic study which revealed that I am HLAb27 positive, a genetic anomaly that is common among several cultural groups, including my own. Since I became ill when The was just about to turn 30 and I am presently 65, I have been in constant pain for more than half of my life. Certainly the pain which is my constant companion, the manner in which I have been treated especially by members of the medical community, is by far the worst affect of the disease,,presently called reactive arthritis after years of having been referred to as Reiter’s syndrome after having been first identified by a Nazi Doctor
            during the First World War; the idiot believed that he had found a pathogen which was toxic to Eastern Europeon Jews but was relatively harmless to Gentiles.
            I have been labeled as a drug seeker, and every other negative term with which most chronic pain sufferers are familiar and, when rest of all, a malingerer, despite my having worked six days a week thruout both my undergraduate. and graduate school years and, also managed the attend and graduate from law school while giving birth to three sons. I have learned not to share my true condition when asked as to how I am feeling
            and now, I have conditioned to say that I am feeling great, I am actually having a
            difficult time discerning how I am really feeling, unless I am swimming. For an hour a
            day I actually feel like my thirty-yr.-old self, but for the remaining 23 hours a day, if
            I am being honest, I know that my suicidal ideations are becoming so frequently that I am terrified that without really intending to do so, I will do something unthinkable.
            All like-inflicted chronic pain patients know we are among the least represented minorities and it is that fact alone that makes many of us lose all hope.
            Pain is by far a “woman’s issue. And is certainly not “sexy” enough to garner advocates
            in either the research community nor that of either state or federal lawmakers. we are, if truth be told, the real silent majority.
            The pharmaceutical community has managed to find drugs which can magically cause
            bald heads to grow hair. And, as if that was not sufficiently able to buy out men’s
            confidence, the drug industry can give men 4 hour erections. Someone has to figure out a manner in which chronic pain can be marketed wearing a bikini. Until then, just wheel granny into a closet so that the rest of the population is not forced to endure listening to those oh-so -unpleasant groans issuing from the mouths of everyone, from infants to those who are middle-aged and finally to the elderly who still might manage the be able to contribute to society, but cannot do so because she their doctors as well
            are telling them to get back in bed.

          10. I too feel like a “victim” of the war on drugs as the legitimate patients are the ones that suffer. Reluctantly, I had an artificial disc replacement as that was my only viable option. After years of injections, nerve ablations, any non-invasive treatment I had access to and still having horrible, pain, financial distress (since I had just returned from maternity leave and now had a severe injury requiring physical therapy, tons of D. Visits, not to mention the downtime my husband was forced to take from his job, as well with me from mine – I was laid-off and trying to care with a newborn, now with no job, immense pain and not to mention to be unable to truly enjoy my honey moon years of the first years of my marriage and now new born. I was put on an array of medications. Truly felt like a guinea pig. I pushed through the pain the best that I could. I knew that things would get worse with my back and after a long arduous struggle with it. I made the choice to get the surgery because what I would have given to live a normal adult life, not having to rely on a pill and literally schedule each day as it comes because forget about making future plans. You could be in too much pain that day. You get my point. No social life. There is nothing worse than feeling like your body is a prison. It eats at your heart because it is affecting every single person around you in your life. Unfortunately, most people that are not exposed to the affects chronic pain can have either on yourself or someone(s) that deal with it on a regular basis. My husband walks through it with me everyday and IT IS HARD! I hate having it affect him the way tit does even though he is my absolute Rock. He understands because he has lived it with my more than for 7 years. I feel blessed. He knew what I was really like before the accident, the pain…all the agony. He remembers the woman he fell in love with. How active I was. Passionate. I lusted life. I gave him a son even though I had sworn I would never have children and it wasn’t a secret to anyone until they could absolutely not believe I was pregnant. Even to this day.) (Forgive me, as I do not typically comment on blogs and this feels healing in some odd way. Cathartic.) This wonderful man came back into my life soon before I was getting ready to mentally turn 30. (So awhile before that!) I guess I’m saying this to try to help you understand how much I loved my life. It was everything to me. My “guys” are everything to me. I worked in some fashion since I was 12. I enjoyed it. Through all these years this pain has eaten away at everything in me. You can only push so hard through the silent torment for so long. It can creep in emotionally and even spiritually as it physically begins to debilitate you. It makes you change. You hurt nonstop. Be grateful if you were able to find something that helped you. All these years later, wanting, but not able to work. Allowing Dr.s to burn nerves, inject me here and there. Take my $. All the while, my entire family falls apart. I can’t be the mother I want to be to my son. I cannot be the mom I want to make sweet memories with my son. The hope I once felt for myself in any capacity…crushed with the thought that it really is only going to get worse with the way this whole topic seems to keep heading….Please try not to pass judgment on someone else. Whichever way you look at the issue, no matter your perspective. Please be polite and remember it is your perspective and everyone is entitled to their own. The absolute only ability to function at a somewhat (and I use thise term reluctantly and loosely) normal or better level that gave me the ability to participate in life. I have somewhat told you what can happen. You can lose everything you have ever held dear in your heart. I see it tearing apart mine as I type. For a little over 2 of those years I was able to suffer somewhat mildly. I was on an extended release OxyContin and a smaller milligram of medication for breakthroughs. I’ve always gone to the dr. I have always peed in the cup, signed their agreements and did as requested, I have many obvious reasons per scanned images etc. that aren’t pertinent to even mention. Everyone is different. Since this supposed hydrocodone bans and this whole DEA thing that’s happened, the medication I had been taking with absolutely no issues (I do not have Medicaide, nor do I take the hydrocoden) the medication I had to take daily was what gave me the ability to function in any way like a “normal” person for much less extensions of time. Now, this happened and half of my medication has been taken away. I wish that there was absolutely anything I could do to never have to take a pill again. It doesn’t seem to be looked at in that way. I repeatedly feel that history has thought many nothing in many avenues. Now. I am housebound mostly, except for Dr. Visits. Twice a month for meds alone. My husband, my son…suffer. My heart breaks for them. Please. Where is the compassion in this world? They are the only thing that makes me want to go on. It is hard not to pass judgment, I can understand. It just seems firsthand, from what I have witnessed. Anything can be hard or for someone to be able to truly understand something….unless they go through it intimately in one way or another. My heart goes out to anyone that has to deal with chronic pain or those that may be unable to see how much damage it can truly cause. More than could be imagined.
            Wishing all the best.

          11. Injections are not a single category, and with those who have a spinal chord injury, they are dangerous, and lead to more damage. The facet injections may work for minor ailments that should not have opiates in the first place, but it woukd take a spinal block that also paralyzed whatever was involved to numb those with severe injuries. Doctors must do a better job informing the patient on the inevitable tolerance, and the ultimate withdrawl, which leads to much amplified pain I fell 50 feet and injured a total if 14 discs and 12 vertebra, with mri sheets 3 pages long, and will say. I wish opiate had never entered my vocabulary.

          12. Sir, you should not be so bold as to assume what works for you, works for everyone. Trigger point injections, spinal injections and any other method of injections have failed me miserably! In fact, after receiving injections in my lower back I got exactly 45 minutes of moderate relief. After that I couldn’t lift my arms, take a step or sit upright for four days. The shots crippled me. I have been in pain management for 22 years. I wear fentanyl patches for pain 24/7 and take hydrocodone for breakthrough pain. My pain has never been reduced to less than a five on a scale of one to 10. Now, thanks to addicts and those seeking a high I have yet to understand. I have zero hope of ever being pain free. Do not tell me or the thousands of others that shots work! While I am thrilled they work for you, these shots nearly crippled me!

          13. At first I got some relief from cortisone shots but now they make my knee pain worse. They also destroy cartilage Two of the three compartments in my right knee are now bone on bone. The rooster comb lubricant is better than cortisone because at least it won’t make the problem worse as long as the product is sterile.
            Regarding opioids, there was some research on combining microgram amounts of naltrexone with an opioid. The extreme low dose of naltrexone was able to reduce the physical dependence, hyperalgesia, and tolerance without causing withdrawals. One product being considered was called Oxytrex (oxycodone and naltrexone). Unfortunately the company appearently ran out of money for developing the drug combination.

          14. Good for you ☺!! They, injections, messed my neck up 100x worse, and I NOW have Severe Migraines!! You take your injections. I’ll take the pills that may help me…. Js…

          15. John – I feel it is unfair of you to tell Christine that she “obviously doesn’t know what she is talking about”. Every one’s body is different. It is great that the shots worked well for you. But that isn’t necessarily the case for everyone.

            Since the DEA has increased their vigilance in trying to stop the abuse and illegal sales of opiate drugs, there HAS been a documented increase of doctors who are afraid of losing their licenses and are subsequently, pushing injections. These are doctors who are legitimately prescribing the appropriate types and doses of pain medication to real chronic pain sufferers… However, those same doctors are so afraid of the government, they are ‘pushing shots’ to stay in business.

            Then, there’s also the whole discussion about how much money a doctor makes by giving injections versus writing prescriptions. Again, actual doctors have admitted to me that because they make more money by giving injections… (and they’re concerned about the DEA with pain meds) … their choice of treatment has changed

            Not only have I discussed this matter with many other pain sufferers, but after recently moving to another state, and having to search for a new pain management doctor, I have had many conversations with doctors about this situation. Numerous doctors tell me that they are making their decisions about prescribing pain medication versus offering pain injections solely based on the DEA, and fear. I have also met with a number of doctors who have recently given up their pain management specialty simply because of the rules from the DEA and again, their fear of losing their license to practice medicine based upon the DEA’s new rules and the government dictating to these doctors HOW they should be treating their patients.

            I have undergone 5+ years of injections, surgery, acupuncture, etc… and the ONLY ‘shot’ that ever gave me a little relief was PRP injections (platelet rich plasma). The PRP injection/slight relief lasted 3 short months ( and is incredibly expensive!!) For me, the only thing that provides enough relief so I am able to get out of bed – and function – are pain medications. Yet, after moving to a new state and essentially having to start over with a new doctor… even though I have a box full of MRIs, tests, documentation etc. clearly showing all of my sustained injuries and what has worked for me in the past… Doctors are still pushing injections (which has not been effective for me). And, have you seen some of the newest ‘Opiod/Narcotic pain management contracts” ? Some even state that per the DEA, treating pain with opioids is a short-term solution only and that the goal is to ‘get patients off of them’ ( paraphrasing, of course). So now, the government, not doctors, are deciding whether or not people should be prescribed certain medications? And making statements about getting people ‘off of these medications’… What right do they have?! The implication is, of course, that anyone who is taking narcotic pain medications are addicts. It is additional humiliation and emotional pain piled on top of the physical pain that we are already in.

            I realize that I tad bit off-topic… this is obviously a sensitive subject for me. I did not ask nor did I wish to be in an auto accident that forever altered my life!

          16. Unfortunately, the actions of few will adversely affect a much larger population. I say “get used to it”. if opioids get less convenient to obtain and use, perhaps we will then begin to research altenatives….

          17. John, You have just told everyone about your lack of knowledge about people, Period! Do you actually think that because shots helped you that they’re going to help every single person in pain and the entire United States whole millions of them?? I think you’re taking more than shots right now!! go to bed!

          18. What a rude thing to say to someone that is suffering their own type of pain. You have no idea what their pain is like and I think you should take that into account when you speak to another person with chronic pain.

          19. Well I have chronic pain from burn type injury. The continual insistence of doctors to try and get you off of pain killers (which worked fine for me and cost 10.00 per month) is they do indeed send you for injection, RF therapy, whatever. Which costs 5,000 per year (more but I hit my deductibles) I did that. And one injection caused an infection. Which led to a month on the hospital, 6 months on a wound-vac, 9 months until I could work, wiped out 40 years of savings (due to loss of work, 30k in medical bills as it spanned several years and I had limits of coverage). The end result — pain is worse, and I get pain killers. Each person is different. If the injections work, great. They are not risk-free, I assure you. If RF works, great, also not risk free. And the cost is high. People should be able to work with their own doctors to find what works for them without the stigma of pain killers and the continual nagging to get off them.


          21. I am glad shots worked great on you, but even the science says the efficacy of steroid injections to be as low as 20%.

          22. chronic pain patients need they’re medications whether it’s oxycodone Oxycontin hydrocodone Dilaudid morphine methadone Etc…and anyone or any agency who claim otherwise, are complete idiots. I have tried so many medications over the past 30+yrs, tried n tried n tried and finally found one that works. Been on it for 10yrs now and it changed my life so much for the better, it gives you back some life. Nothing makes you pain free, but lowering the scale from a nine to a five or six, is really miraculous. (a 10 on the pain scale means a bullet to the head, that is how bad the pain is for chronic patients and its 24/7, 7 days a week) Would any of you ignorant people deny a loved one they’re narcotic pain meds, if that was the way they had to live every miserable day? Or, if you wind up in our shoes, do you really want to have to jump thru hoops, be treated like scum, a criminal, or drug addict (junkie), because you need a medication that allows you to live, instead of rotting away in bed, waiting to die because nothing else gives you relief enough to even get out of bed? And we are all depressed. We would love to lead a normal life, but because of injury or disease, we need our narcotic pain meds in order to have any quality of life. And none of you gaf…and that makes us depressed. We are not criminals. We are not a number. We are people, just as a diabetic needs insulin, we as chronic, intractable pain patients, NEED OUR NARCOTIC PAIN RELIEVERS.
            My beliefs dont allow suicide, but pain has been so bad at times, i wanted God to take me. And a chronic pain patient cannot just start off as one. It takes years to be properly diagnosed and med adjustments and trial and error etc.
            Same a this ridiculous gun control. Take the guns from law abiding citizens, the criminals will still and always have them…just as the junkies will always be able to get high.
            Its not patients that are abusing or wanting to get high…just as its not us true Americans that are out shooting people. We have rights and the right to a quality of life and a right to bear arms. Stop the madness and educate yourself before starting this “war on prescription opiates” and gun control….etc. just because a rich politician’s kid gets strung out or od’s, we all have to pay for it? Naw…not happening. Look at the root problem…poor parenting or like i said…THE PEOPLE WHO WANNA GET HIGH, ARE GOING TO NO MATTER WHAT… Why is this like rocket science written in a long lost language to you people?
            For crap sake…we only get so many pills per month and have to submit to random drug screening. What else do you want from us?

            Gee, i wonder how the Country would react if you treated heart patients, diabetics, etc…the same, horrible, unconstitutional way…you treat chronic pain patients? Just sayin…
            And as for you whom “the shots worked”…. well isnt that special. But you have no clue as what real, life taking pain, is. Ya, i broke my knee cap and ruptured the bursae…the shot worked. But da…the pains of that injury and chronic intractable pain…is like comparing apples and zebras. I cannot fathom the stupidity of some people. We are talking chronic, lifelong pain, that will never ease up or get better….that is why we need our meds. And no…the nerve blocks didnt do shit either except put a boatload of loot in that doctors pocket.
            The humanity. The stupidity. Its the 21st century…get a f’n grip. Educate yourself before making any decision. And try and walk a mile in someones shoes…but i guess its easier to stereotype than learn. Just go with it…all the media hype and scare tactics thrown at us daily.
            I wonder how many of you anti pain relief or anti gun people actually geared up for y2k???
            I am sickened by all of you who have pretty much wipe your asses with our U.S. CONSTITUTION…we the people, by the people…
            Or dont you know anything about that eithe0

          23. Jon,

            I know the shots work for you. And they did for me for a time, however, we are talking about law changes. The state I live in changed the rules for the shots my insurance company several years ago and the shots that worked are not covered now. So enjoy what works now. I think the bigger issue of the conversations here is be aware, at any time changes to procedures you rely on will have some controversy and are no longer covered under insurance policies; like many pain medications before many have been taken off the market that had less addictive tendencies; opiods are another attack on people that suffer from chronic pain. Years ago people sued doctors for undue suffering because of a similar situation of Federal interference concerning prescribing medications and the patience won.

            Interesting fact most do not consider there are more people in the U.S. suffering from chronic pain that those with diabetes and heart disease, yet very little money and research is done to help those with chronic pain. We are statistics in which many can no longer cope with the pain, shame and stigma that is heaped on us. We did not ask for this, and it is an invisible illness, but those who do not live it’s severity and barely move always judge and tell us it’s in our head and we should just get over it. Many become suicide statistics because we have little to no relief everyday, and our joy fades as depression sets in.

          24. I’m a sixty two year old man that was injured on my job over thirty years ago! The injury has resulted in twenty spinal surgeries. My entire lumbar spine as well as two other cervical vertebra are now fused! My life is a living hell with all the pain and I spend allot of my time in a power chair. I will say the hydrocodone does work better than anything I’ve taken! I was recently sent to pain management clinic and I was told I could only get four 10-325 hydrocodone pills per day which was less than I was prescribed at my family doctor, no compassion for my pain at? Those pills only lasted roughly four hours before the pain returned. I tried the time released medication0 (Embeda) and I seemed to be allergic to it with itching like you wouldn’t believe! The other time released medication I tried made me very sick! Neither really helped my pain very much. It was a very crazy situation when I first went to pain management, the BWC or my regular insurance company would not approve the time released medications at first. They said the doctors should try the Oxycodone etc.before prescribing the higher dollar time released medications? Pain management clinic said that wasn’t going to happen! I just tried to go back to my regular doctor but I was refused back as a patient due them not wanting to prescribe the hydrocodone that I had been taking for many years. Not once did I ever abuse my medications. Matter of fact my mediation usually lasted me one third longer than it was prescribed? I will add that I was never offered the shots? I don’t know where this is all going, but I can assure you of one thing, I won’t set back and allow it to happen, I plan to get an attorney withing the next couple of days and file a law suit against whoever it is that’s causing me this unnecessary pain and discomfort. If the seriously disabled people don’t start standing up for themselves it’s going to get worse. It seems to be the normal practice in America anymore is to punish everyone including the disabled for the actions of the addicted drug heads that usually don’t even have a serious medical issue? I’ve spoken to many people that sets in the seats of the pain clinic, and most of them are either people that have never had a surgery and many that are whining over hang nails. People really needs to start studying all these time released medications and how the doctors get paid big dollars by BIG PHARMA for promoting them. We all know that Kick backs are illegal, but I read that that BIG PHARMA has lobbied the state legislators and got around this by calling it a drug promotion programs and not kick backs? I also read in this same article that doctors in the right practice can make as high as $10,00.00 to $100,000.00 over and above their regular pay simply due to prescribing these high dollar drugs. It’s just my view, but I would bet that if a person dug deep enough into this you would find that it’s BIG PHARMA at work with the state legislators to get the big bucks from their crappy new medications that don’t work very well?

          25. You are one of the few that shots work for. Saying person doesnt know what they are talking about is beyond belief. What if they said YOU dont know what yer talking about? What works for one may not for another, and that includes shots or meds! Dont believe you can say, well, it worked for me, so it WILL work for all. Small minded big mouth.

          26. I’ve had 8 years of shots, JOHN, from 3 different docs in 2 different states. The lumbar area is only SO big. Surely one of them would have hit the right spot while injecting me multiple times.

            You’re projecting YOUR OWN experience on others. At least try not to complain about what you are doing, yourself, because you obviously can speak for NO ONE but YIU.

          27. Bullshit!!! You know nothing.just because it worked ffor you. Doesn’t mean it works for everyone apparently you know nnothingt d

          28. After reading the first 2 replies to your remarks I wanted to chime in. I am 55, my pain started at 21. I started full time work at 16 and I was a steel fabricator, at the age of 21 I had a family when the pain kicked in. From that age until now I have had to make due with what ever I could get for pain relief. I had injections and “NSAIDS” and a very small amount of Hydrocodone which was never given enough of due to F***n addicts. I too felt the shame that goes with the meds. In early 2015 my new doc finally gave me Exalgo (hydromorphone) slow release and dilaudid (also hydromorphone) fast acting along with other things. He also gave me injections which helped a little. I finally had a life again, but my body could not do work any more, I could have gotten disability but I was a too proud of a person plus I had some mineral rights income that barely paid the bills. Even tho my pain was better I found myself with only 1 friend, a guitar and 2 dogs. That was and is my only social life, once every 6 weeks go to my friends house and jam. But that pain relief I finally had has gone!!! No one wants to stand up for their patients and give them what they need, now they are only thinking of their licence. Oh no we don’t want troble with the DEA. It is sad to be in pain and your country abandons you. I guess now I will have to buy it from those same addicts who ruined it for all the real sufferers.

          29. You obviously had a problem with an easy fix! Lucky! Most here arent that fortunate and have many other conditions that [nly shots cant fix. Again, applause for you, but those that are in real pain now have no choice but suffer. You should not put all people in pain in your category, as you need to apologize for your ignorance! Seems you dont know what you are talking about, John.

          30. John, I know you will most likely not see this but perhaps it will help someone else. From all of the medical data I have read, there is little evidence that epidural injections work on most people. They actually exacerbated my incurable condition. The RFA on my right side left a nine inch square patch of flesh with new and permanent nerve damage.

            One tidbit of info which I haven’t seen mentioned (yet) is that the medication used in the epidurals and I believe facet injections as well, is NOT FDA APPROVED for epidural injections. Why don’t they explain that PRIOR to your consent being given? Good question. Over 9 million epidural procedures are done per year in this country alone. The number of epidurals, RFA’s and facet injections done annually that di not meet Medicare guidelines is staggering. A 2008 OIG report found that 63% of facet injecthave did not meet medicare requirements resulting in over payments to the tune of $96 million bucks.

            As someone else stated, they are not pill mills anymore, they are shot mills.

            Yes, I have been told by new doctors (all reputable) that if I do not submit to unnecessary and sometimes dangerous procedures I will not be given the medication which allows my disabled body to care for my 71 year old mother and 13 year old nephew.

            Please do not tell me how wonderful these procedures are. One needle prick left a hole that refused to close. For 12 days it leaked spinal fluid out and allowed blood to seep in. Result? Adhesive Arachnoiditis. I have submitted to upwards of 50 procedures. I have more nerve damage now than I had prior to that first stick.

            I hate this. In 24 hours I will be losing the meds that have allowed me to function at least somewhat due to fear of addiction! Huh?? I have been on same dosage of morphine for 11 years. 11 long and painful years. Who is drug seeking? Not me. I just don’t know who will care for my family. I will be lucky to make it off the couch and to the toilet when I need to pee.

            I just can’t handle this crap anymore.

          31. John, you’re the ignorant one; you can’t assume that because injections worked for you they will work for everyone. There are many reasons for injections failing. First and foremost is the technical skill of the Physician; incompetence can be found in any profession. Secondly, a misdiagnosis can lead to treatment failure. Third is the the type of ailment the patient suffers from. I have obviously have no idea what your diagnosis is, but for you to suppose that your particular ailment represents every possible condition & how it well it will respond to injections is, well, stupid.

          32. Well smarty pants .Your 1 in million it worked for.Steroids are horrific. Study how they eat away your bones&cause auto-immune diseases.Some huge weight gain.Luckily im allergic to them.But before found that out had several neverworked for me.

          33. I went through 3 rounds of 3 shots. Over 10 years they never worked for me. Out of pocket $500.00 then a reaction on the last one. After all that pain management wanted me to do another round when I refused. I was kicked out with absolutely NO meds. Shots don’t work for everyone.

          34. It depends on what the “shot” is. Maybe you were given a narcotic and she was given an NSAID like Toradol. It also depends what kind of pain you are having and where it is located. Suddenly stopping some opioids and other meds can be an unbearable because of the withdrawal experience (and it will happen) which can make you extremely sick for weeks and you could even die. You have no right to judge her or anyone else that takes pain medication.

          35. John,
            Everyone is different. Just because the shots worked for you doesn’t mean they work for everyone. I was still in such pain I was suicidal after I got my injections.

          36. Semper fidelis Adams.
            Thank you for your service.
            I an also a veteran of the USAF. Served from 88-93. I am going through the same thing.
            From one serviceman to another. Use Medical Cannibis
            The more CBD the better.

          37. So just because shots worked for you then they have to work for everyone? You do realize that everyone has different body chemistry. I had multiple injections when I started and I had absolutely no relief. It just seemed to be a bit worse because they kept sticking needles in my back. I eventually had to have 2 back surgeries and now I am in constant pain from my lolwer back to my feet. I was at a level of meds that I could deal with the painand bbecause of these new guidelines my dr has cut everyone’s meds and many people are in hell because they are dealing with withdrawal and the pain they thought they had finally managed to get under control. I suppose that because the shots work for you that it will fix my pain that is partly because of a bent screw in the hardware in my back? I refuse anymore surgeries, the ones I’ve had have done me more harm than good. Try to have even a small amount of compassion. Think about if it were your loved one. Not everyone is going and getting these meds for he wrong reason. The ones of us who are legitimate need to make our voices and concerns heard. Good Day.

          38. As is the case with a certain percentage of patients, injections (PNB, TP and others) left me in worse condition 3 out 6 shots to date, and have caused long term nerve damage that results in the form of both real and phantom pain that I did not have before the injections. Sadly, meds were working well, but now much less so after the injections.

            While shots work for some and not others (as is obviously the case with pills, and other treatment modalities as well), unlike pills they can create new sources of pain and other physical problems. Looking-up the risks and contraindications should be part of any due diligence before considering treatment, and injections come with their fair share. They may provide relief and certainly should be considered if there is limited relief with other treatment modalities.

            Unfortunately, I personally know 2 other patients, one with Lupus (Mary) and one with fibromyalgia (Sandy), whose bodies reacted so poorly to a Spinal Neural Stimulator together with injections (Lupus patient) and nerve blocks (FM patient) that they went from bad, but manageable pain (with pain meds) to chronic intractable pain that has left them bed-ridden the majority of their waking hours. Sandra (the Fibro friend) is literally on her death bed now, as 4 years of post procedure pain has caused her body to start shutting down. She is getting almost no REM sleep anymore, and, before being moved to her hospice facility, was screaming in pain (waking her 5 year old and her husband each time). Unfortunately, even the level of meds given to her as part of the hospice management are not able to help they types of pain and problems they created for her.

            While Sandy’s doctor was quite conciliatory (although now not involved in her treatment), she and Mary’s pain doctor (Lupus patient) learned too late about how violent and unpredictable patients reactions can be who have hyperactive/aggressive autoimmune disorders.

            While neither Mary nor Sandy are seeking any sort of legal or other recourse (not that it would help anyway) there are many out there who have done so, since many doctors are mandating patients to undertake various invasive and other procedures, by threatening to drop them if they do not let the doctors perform them.

            These problems and legal actions have resulted in a growing base of doctors and clinics who have rethought this approach, due to their legal bills and losses. In several cases it was determined that many of these procedures are substantially profit motivated, where doctors were trying to hide behind “the protection of executed pain contracts”. These contracts are not holding-up in many instances, since it is often found that they are signed under duress (no signature, no treatment, while patients are in severe pain). Coupled with assertions like, “You must submit to [XYZ] procedure(s), because it is our standard course of treatment for all patients.” has also caused problems for many doctors, since it has been deemed to “blatantly and often callously ignore the specific needs and conditions of the patient.” You would think that educated doctors would question such mandated practices themselves, but unfortunately there are often other motivations involved, as has been uncovered in numerous cases.

            They were both quite well pain managed before the doctors began down their new path of requiring all patients to submit to alternative therapies. It is one thing for them to try different things when current treatment modes are not providing good relief, but it is quite another when they mandate alternatives when current modes are working, and ignore the numerous potential problems and dangers associated with varying levels of invasive procedures.

          39. I too am suffering at the hands of the VA. If pain medications kept me alive another ten years then that is longer than ten weeks, if I last that long…

          40. And u r now projecting YOUR thoughts on others!!

            I only know I awoke screaming bloody-hell-murder right out of deep anesthesia to my 1st attack of extreme parethesias/peripheral neuropathies the morning I woke up from spinal cord cancer surgery at the age of 9 yrs. old at C.H.L.A. That surgeon saved my life..that is a fact! Only 1 other girl had this type of tumor & died within the month…they never gave me anything for the pain back then (not sure why) but I have been dealing with these electric shock type phantom pains, and constant (serious) abuse from many doctors over the years…had all the “shots” and none did a thing..
            Many M.D.’s made me feel like a liar tho many in my past have admitted it seemed it would be hard to make up my story along with the med records, MRI’s & correct medical phrases I used perfectly on E.R. visits as an adult. But even my own mother would watch me writhe on our couch at 11 yrs. old pleading for a second (useless anyway) Tylenol, refuse me, for the reason that she was sure I was faking it for OTC’s? Saying I was just a drug addict for TYLENOL???

            My life in this area has been a living hell..esp. now the celebrities & whatnot r partying on them. CHLA admitted they were wrong about my assured death (since I didn’t die), but they insisted for sure I would never walk not have children, etc., on and on…

            I am 48 yrs. old now & am stuck w/a fairly good doc right now, but bf this stupid DEA war (that SHOULD be used on the partiers only…& btw, I have NEVER bought my meds on the street, tho if I was ever left in the lurch again by my own husband?? stealing half my meds bf I left town 1 week a few yrs. ago!? The pain I remember going thru wding off those cold turkey would send me right to the nearest street corner now!)

            So a couple yrs. ago, I had a rare “real” doc in town who had me hbriding, skiing & I now have teenage FOUR BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN! But as I grow older, the pain is unbearable most days…I am grateful however for the rare good days upon which I can do fun things with them. I am just sad when I qualify & have every shred of proof I am telling the truth yet am treated like the scum I guess I still must be at all the clinics and the pharmacies…maybe cos I should learn to “breathe” & learn to “get used to the attacking pains”…I would LOVE 2 see anyone here do that for a mere 2 minutes– period, w/o absolutely WAILING for some kind of morphine injection…& yet here I am trying to live the rest of my life in my bed on low mg. pills as the docs r all rightly scared to death of losing their licenses. So much for a free country…sorry, had to spill.

            Suffering alone, Junebug

          41. Ken Sorry to hear about your injury but I am more sorry to hear you have to fight so long for your well earned disability benefits for your services. You can’t argue with someone who doesn’t know chronic pain clearly.

            I was on a car accident, in 2004 I worked for nearly 4 years with broken disc till I knew something was wrong with me. I got my surgery and even though I am not on a wheel chair more issues are present, Sciatica pain, neck lock and huge spasms that I need to get injected to find relieve for it. Just a couple months I fall in the shower and hurt my hands now making it more difficult for me to move in bed, get up.

            I know whats wrong with this country and their systems. DEA like everyone else involved either with Drugs or Security, want their jobs to be done more easy for them. Rather than taking the bad people they rather punish the ill, in order to do their jobs. It is sad, but thats what it is. It is like when you are trying to find an attorney, today attorneys do not want to work, you have to do their jobs and they just get pay, back them lawyers were lawyers and will fight for your benefits.

            Same thing with the doctors, they need to stand their ground and let the DEA ” Hey I am the one with the medical degree, I am responsible for the well of my patients.” they should be able to advocate for us, but this new generations of doctors only care about, swiping your insurance card and getting paid for a worthless doctors visit.

            Like yourself, I do talk to my doctor and she knew (because she quit her job, not sure if related to this issue) I didn’t abused my med because I am kind of afraid of medications specially their side effects.

          42. Shots do not work for spinal cord cancer. Everybody is different stop being ignorant. He is actually correct, all they want to do is shoot you up now. Many times these shots dont work. Later on the actually cause adverse effects like arachnoiditis and cataracts, think before you speak.

          43. John I don’t think you know what your talking about. My mother is also suffering due to these new laws. She is a chronic pain patient. She has rhumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis fibomyalga to name a few. Her diseases are dibilitating. There is no cure. She has tried every injection pain relief out there she’s been gradually increased to takibg percocet. She too is now being treated like a drug addict. Her doctor has completely abandoned her. You tell me sir what she is suppose to do? Be in a wheelchair the rest of her life in agony.

          44. The epidural injections I had 9-20 years prior, have caused INCREASED NERVE PAIN, & I now have the unfortunate Dx of ARACHNOIDITIS OF SEVERAL CLUMPED NERVE ROOTS. Steroids shut down the immune system. They also deplete bone calcium and cause other potential serious risks. Over time, you may find your “success” of steroids came to you with very serious permanent damage to nerves, and overall health. I urge you to do more research… Advice I would share with any reader of your post. Good luck.

          45. Shots may have worked on you and that is GREAT!! However, because they worked on you doesn’t mean they will work on everyone. I am a disabled veteran, I have been disabled 3 times and I’ve had 14 Surgeries since 1998 including 3 neck surgeries (and a fusion) Lower back, 2 wrist (and a fusion), 3 knee, shoulder, bilateral carpal tunnel and 2 others. Currently, I have 5 herniated discs in my lower Lumbar spine along with severe loss of disc height, Spinal narrowing, pinched nerves, severe arthritis, spinal stenosis, sever degenerative disc disease and that’s just my lower back. I also need both knees replaced but I’m 44 and no one will do them until I’m 55 or older. I have 4 herniated discs in my neck along with everything else as my lower back. Plus thwiddle back is seriously damaged as well.. Believe me, I have had every injection known to man and NONE have worked on me and I’ve had a LOT of them. I’ve tried the Neurologist Spinal Stimulator Implant trial which just felt like a basic tens unit. I have tried every conventional pain medication that is out there, trials, everything. Then they tried Narcotic pain medication starting with Method one. I was VERY allergic to those and was in the E.R. with in an hour for “Red man syndrome. I turned the entire bottle over to my Doctor. They then tried Hydrocodone. It really helped a lot for me, I had zero side effects, it didn’t make me feel goofy and it allowed me to actually get out and start living my life again. They tried giving me stronger pills like percocet, Oxycontin, Dilauted, etc. They really helped with the pain, more than the Hydrocodone but, I felt high, dizzy, light headed at times and I didn’t like the feeling so I asked to be put back on Hydrocodone. I was on those for a little over 9 years.. each and every day. I didn’t need to take more after a while, I stayed ony same dosage the entire time. I signed all the pain management contracts, never violated them, I was randomly U.A’d to prove I was taking them and not anything else an I never failed. In December of 2015, My Doctor retired and no other Doctor will do a pain contract with me. 9 years on pills and all of a sudden, I wa stopped cold turkey. I didn’t have withdrawals of any kind, my pain just really bad again. So, not all people get addicted, not all patients get relief from injections. I am back at another pain center starting over from square one. First thing they made me do after getting an MRI wa to get injections. My back is so bad the Doctor couldn’t safely get the needle in my spine so, he had to go through my tail bone. It did NOT work, I am inore pain than before the injections, both of my legs now go numb more than before. I just had to see a spinal Surgeon an he said I would be better off treating the pain with medication for now because I’ve had so many surgeries that doing anything to my back right now could do more damage than good bit no one will prescribe to me because of the DEA scares so, what are us patients suppose to do? I’m too strong to commit suicide yet all I can do right now is rot away in my home because the pain I am in keeps me prisoner in my own home. So, you do NOT speak for everyone. Walk a week in my shoes, then you can speak for me. Now I have caner on top of everything else.. No pain relief at all. I eat about 18 ibuprofen and 15 Tylenol every day. Who ever said it earlier I’m the posts has it right. The only option they are going us is to use illegal drugs which I won’t do either because I have hope that someone will be me back to living my life… It’s totally wrong that those of us who truly suffer are being denied pon meds because of the idiots out there taking them to simply catch a buzz, it’s not fair.

          46. Shots worked on me to for 3 years than the pain came back i just received my third round of shots thay have worked on the pain in my leg my nerve pain but not my lower back or in my left buttocks thay dont always work

          47. KEN-
            I am so sorry for your situation. You sound like a wonderful man. I can identify with the loss of a spouse and your feelings of loneliness, and despair. While I live with chronic pain, I don’t suffer from the extremely debilitating conditions that you do but I did watch my husband die an agonizingly slow death from Multiple Myeloma. His bones were breaking and crumbling apart. As fragil as a birds egg in places. If he sneezed he could break a rib. The rods that were put in his bicep and femur were backing out and almost penetrating the skin. He was in agony. Nothing helped except being on a pain pump in the hospital. Any meds they gave him for home use were ineffective. Every time he had a doctor change or went to another hospital they would cut his dosages in half and we had to scream and fight and be ugly to make them listen and at least up his dosage to where it was. Even after experiencing it, it’s hard to believe an oncologist could look a dieing cancer patient in the face and deny him enough Med to get some relief. It wasn’t until he was in hospice care( the last day of his life) that they finally told me to give him as much as he needs. (Without overdosing of course).
            Annyway, my whole point in all this really is to say please don’t give up. Your children love and need you with them. Don’t let them grieve another loss. Fight for them if not for yourself. I know you can’t do much but writing your children letters or record a voice letter. Tell them everything about yourself. Memories, funny stories, regrets, apologies….no matter what happens, they will cherish that gift from you forever!!!
            Lastly, from one lost, lonely person to another, cry out to God and grab on to Him with all the strength you have left! He has been quite literally my live saver. He fills the empty place left by beloved husband. (When I let Him). Sometimes I stray and struggle on my own so my emotional healing is slow at times.
            I don’t know you or how long ago you posted this but if you want someone to rant and rave to, I’m willing to listen.
            In His Hands/

          48. Oh John, you don’t know what the heck you are talking about at all! I have had suicidal thoughts because my pain is so bad that I’m a prisoner in my own apartment. I have not been able to enjoy any of my summer at all! And I’m one who is highly under medicated! And when I do need my meds now, I have to pick them up on the day I run out of what I have left, because I take them as prescribed. I suffer from several auto immune diseases as well as my entire spine has so much wrong at every single facet. I cry myself to sleep almost every single night! I’m fighting like hell to get the help I need just to get laundry done and small things I can longer do anymore! I wish there was some machine in which some people could actually feel what I feel for at least an entire day, and I swear to you John, you would be screaming “Get me the hell out here NOW!” And this is 24/7 364 days per year, and I’m getting sick of being sick! And this is exactly why! I have been with the same pain management group and the injections that do not work are pushed on me as well! That statement you made not only made me mad, but it also makes me so sad that you have no empathy because they worked for you, for now anyway! I didn’t ask for this diseased body I have to live in. But I guess I don’t have a choice, do I? I can see this mostly having an effect on those like us that endure so much pain every day without the proper pain management due to the Government sticking their nose in it, and as well so many that get away with getting pain meds and selling them for profit! That makes so unfair for those of us that truly suffer, and by now they should know me and know darn well that I’m not one of them. However, now things seem to be out of their hands. I’d rather live less time with more quality than longer with misery. You can tell I’m very frustrated right now because I am in so much pain! And this really gets to me like nothing else does! We need help and advocacy from the medical field and our own doctors. The need to actually fight for us more than ever now! As well as other groups that will have some impact. Because we don’t have the strength to do it for ourselves.

          49. Everyone’s body reacts differently, I had shots in both knees and two weeks after they still hurt horribly.
            On top of that the shots cause more damage than good if used for to long. More bone loss on top of the already degenerative bone and disc disease so I fell to see how the shots help I’ve had four other siblings take shots every three months and a couple of weeks later horrible pain so they don’t work well enough to give some what of a semblance of a quality of life .

          50. I have had 8 injections over the last 5 years and all I can say is that they didn’t work for me. I am glad to hear they are helping someone!

          51. John you sir are one of the many reason’s true pain sufferers suffer so bad. Your attitude is exactly that of those in no pain and they will never understand unless put in the situation day in and day out. I am 49 year old male with two beautiful daughters 11 and 9 and a wife that is my rock. If i did not have them to live for i don’t know where i would be. i am on my fourth PM Dr and he is by far the worst. He has done nothing but threaten me scold me and basically said i will do nothing more for you than what i am doing now. I have had more than 20 injections in various spots tried all kinds of spiritual homeopathic etc…. but the pain comes back. If i try to wean off the meds to see how my pain is i become a twitching, spasm, constant severe pain monster. I think my favorite is that i have seen at least 5 doctors that all get hung up on one area and feel my pain is refereed when i tell them my pain is here and not from anywhere else yet that area is never touched. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize so many people are different and genetics plays a huge role in absorption of meds and effectiveness yet when i mention genetic testing to him he laughs and says nothing .I had one fantastic PM Dr but he was 1 1/2 hour drive away and I had to go every month to get my scripts. By the time i would get there i could barely get out of the car to walk to the office and then back in the car home to only crawl into my house. I am tired of fools like you and I am tired of missing so much of my children’s lives and not being the man I could be to my wife. I have cried to many tears to care what you think so take your small mind and go visit a VA hospital or a chronic pain ward of any kind. I hope it slaps you across the face with reality that honest decent human beings are being robbed of life everyday

          52. Just wait. the shots will not only stop working, pain will return with a vengeance. in both my wife’s and my case ended with surgery. the only one looking stupid is you. you are on your way down a road that you know nothing about. not only did Christine nail it, her story matches my Wife on every point she made. she also does not appear to be projecting, but you Shure took it personal. Different things work for different people. if the shots work for you great, count your blessings, go with God and shut up. you are part of the minority.

          53. Wow, soi they worked on your, that means that it will work for everyone else.
            People like you are part of the problem.

          54. Just because they worked on you does not mean they work on everyone. You were being ignorant by telling someone else they don’t know what they are saying. Every shot, different pain med,and dose works different on every person. So nobody has the right to put anyone down or tell them they don’t know.

            Now back to the original artical. I agree with the part that the DEA is making it to hard for the people who need the meds to get them. They have made it almost impossible if your insurance doesn’t cover it or if you don’t have any to be able to afford them, or even find them. And why are pharmacist allowed to deny to fill a script just because they don’t agree with the dose. They don’t know your medical history or how much pain your in. This happens to my sister every month almost. We both have fibro and nerve damage she has RSD in her legs and many other health problems causing extreme pain. I have also had a fusion in my neck and possibly looking at 1 in my lower back and another in my neck. I had to drop the dose just so I could afford and find my meds. My sister as i said has pharmacist refusing to fill her scripts even though she has been going there for a long time. If someone can answer this for me a real answer I would appreciate it….

          55. Great for you john. They dont for me as i suffer from multiple spinal disorders. Pain management is by proper rx dosing is a right. Ive been underserved by these folks concerning my rx. Hope you never feel my pain. Each one of us has different experiences. To your health.

          56. John,

            You obviously do not know what YOU are talking about as interventional pain management does NOT work on every human body. In fact, I was just told by a pain management doctor last month that because I’ve had FIVE FAILED INJECTIONS, I will never respond positively to injection therapy and that aside from thousands of surgeries, I will be opioid dependent for the rest of my life as EVER SINGLE DISC from my cervical, thoracic and lumbar are either bulging or herniated. I have already had a laminectomy and decompression surgery that proved to be much more complicated that anticipated and it also FAILED! Please do not ever ‘ASSUME” someone doesn’t know what they are talking about, they just because what has worked for you doesn’t work for them, I’m happy for you that it did work…now those of us that it won’t need an alternative solution to our misery….thank you!

          57. They may work great for you and congratulations. They do not work for me. Just milking my ins, painful and do nothing for me. So if you r satisfied with ur shots you have nothing to say. It’s us, the ones that are left to live in pain that causes me to have no life, happiness, or joy.

          58. They worked on me until I took them a few years, and ended up being cauterized. My pain was where I could be active on Fentanyl and 4 4mg Dilaudid, now I’ve been dropped to 2 Dilaudid a day. I just end up in tears at night until my 300 my of trazadone put me to sleep eventually. I’m not an addict I just want to interact with my family and be able to go to church again.

          59. I jist wanted to let people no, as someone who received 3 a year until 25 and after 29 at least 6 from another wreck. I lost the use of my leg completely when I started college because of an injection gone wrong and still can feel my leg from the knee down 15 years later. I have also had relief with shots before but have found both from my experience since I was 9 and now 33 and others experience is you never know how long they will work and some people wont give them a chance or at least wont say the truth if they say they didn’t even work for a day and done correctly because so many people are addicts. I have a crack in my vertebrae since I was 9 the has made my spine slip and again to half paralyzed in 2013 in addition to arthritis a rod in my right femur ,neuropathy , 10 buldging and 8 herniated discs and more with a brain injury that gave me tangential speech so apologize however due to addicts mistaking pain relief with being buzzed and able to clean or sleep depending on the person, it has made my life so hard every night I pray I dont wake up but am not suicidal and suffer so I can be here for my son so thank you so much you junkies reading and posting and hydrocodone doesn’t help my pain so hasnt affected my pain relief at all. I went from 60mg oxycontin 2 times a day and 4 percocet for breakthrough pain to butrans 15mcg because someone stole my medicine and I was short the 8 pills I had to have on my pill count and screamed at as if she were a bipolar drunk lady at a bar and because I have medicaid I dont have another option for a doctor to help me and they refuse to write me anything for breakthrough pain and change my muscle relazer to one that will help enough for me to be a decent mother since I have tried all muscle rekaxers and if you have less pain then me zanafkex is very effective but because of my situation and perhaps the lsions in my brain they found last year on an mri it makes the zanaflex almost a waste of miney but helps enough where I had them write it for me afain to see if thats why my hip and shoukder started hyrting more was them taking md off it when j said it didnt do anything but make me sleepy so this was to say that
            1. I think all pages like this are people who are sharing their experiences and bitching about their situation out of needing to tell someone
            2. Every injection has a different tie period of relief in my experience and when I wasnt over weigh they seemed to helo longer as I’ve had one that lasted years and one just 2 days
            3. I wish addicts had conscience’s so I coukd get help I need and they could stop making doctors think everyone is an addict and let people in legitimate need of extreme pain management get it if medicaid ever gets better and
            4. The main problem is medicaid not what drugs are what schedule since most people who are disabled have it because they werent able to oay in the system or in my cass did so even after I wasnt supposed to work so I could helo people but since it was before I was 21 that doesnt ciunt and because my parents made too much when I was 9 to have me put on disability I am having to suffer for it now without insurance. ..medicaid isnt real insurance and I was treated better by health care professionals when I was uninsured and they wouldn’t be getting paid at all.

            It really seems like when your given medicaid they shoukd tekl you congratulations your now trash, a deug addict and dont matter

          60. As for you, John, Kudos [to you] for all of the injection success you have the privilege of experiencing, unlike many, many others who have not had it so lucky as you. Not everyone is the same. And NOT EVERYONE will experience those injections the same as you either! So before your head blows up too big up on that egotistical high horse, taking you to that false ‘cure all’ pedestal… please remember that. Just as not everyone will experience the same relief from pain meds or pain relief from said injections and pain blockers compared to another who luckily does (can we say “placebos”?). And although these pain meds can cause a dependency due to the FACT some people DO NEED THEM, as well as RELY ON THEM BECAUSE of the relief it actually DOES [and can] GIVE them so they CAN find themselves able to get back to some part of their life to TRY and enjoy again, do the things they used to and/or enjoyed doing before pain took it away, they ARE NOT DRUG ADDICTS. So don’t compare your injection successes to that of others who have not had the same success as you. NOT EVERYONE shares the same. And often times, those injections DO more harm than good for some people. Again, CONGRATS! I am ever so happy those injections worked out for ya.

          61. That’s great they work for you, but as above said not for me , one I’m allergic to Steroids, so other alternative doesn’t touch my pain… Most who get injections and have relief are not in same medical condition I am… I was on morphine and daludid for years and that combination made it possible for me to function day to day… I wasn’t high or stoned either made it possible to have some normalcy with my family and life then the changes, had to go off morphine then Dilaudid , replace oxcy… And I feel I’m right back where I was 10 years ago… That’s not good, I’m also on 10 other Meds … This is Bullshit that truly those who chronicly sick who are not abusers or low life’s have to suffer because of the trash out their in this world . My doctor is a trusted Doctors who really knows his patients… She be good enough to give their patients what that need! Shots if work for you great but it really depends on what a person diseases they are battling. Mine is not terminal or death but mine is forever till I die with only possibility is progression … Unfair to me for these changes and many orhers

          62. So her experience means nothing just because a shot worked on you? That was an extremely shallow answer to everything she had to say, and as a leukemia patient I can assure you everything she just said is true,,,EVEN FOR A CANCER PATIENT

          63. I have read a lot of these remarks and no man or woman’s pain is the same and all our stories are different. I personally have been in pain since I was 13 years old my jaw was thrown out of alignment do to a horrible orthodontist. I am 42 and suffer from Tmj, severe migraines fibromyalgia then when i didn’t think things could get worse in 2007 i was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At 17 i was in a pain management hospital,multiple doctors and was given little amounts of meds to to my age. At 30 I was in such agony I didn’t care if I lived anymore. I felt like a useless person trying to be the best single mom I could be. I do have a pain doctor and a m.s doctor and a few others I have to see. I have seen a lot in my life and it’s not easy. I get iron infusions bc I’m anemic from the m.s. and the pain some days are a 7 and others are a 10. What do i do with that who do i call for help
            My pain doc tells me to just lay down take meds but nothing’s working. Anyways enough about my struggle I will keep you in my prays. Do whatever you have to do to get through each day.

          64. John, I’ve had 7 spinal injections and one worked for 46 hours and the others didn’t work at all. I’ve talked to several patients and they said they didn’t help them either. You were one of the lucky few that they helped.

          65. You a man are quick to discount this woman’s experience simply because you were fortunate enough to get relief from shots so typical

          66. Hello. I am a drug and alcohol counselor. I have studied the effects of drugs/alcohol on the lives, body, mind, and spirit, of addicts/alcoholics.
            Here is what I will tell you: Even though addicts get clean or alcoholics get sober – THEY ARE still HUMAN and suffer pain. That means that occasioanlly they need pain medication. Did yo know that if you do not manage pain your blood pressure can soar sky high and you can die? I am sick to death of doctors who treat addicts in recovery like they are subhuman. Everyone deserves relief when they are in pain and medicines like tylenol, ibuprofen, other Nsaids, or naproxen sodium DO NOT always cut it. When you have deep pain yon need something stonger that will affect the pain center or opiod center of your brain. Thats all there is to it. Making people suffer is against the doctors Hippocratic Oath. So if you encounter a doctor like this – the REPORT him/her. It is cruel and degrading.
            No matter what, people will always have pain and suffering. If a person chooses to abuse their medication then that is on them. If you think your insurance company is discriminating against you then find another one.
            And another thing; all this crap about anti-spasmodic for IBS sufferers is kind of crap also. Antispasmodic do not work for everyone, sometimes people need pain meds. I am tired of the cruel practices in this country and doctors need to get back to treating their patients symptoms instead of selling themselves out. And I do know what I am talking about.

          67. Sure wait 5 hours for the injection and then the pain is back in 6.. then do it all over again. Do the math.. when do you get sleep and other things done like cook lo

          68. Dave….I have a Dr appt in an hour and he won’the give anything that actually works. What info do you have that can help me get through to him?

          69. I’ve been taking injections for back pain since 2000. They helped for a few yrs, but I was in a car wreck at age 19 and it has caused debilitating arthritis on my entire right side over 30 yrs later. I thank God I have a compassionate Pain Mng Dr..

          70. I so totally disagree. I have had 3 major back surgeries. I forced myself to go back to work. I was an independent UAW worker. Pain management uses the “. If you don’t show up in a whim $80 cab ride $75 out of pocket,they do not take my insurance. They will cut you off. I cannot afford $155
            Pp. To go there for a tox test whenever they want . They keep calling to take random tox tests over and over. Y pill count has always been correct as well as my tox tests. They are Drs!!?? Who get you addicted then threTen you with if you don’t sho. Well. Cut you off

          71. Shots didn’t do a thing for me either but cost me a lot of money…glad they worked for you but sorry, they do not work for everyone and I tried 6 corticosteroid shots with imaging so the doc knew she was hitting the correct place in my back. The numbing meds worked but as soon as those wore off my pain was back worse and the shots did nothing to help alleviate my chronic pain and I’m tired of being treated like a “druggie” if I suggest going back on a narcotic for sleep…not everyone is an ADDICT!!!! This is really affecting people who REALLY NEED opiates and DON’T ABUSE THEM….

          72. I had two shots, my grandmother had 2 shots and my father in law had two shots all by different doctors. No effect. So you seem to be in the lucky minority.

          73. Hey just because the shot worked ON you doesn’t mean it works on everybody!!! I went threw this shot thing with my step sister and the shots where worse I had to sit there and watch my step sister crying screaming in pain even with the shots!!!! So don’t be going around and putting your know it all two since in!

          74. Love your comment on this subject. I fell and broke my back in three different places and have been in excruciating pain ever since then. It’s ridiculous that people have to fight with doctors to get pain medication. I live in the state of Maine and things are getting worse and worse.

          75. Yea have you broke your fibia ankle femur pelvis and 6 subs in a car accident and have all sorts of Ross played and screws let’s see a shot help that pain without being an opiate

          76. John is a DEA plant obviously. He knows what he is trolling about. Paid very well to do it too. Does your guilt and shame help you sleep at night. Hangnail is not the same as massive pain douche. When you twist your ankle you probably say you are a 7 on the pain scale. A 10 is a burn victim! I am a 5 or 6 on bad days and I can’t get up out of bed without help. Your shame will catch up to your karma and have a word with your fate.Wish I could be a fly on that wall but I am busy dying. GFY into a 5 or 6.

          77. shots worked on my neck i had discectomy and with replacement of disc and there was bone spurs in healing that just made a stiff neck magnified to the shoulder and arm was sometimes so damaged it just shook the bones ground in my shoulder so LOUD i finally got a good DR who took extreme pity on me because i did not ever abuse anything b- 4 and wanted so very bad to never be on pain meds. i have to say they did Eventually help . its like hitting the head of needle in a ball park i have lots of titanium in my neck about 3 inches and there was a doctor who Carefully finally helped me heal God helps because it was luck that i finally got it ok took many years and the pain was a frightful blow to my life. so what do you say about that . Every one is made up complex and different. but it is easy to make a mistake so i feel not one answer should be used to hurt the people who are so very much in pain God give you the answers to find them and believe in your body that it wants so bad to heal

          78. your so right ken. i was in auto wreck,was already having back problems.tried all kind of treatments.on lorcet and morphine past 10 yrs. taking no more than needed.still i cant roll my trash can to the curb because its up hill driveway., cant bend to do much of anything.pretty well home bound.

          79. The shots are to deaden nerves…the medicine is fda approved but the procedure is not…causes infections n greater pain….the system runs by computer so they can tell what patients nd them n others just lookin to get high…..I just want some relief as I have t-4 break,bulging discs,fibramyalgia,arthritis,ect….The the addiction type,just relief,not being high

          80. John,with all due respect.I as well have tried shots.They DO NOT work in my case.I have severe Grade 3 Spondylolisthesis ( Inward Curvature) of the spine.I recently had a quadruple fusion in my neck at C 3-C6.The surgeon inserted a steel plate and 8 screws,plus a very painful bone graph from my hip to replace all four discs with.I have Severe degenerative disc disease running down the length of my back with multiple bulging of the discs which pinch my spinal cord.I have a broken back at T 3 which has been caused by the twisting inward curvature.At the L 3-4 5and S1 level I need to have 2 steel rods and 6 screws inserted, plus another bone graph to replace another 4 discs with,Because of the inward curvature my L 5 vertebrae has grown into my sciatic nerve completely squeezing it off right where it splits at the top of the buttocks.Essentially I have NO sciatic nerve left,it has been completely crushed.There is no guarantee that the surgery or my sciatic nerve will be restored.The surgeon informed me my condition was just too severe and doughtful if the sciatic nerve would POP back out.My leg and foot goes completely numb,throbs in pain and makes it where I cannot stand or walk for any longer than 10-15 minutes at a time.Even sitting has become a problem in the last 5 years.


            BRAVO TO YOU RESPONDING TO THE SHOT IDIOT!!! I am so sorry to hear what you have and continue to go through. I am a Cancer survivor, having 17 lymphnodes removed and the meds I am in severe pain. Yep, my own primary refuses to prescribe Oxy, now the pain management both at Jackson Hospital FL, refuse to prescribe oxy! no wonder the waiting area was empty. I asked the bubble head, what the heck to you suggest i do, hit the BOTTLE? idiot said ask your oncologist, i told hem, she refuses, said find another Dr. Unreal and so sad for the JUNKIES made it bad for you and I and others who are in pain, not to get a BUZZ.U R absolutely right, unpleasant to life in pain daily. I wish the best to you. the bubble head can have his shot with sponge bob!!!

          82. I agree with Christine. I had Polio as a kid and now, at 63, have severe scoliosis. I was on pain mess for years and was doing very well most of the time. Now with this new law I am treated like a junkie and my quality of life is horrendous. I have been getting shots but they do not work. They do not work for the majority.

          83. Lets not be the group that argues with each other, it makes us look bad and detracts from our credibility.

            John, what works for you like an injection is great, in my case I get worse. I believe it was the injections that caused my Arachnoiditis – its a horrible condition and causes severe pain.

            Acupuncture, Self relaxation, Bio-feedback – Spinal Cord Stimulator that required 4 surgical procedures, Chiropractor, TENS Unit, Body Cast, Fusion at L4 L5, Guided Imagery, Hydro Therapy, Psych Analysis >Normal results /
            Over 40 MRI scans, over 12 Myelogram tests, over 15 Nerve Conduction Studies, These are most of the tests and Dr. recommended modalities I’ve tried so far. Opiates have given me the most relief and got me to work for 18 of 20 years – all good full time jobs working over 45 hours a week. I was even a Golf Teaching Pro for 3 years and that’s when the atrophy forced me to work in a different field.

            My Opiate dose remained the same for over 10 years and I knew more would be too much. My Dr. tried at least 6 different medications along with injections until I was kept on 3 meds and PT at home and with a Chiropractor for moist heat, ultra sound and trigger point therapy.

            3 months ago, after 15 years my Pain Doctor was forced to close his doors due to DEA, CDC and new State guidelines – my Dr. had not 1 single infraction. Now I’m left with no Dr. and little hope. Medical Marijuana is still 2 years away. Soon I will be only a burden to my family with pain so severe it will keep me in a bed or chair.

            Remember John, we all need to be on the same page, we need to stick together and make them hear us. I don’t ant to live a life of horror and I’m sure you don’t either. People have the wrong information and need the right information – we need to get the word out, lets not give them the wrong impression because WE ARE IN PAIN & WE ARE NOT DRUG ADDICTS

            Good luck John, don’t give up.

            John S

          84. Im not sure why John is being so harshly received. He was slightly rude by saying she didn’t know what she was talking about. Pain does seem to generate a lot of hostility and I truly do feel sympathy for all who are suffering and of which so many are not given proper diagnosis and also are just not treated with much compassion. You can see it in the doctors eyes and in their voice. They recognize how confusing pain can be and also how we become married to it.

            We are not insane or liars though simply because we don’t know how to articulate a sensation to another in which we cant articulate to ourselves. We manage to find many coping mechanisms and I can see them all over this post in your voices. they are very different for each individual or can be. Usually though i’ve found that people in pain are usually very sympathetic to others in pain. we know what its like to be living with such things and we know how overwhelming it can be.

            to Sheri

            You are projecting a lot of hostility. you were not the only one just the one I found appalling enough to write something. if you agree we are different to each their own then how do you say I hate to tell you your shots wil stop working? why so angry with him? you actually took pleasure in saying that to him and and it was not at al that you hate to tell him. yet you do not know this. he simply said that shots worked for him or have been and what is wrong with that? should he be forced to take opiate pain medication so they don’t have any illusions that some people might benefit from something else?

            to the lady who worked and graduated multiple degrees suffering agonizing pain and bordering on suicide, you are just A WONDER, a great victim, hero to all extreme, and also able to feel 30 years old too. see some of us do go insane. and you say its a woman’s issue and that’s not true at all. men have the same struggles and to excluded them is as wrong to you as it is to them. none should go unheard.

            no one who ive ever known really in pain sells their meds or uses them for sex. its simply not worth it, as we know nothing is enjoyable when suffering, and as soon as you start down this path we know that whatever we get its never enough, not for long anyway.

            ive never hardly ever seen an article or a professional who really is compassionate in the field. there are several reasons for that but im not gonna write them all down, maybe some of you could point them out. I think we become a by product of that care though. there should be intensive programs that focus on hope and progression. individual focus. when it comes to pain, I feel like there is either 1 or 2 problems. if 1 its is just pain without a cause or purpose and in such a case, before we get long confused they could do better with isolating variables so we might ever be cured of such a thing. most pain is psychosomatic but usually it has a purpose and it indicates some type of damage in the body. its telling you that you cant very well do something as if your body is not effected and further damaged.

            its an issue of pain that we become blockers of signals, our own readings and measures and their reports of which we can use for some sort of insight. ideally wed be better to ever reduce pain as much as possible from listening to what our bodies are telling us. I know none of us trust the doctors and truly they are in the business of managing pain, they are saying here you accept this pain for better or worse, and then you agree to let us tell you what you can or cant do simply to not have the pain. to any extent they sell you on being so tough and to be so proud for agonizing without complaint, that’s really senseless. sure people don’t want to always hear about it, but thats only because they refuse to believe its happening. at your expense. so you had sex for drugs to get 3 degrees and you never figured out how to interpret your pain at all. arthritis is a little achy painful and theres so much worse. but its not a competition. who has the most pain, who suffers the most? you lose. who is stuck taking pain meds day to day you lose, it only gets to another level, more confused pain, and you are less able to address anything it could be saying,instead of proactive care you are in passive tolerance.

            they should worry less about blocking a pain then finding out everything they can toowhich they do not know. they should care less about some pain scale 1- burning alive, then they should about being compassionate to try tio help ease the suffering to whatever extent they can. I think almost all who continue taking pain meds without finding any cause or way to treat it that they are addicted to suffering and relief. we are pain pushers. these kinds are mostly happy as long as they have access to the meds, but we must stop because otherwise we lose the relief. yes I have real pain. but I know that there has ben so many years gone by that I can only control one thing and that’s finding relief at times.

            therwe is a way out though, but do you really want it? will you make it? will you be happier with less pain if it comes with less control?

          85. Shots work on very few people. My husband has had every concoction they could try and they don’t help. I had them once and they helped tremendously, it’s different for everyone.


          87. I’m glad the shots worked for YOU… They only made it worse for me. I have a disease that is not going to be helped with freaking injections! I only get a small amount of relief from the pain meds but I will take it!! Any relief is better than none but the Dr is so scared of the DEA and will only write half of what I was getting last year and 7 years before the DEA decided that we are ALL addicts! Ridiculous!! I have 6 grandchildren and I also take care of my 81 year old daddy and I can tell you that I am not a addict but a sufferer!! Obviously YOU don’t have a clue what you are talking about!

          88. Obviously you haven’t been where we have been john we are people who are being treated as Drug addicts not people who have hurt our bodies helping man kind. if you broke your toe advice is fine but what we have is much more severe and we need these meds so we can live our life with dignity
            obviously you haven’t been down our road yet i have been on the fentanel patch and a break through med for 15 years with out them i cant do a damn thing Its my life if it works for anyone leave us alone .I know how Ken feels listen to him and christine

          89. I was being forced to get injections by my Dr. Just so he could :cover himeself” with the DEA . I went for a 2nd opinion and this new Dr. Said to me that “NO GOOD DR. WOULD GIVE U A SPINAL INJECTION WITH YOUR HISTORY OF MRSA IN UR SPINE”… think about that? That’s pressure on dr. By the DEA and no caring for my well being. Dr.’s are forced to cover their assessment and screw the patient!. And, passed injections NEVER worked for me. . Hmmmmmm.

          90. Shots are different for everyone, didn’t work for me and because of this pill control bull lost one cuz to overdose on street drugs. And my brother suffered withdrawal for weeks , couldn’t even work.
            And apm sucks, I don’t ever get regular exams or when New problem came up, they did not even see what was causing the pain no they sent me to therapy twice with no improvement . And let’s give her another shot. The did not help before and it don’t cure the problem. Just ignores it.

          91. listen up bird brain. you do not walk in his or her shoes. you are not in a position to judge anyone. if shots worked for you im happy. tried shots and they worked for me for a while. i still needed medication along with the shots and i will probably go for another round of prevert. meanwhile people with pain ought to be pain free if there is a way and the government, needs to stay out of the dr office.

          92. Just because something worked on you, does not mean it works on everyone. I’ve tried everything, I mean everything and nothing has worked. Quit generalizing that everyone should be the react the same as you!

          93. Well what if they didn’t work?? Then what? Do you think you would be entitled to try something else that may work? Or should those people just suffer?:?

          94. and you obviously don’t know what the hell you’re talking about they might have worked for you but I personally don’t want to become a pin cushion for these doctors as I don’t but I personally don’t want to become a pin cushion for these doctors as I don’t want foreign stuff into my body

          95. I’ve been having shot or epidurals in sets of three for over 30 years I can no longer get epidurals now because they have damage my organs especially my bones to the point I can’t have no more surgery or bone replacements and now parilized due to my disease and Polly RA which has given me 3 heart attacks. I’m only 56 with RA lung nodules fluid build up and I think a bullet to the head is better and I have a Dilated pump implant which only helps the low back. C1 is barley hanging in place C2 is so bad it’s affecting my breathing and C3 all the way to my Low back S2 is eat up now medicine has no effect. A bullet is now not looking that bad

          96. Shots may work great for you, but everyone is not in your body!! If everyone was the same wouldn’t that be great! !!!!

          97. I would not go so far as to say she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Everybody’s different pills and shots work differently for each person. The shots work for you great I! I wish you well with them. I’ve tried the shots, the nerve blocks, and the opiates but, what works best for me is to take the pills when I take the shots I gain weight which makes me hurt more and it doesn’t stop my pain. The the more weight I gain the more I hurt and it’s very difficult to take the way back off.

          98. Just because something works for you John DOESNT mean it works for everyone!! Wake up!! Ignorance is bliss

          99. John, you need to wake. Just bc something works for you doesn’t mean it works for other people. If your ONLY getting injectios YOU obviously don’t have much wrong with your back. I don’t know why you try to speak for other people’s pain you’re not in their shoes. Best regards.

          100. This is so sad people suffering real pain I’m one too .why .were not able to do anything but cry and wait for death. But we still fight to live hoping we’ll find some thing that will help us.I can’t take the pain any more it has sucked the life out of me.I would never wish this pain on anyone all these years but now I do .To the ones that let us suffer

          101. They DONT listen to the patient!! They don’t work for me any longer. But I feel I have to submit to them making Money for themselves while injecting me with meds that don’t help…my Rheumy helped for awhile now she’s stopping because of all the freaking rules..
            I’m surprised the stats for suicide aren’t in the land of the free but can’t get your medication needed to have at least some quality of life..

          102. I have been a chronic pain patient for 26 years, I have had more injections than I could count they never worked. Over the years I have also been prescribed narcotic medications. They do give me a better quality of life which is the best I can hope for. The shots are expensive and I have been made to feel if I don’t agree to the shots I won’t get the meds I need I have come to believe the whole “pain management ” is a scam there must be a better way of treating chronic pain patients with dignity and not like we are junkies off the street

          103. Fifteen years of shots did not help me. You John don’t know what your talking about. SMH

          104. Shots never worked on me. Just put me in dept, with more worse pain disabling and no pain meds to help. Suicide does cross your mind alot. And u do search out for relief by any means possible. What else can you do. Evrything just seems hopeless not just for you but the people around hou suffer as well. Having your yung child listen to u scream and cry for hours on end. Watch u have seisures from pain. Your kids take care of you because u cant walk. Some times you can crawl. And the doctors only offer you a walker.

          105. She is telling the truth, everyone is on the injection scheme. Why not, at 1800 a pop and the ability to do 30 a day. These pain clinics no longer care. The very clinic that wanting to give me an IT pain pump in 2005 ignored a new referral from my neurosurgeon for the device now. They flat out told me, “we don’t care about that referral, we are ONLY doing injections”. My injections have hurt me and caused me further harm. They also only lasted 30-45 days whereas they should last 3-4 months according to VA guidelines.

          106. They do not work for everyone that is the point. I had injections as well and it wore off in 2 weeks and I was back in pain. Oh yeah cost me 400 dollars for 2 weeks of relief. Yeah that’s worth it. NOT!

          107. I am an RN, got 2 ijdctions for low back pain, first on lassted 2 wins. Second one different a esthesiologist who didn’t even get in the right spot. I walked out that day afterwards feeling like I hadn’t gotten anything at all. Never went back for the 3rd one.So, it’s different for every individual. You have to respect that.

          108. Shots are patien specific and do not react the same on everyone ! What works for one does not mean it will work for the next!
            ( I’ve had the shots, several times)

          109. Well whoopee for you but…….i too underwent the shots .It was useless .In fact it kicked in the worst fibro attack i have ever endured yet the shots were given for my severe back pain and not my fibro .

          110. You mother fuckers that put your results as the gold standard should have your back broke and knee caps shattered then see how this shots work. Just because something works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for all. I have had over 15 epidurals, 20 facet injections, 10 radio frequency lesions and countless other procedures over 25 years where every time I moved or my Dr disappeared and I had to get a new dr that always seemed to know better than my last so they used me as a lab rat always ending right back where I was before they started playing DR, and if you refused to jerked around they labeled you combative and black balled you, idiots like you and those medical practitioners that are always practicing on pain patients need a good ass whipping for projecting your idea of who needs what or judging those that require these meds. TRUST ME, if I could drop them I’d do it in a heart beat, get your neck 90%fused where you can’t even check traffic while driving without getting a migraine then give me a call

          111. I hate people who think what works for them works for everyone. No one is the same and it sounds like you were not in chronic pain to begins with. If you put up with what I do every minute of every day you wouldn’t be so ignorant. Just ignorant. Yes again ignorant.

          112. I agree I’m at that point right now can’t get my meds that I have been able to get that I have take for over ten years that gave me qualities of I’m stuck in bed allay again!that is no way to live.i never had early refill or had to increase the amount.great the shots worked for you but doesn’t for all

          113. I agree with you John. Maureen who started this blog obviously has not had chronic pain. The triad of opiates to stop the pain cycle, steroids to decrease inflamation, or injections​ containing steroids, plus some sort of support group or therapist is so necessary to cope with pain and learn the tools to relieve pain. If they are going to pain pain clinics that are pill dispensaries and think they all are like that, she is clearly wrong and should find a new clinic before scaring people who may be having anxiety about going to a pain clinic for the first time. It’s intimidating.

            Thank you for what you wrote!

          114. Apparently you don’t have significant pain then. Those injections are a scam. They actuwlly can cause a completly incurable untreatable disease which I have from injections. It is so bad, it is written in the ssdi code. You get ssdi in one month when you have thie like I do. Because of addicts….and you are an addict if you even consider buying drugs off some one, or using these drugs in a way not prescribed…we are all suspect. People with legimate, intractable pain that are doing everything they can to live with the pain, who take their meds exactly as prescribed do not become addicts…the incidence is less than 4% in this population.

          115. John be careful with those shots my mother in law use to get them for back pain and loved them. Her Dr gave her one but in moms words missed the target so gave her another in the right spot. She came home, took a nap and never woke. I won’t take the shots.

          116. You fool. 11 years ago I was forced to accept a series of 3 injections before I could receive the surgery that I required. Despite the previous 15 injections having never worked. Well, the second one ruined my life forever. Entire right side atrophied, spine twisted and curved. Your a fool. I wish I was dead already. I am in pain everyday now and can not get the medication I need. A 17 years old girl from my home town killed herself in December because she had endometriosis and could not get her doctors to prescibe anything. Her young mind could not understand why assholes like you could care less, and would simply allow her to suffer. I hope you burn to death slowly.

          117. Oh, so because Injections worked for You, they should work for Everyone??? Now, that is Ignorant, as well as Pushing Your experience on Others!!

          118. You’re a special kind of stupid. Your physiology is not hers. Your body chemistry is different to hers. Your list of prescribed medicines are different than hers. The reason you are/were in pain is not the same reason that she is in pain. What works on her might not work on you and vice versa. You’re assuming that all meds work the same on everyone. Since you don’t live in her body and her life, you need to sit down and shut up.

          119. No u don’t no what your TALKING ABOUT . IF YOU WALKED A MILE IN OTHERS SUFFERJNG IN HELL 24/7 and CANT EVEB BATH SOMETIMES FOR 3 months , COOK CLEAN ECT AND LIVED IN BED 13 years and only have to force yourself to go to a dr which mine got in trouble for no reason and I got a deadly disease ta uses other diseases on me and destroy every organ in my body till I die . Plus other incurable diseases that r debilitating pain .. you sir couldn’t bear it and you don’t know what it’s like to live in someone’ else Ks body until u do then you will never understand. God help you if you lived like me and millions of othesrs just wanting to die for the suffering to b over . Like I said you don’t no and I wouldn’t wish my diseases on anyone , but it’s ppl like u and so many others that I wish had it for a month and then come back and say it . If u have children and had to watch them suffer everyday and there’s nothing u could do . How would you feel ? Love is what u need in your heart and compassion god help your soul .

          1. i agree also but i also want to add that those study’s that they are saying that pain pills don’t work long term and injections do is a lie for one thing i have had them 2 times a year for 11 years and never felt better ever but the pills have worked and i have stayed on the same dose also. i feel that those study’s were paid by the dea because i know my pain management doctor doesn’t believe them either. yellow journalism like when they took away cannabis from everyone saying it will kill you make you go crazy and stupid things like that they had study’s that told them this and didn’t listen to all the other doctors that were telling the fine usa to not take cannabis from us do what u want with hemp but not cannabis! funny how we always repeat our history if we don’t become wiser!

          2. i agree with all those in need of pain med.have a heart attack and a lot of pain drs wont give the ebidurals. i had all the shot procedures, and rfa.i havent been out of my house in 8 months because my dr got scared and reduced my med. only time i leave is go to dr or blood work.try hiring people to mow grass,shop,go get my mail, clean my cost so i only get to eat 2 small meals a day. living on retirement.i got a neighbor with lupus who eats a handful,then runs out and does some street drug.all i want at 62 yr old is be able get around a bit,not swinging on handrails in the bathroom, or steps i need help getting down

          3. I have fought for pain meds for 40 years, have seen this crap happen about 5-6 years apart. If you don’t know how bad pain is and just flap your face give me a call.
            1st armored 3rd Cav Fulda 1961…1962 Far East…


          4. I am also in the VA system. I was in the service during the Vietnam war. I practically have to beg for my pain melds which barely work. I have been to pain mgt and had shots and nerve blocks and even had some nerves cauterized. I have lost all hope of being pain free or at least being able to do everyday tasks even with pain. I am now looking for states with legalized suicide and am going to move. I wish all of you the best in your fight against pain.

          1. I can’t go to 12 step meetings to help my pain. I can’t leave the house. I can’t find a dr that will give me anything except hydrocodone with Tylenol which I will not take anymore because I want to keep my liver. Even if you take less Tylenol than maximum dose it eventually destroys your liver. Pain dr got angry when I said that and won’t see me anymore. I’m sitting here now drinking wine. I’ll destroy my liver my way. I don’t want to be in constant pain but some moron in an 18 wheeler was texting and Rearended me. The stupid pain dr also was too stupid to read my chart because he said he broke his back too. Before I could say the only fracture I had was 30 years old. I have lumbosacral and cervical pain. Now I have to hunt for another one if he hasn’t blackmailed me. If I get any money from m y lawsuit I’m moving to Colorado where both kinds dsl of marijuana is legal. I hate this country and would go t o Netherlands if I had enough money. If not it’s the Switzerland euthanasia clinic for me. I have no family left so don’t try and guilt me. I can’t live like this anymore.

          2. right! remember all those tax payer paid ads on TV that said pot leads to heroin? Just more of the same ignorance.

          3. I wasn’t able to access the site. There was an excellent advocacy site for pain patients, but the person who ran it died in a plane crash on the way to Washington to lobby for reform……

          4. Wendy, You are in the wrong place at the wrong time sweety. Real pain sufferers cannot manage with The 12 Steps. Kindly please move on.

          5. I agree, Wendy, you are at the wrong site… This isn’t what this is all about! Please move on to some other location in which there are people that ACTUALLY have problems with abusing drugs.

          6. That is absolute nonsense that pain medications do not work. It is completely bogus as they have been proven to work and manage pain with many years of research to back it up – it is called empirical research. Pain medications help lower your blood pressure as well, help with appetite, mobility, and to live a more productive life for many people. How ridiculous. It is just the insurance companies that do not want to pay for pain medication. Instead they will tell you to go buy Tylenol or Ibuprofen. See the writing on the wall people. We will always need pain medication unless we all become robots.

          7. Gimme a break…try Tylenol when you NEED Morphine. Or like AA says, try Exlax when you got the sh*ts. Same difference. You can’t talk chronic pain away. GET REAL…because you don’t really know what PAIN is, then.

        1. I too feel like a “victim” of the war on drugs as the legitimate patients are the ones that suffer. Reluctantly, I had an artificial disc replacement as that was my only viable option. After years of injections, nerve ablations, any non-invasive treatment I had access to and still having horrible, pain, financial distress (since I had just returned from maternity leave and now had a severe injury requiring physical therapy, tons of D. Visits, not to mention the downtime my husband was forced to take from his job, as well with me from mine – I was laid-off and trying to care with a newborn, now with no job, immense pain and not to mention to be unable to truly enjoy my honey moon years of the first years of my marriage and now new born. I was put on an array of medications. Truly felt like a guinea pig. I pushed through the pain the best that I could. I knew that things would get worse with my back and after a long arduous struggle with it. I made the choice to get the surgery because what I would have given to live a normal adult life, not having to rely on a pill and literally schedule each day as it comes because forget about making future plans. You could be in too much pain that day. You get my point. No social life. There is nothing worse than feeling like your body is a prison. It eats at your heart because it is affecting every single person around you in your life. Unfortunately, most people that are not exposed to the affects chronic pain can have either on yourself or someone(s) that deal with it on a regular basis. My husband walks through it with me everyday and IT IS HARD! I hate having it affect him the way tit does even though he is my absolute Rock. He understands because he has lived it with my more than for 7 years. I feel blessed. He knew what I was really like before the accident, the pain…all the agony. He remembers the woman he fell in love with. How active I was. Passionate. I lusted life. I gave him a son even though I had sworn I would never have children and it wasn’t a secret to anyone until they could absolutely not believe I was pregnant. Even to this day.) (Forgive me, as I do not typically comment on blogs and this feels healing in some odd way. Cathartic.) This wonderful man came back into my life soon before I was getting ready to mentally turn 30. (So awhile before that!) I guess I’m saying this to try to help you understand how much I loved my life. It was everything to me. My “guys” are everything to me. I worked in some fashion since I was 12. I enjoyed it. Through all these years this pain has eaten away at everything in me. You can only push so hard through the silent torment for so long. It can creep in emotionally and even spiritually as it physically begins to debilitate you. It makes you change. You hurt nonstop. Be grateful if you were able to find something that helped you. All these years later, wanting, but not able to work. Allowing Dr.s to burn nerves, inject me here and there. Take my $. All the while, my entire family falls apart. I can’t be the mother I want to be to my son. I cannot be the mom I want to make sweet memories with my son. The hope I once felt for myself in any capacity…crushed with the thought that it really is only going to get worse with the way this whole topic seems to keep heading….Please try not to pass judgment on someone else. Whichever way you look at the issue, no matter your perspective. Please be polite and remember it is your perspective and everyone is entitled to their own. The absolute only ability to function at a somewhat (and I use thise term reluctantly and loosely) normal or better level that gave me the ability to participate in life. I have somewhat told you what can happen. You can lose everything you have ever held dear in your heart. I see it tearing apart mine as I type. For a little over 2 of those years I was able to suffer somewhat mildly. I was on an extended release OxyContin and a smaller milligram of medication for breakthroughs. I’ve always gone to the dr. I have always peed in the cup, signed their agreements and did as requested, I have many obvious reasons per scanned images etc. that aren’t pertinent to even mention. Everyone is different. Since this supposed hydrocodone bans and this whole DEA thing that’s happened, the medication I had been taking with absolutely no issues (I do not have Medicaide, nor do I take the hydrocoden) the medication I had to take daily was what gave me the ability to function in any way like a “normal” person for much less extensions of time. Now, this happened and half of my medication has been taken away. I wish that there was absolutely anything I could do to never have to take a pill again. It doesn’t seem to be looked at in that way. I repeatedly feel that history has thought many nothing in many avenues. Now. I am housebound mostly, except for Dr. Visits. Twice a month for meds alone. My husband, my son…suffer. My heart breaks for them. Please. Where is the compassion in this world? They are the only thing that makes me want to go on. It is hard not to pass judgment, I can understand. It just seems firsthand, from what I have witnessed. Anything can be hard or for someone to be able to truly understand something….unless they go through it intimately in one way or another. My heart goes out to anyone that has to deal with chronic pain or those that may be unable to see how much damage it can truly cause. More than could be imagined.
          Wishing all the best.

          1. Uncommon sense. I was just informed by my pain doc, that he was going to take me off my meds completely. I did nothing but cry as i read your comment. U decribed me. I stay in bed almost every day all day on my pain med. I cant imagine what will happen to me. My accident happened 14 years ago, when my children were 4 and 2. I had just graduated to become a CPA. Lost that completely and what hurts the most, i lost the ability to be a Great Mom.

        2. You also have to wonder how many people will self mediate with booze! Right? The things that the doctors try to give you to substitute with the real pain killers are trash. One doctor tried to switch me to some type of anti-depressant – the listed side effects were unreal.

          So I never went on it.

          Part of the discussion should center on the fact that vicodeine is extremely cheap. So much so that I could order as much as I needed and still not spend $ 30 in a six month period. But Lyrica can cost hundreds of dollars a month, and although it might be the best thing for neuropathic pain due to diabetes, it left my spouse like a zombie after about four months of use. (No motivation left – so he went off it.)

          Fentanyl is another pain killer. Once when I was put on that for pain due to diverticulitis (they thought it was stomach cancer) I had to take it, and it caused hallucinations. And again, it was much more expensive than codeine-related pain killers are.

          1. Fentanyl is the Only thing I can get, 75mg. and I still can’t get out of the house,,, not anything for breakthrough!! Fentanyl may work for a little while on some people but I am not one of these people! I used to get 120~30mg Roxicodone 120~15mg R’s and 90 10mg percocet and 90 2mg xanax….. Now I get Fentanyl!!!! SUCKS!!!!

          2. all that oxycodone was the problem. 300 plus pills a month is an issue.

            oxycodone is a good drug but is addictive and Tolerance builds much faster than morphine or fentanyl.

            also ir oxycodone is more of a problem after 3 months a patient should be put on 80% er pain med and no more than 20% break-thru.

            if you use oxy-ir you pretty much will have 30% “dose creap”. every year and that is 30% minimum many have 50% plus dose creap.

            only way to avoid is drop the dose 50% 2-4 weeks every year and suffer.
            then the rest of the year you will do ok and avoid needing 400mg of oxy to get out of bed in the am.

            fentanyl patch is a good drug but very dangerous need to start low dose and give 6-8 weeks for body to adapt or will have terrible side effects.
            9 times out of ten i see the doctor stop other pain med on thur and start fentanyl patch 50mcg on friday this will almost always cause the patient terrible problems,
            my way is to start fentanyl patch 12.5mcg drop existing pain meds 20% and then gradually incr. the fentanyl and decr. the old pain med over a 4 month peroid.

            and as others have stated steroid injections are terrible.
            in some cases as a one time thing they can be ok and useful.
            but repeated use will not maybe destroy the joint long term.
            it is know medical fact that repeated steroid injections will cause cartilage break-down and bone demineralization.
            oral steroids are even worse yes they are cheap and work but long term oral steroids destroy the body i have seen dozens of patients on 20mg of predisone for 10years plus, they have osteoporosis kidney disease and major gi bleeds, and diabetes, 50% loss of eye sight and skin tears all over the body. not just 1 or two of thease issues but all of the above at the same time.

            true chronic pain is a terrible thing and i am not anti-pain med in the least. in fact i often believe that if the patient can function well with a moderate amount of pain med and skip surgery then they should.
            knee and hip replacement are an exception they are very effective and surgery should be done sooner rather than later.

            that said oxycodone causes tolerance much faster than other pain meds like morphine and fentanyl and should be avoided if possible.
            or if you have to use oxy then use the strategy i listed above. drop the dose once a year and suffer. with oxy its the only way to avoid long term tolerance and huge doses and slave like addiction.
            fyi i have seen a hundred patients go from 10mg oxy twice a day to 200mg of oxy/day in 3-4 years.
            i am a pharmacist and i tell people whats going to happen, unfortunately very few listen.

          3. Actually, I found that 2 antidepressants helped with my severe abd nerve pain plus the pain meds, which weren’t enough. I would try them. And my pain’s so bad I’m suicidal most of the time. I have Lyme, so my lymph nodes swell and press on my ab nerves. I scream without my meds.

          4. I have pain because of what happened to me in the war. I get oxy in really bad days, perocet in light days and narco inbetween. My doctor said he will fill the prescription for as long as he can, or until FDA shuts him down, and refuses to let him. I have been to every group therapy, and physical therapy and did. But someone behind a desk is telling my doctor how to be a doctor. This is bull shit, my doctor can not write a prescription for an antibiotic or a pain pill without the administration approves of it. My doctor M.D. is not a M.D anymore, but someone that has to supervised.

          5. Even worse how many will turn to HERON. I go to methadone clinic most people there because of being taken off of their meds. DEA just creating more illegal drug users.

          6. Shot’s don’t and won’t won’t work for me, I have Raynaud’s and I a also have P.A.D.

            A few years before I had shots in my shoulder/neck area after my first surgery. The shots made my head hurt so bad, it felt as if someone slammed me in the head with a two x four. After one shot I had a slamming headache for four days. My doctor insisted on my next visit with him that I have two shots, those two shots put me down for an entire week. The next visit he wanted to give me 3 shots, I refused!! Needless to say that didn’t go over well for me.

            I worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons for 16 years as a Correctional Officer. I’ve lived with Raynaud’s most of my adult life, I’m now 59 years old.

            In 2001 after 911 kicked off that was when my Raynaud’s spun totally out of control. Because our facility was a Federal Prison and we were located here in San Diego, Ca,. we housed some of the terrorist in our prison. Needless to say the stress level in our facility went through the roof. As you may be able to imagine stress levels are high in prisons as it is, but adding in terrorist into the mix added a whole new level of stress.

            Suddenly my pain was totally out of control. My sleep pattern went from 6-8 hours of sleep a day down to this. Sun =1- hour
            Mon. =1 hour
            Tues.=1- hour
            Wed.=4- hours
            Thurs= 1 hour
            Fri= 1 hour
            Sat= 1 hour
            Total =10 hours of sleep a week!!!
            This was my sleep pattern from 2001-2003. I thought I was going to loose my mind. Every day I had more dark thoughts than I care to admit to. It was bad…real bad for me!! My doctor tried Nsaids of every sort on me. I literally ate Motrin by the hand fulls, to the point that I vomited bright red blood. My doctor tried an inplanted nerve blocking device on me. the wires were partially inplanted into my back and I had a hand held remote control. It gave me about 30% pain relief, but they never gave me the actual implant. I never got an answer as to why, probably an insurance issue ??? My doctor tried everything from soup to nuts on me but nothing worked to help my pain.

            I continued to work a 40 + hour work week. We had a lot of mandatory over time going on back then. Overtime for us meant working another 8 hour shift behind our first shift. Needless to say working even an 8 hour shit was pure hell, but having to work a 16 hour shift gave me suicidal thoughts.

            I was working what was called Perimeter Patrol, so I was the person carrying a fully loaded 9 mm pistol with a round in the chamber. I was the person responsible for making sure no one escaped from our institution. I thank God nothing bad ever happened, because I could hardly walk, let alone think straight due to being in so much pain. When I had to work around the inmates inside the prison, I felt my life was in constant danger. Since I could hardly walk, if I’d have had to run to save my life I can couldn’t have done so. Walking up and down stairs put me in even more pain, I finally had to have my doctor give me a doctor’s note saying I could not longer work the units. By then I had started the paper work for my disability.

            That should have made things better for me, but it actually made things worse. It was the winter months so the temperatures were dipping down into the 50’s- 40’s and sometimes the high 30’s. While that may not sound cold to most people. People with Raynaud’s suffer even more pain from cold temps. I’m suppose to wear gloves when I reach into my freezer to remove frozen items

            Raynaud’s is a strange disease for which there is no cure. Strong emotions also play into this disease. I once had a Lieutenant tell me 15 minutes before my shift was ending that I was going to have to stay and work another 8 hour shift. I told him that I couldn’t since I was in such horrible pain. He stated to me “well if you don’t you’ll be A.W.O.L. and you’ll be written up!! He told me since I didn’t have a doctor’s note saying I couldn’t work overtime, I had to say and work. Pretty much I refused and he told me he was going to write me up. I told him I understand but I can’t stay and work another shift when I barley made it though this shift. That 10 minute phone call put me in even worse pain, so that when I got home and I took my Percocet. It was as if I’d taken a sugar cubes. Like someone had substituted my pain meds with sugar. That 10 minute phone conversation cost me four hours of horrible pain. After 4 hours my pain meds finally took effect.

            When my doctor told me told me 3 months ago that he was no longer going to give me pain meds, that he was sending me to a pain clinic my feet started getting ulcers really bad.

            I got stressed out and ever since then my pain has been going over the top of my meds. And because of my ulcerations rain, fog and humidity cause me to feel like some one poured gas on my feet and put a blow torch to them. I live close to the coast and we get a lot of fog and even humidity st this time if year. Whenever it is going to rain I have the burning pain up to a week and a half before it’s suppose to rain. More often than not I get the pain and we’ll get no rain.

            I saw the pain management doctor today. He stated per the FDA I have to now start taking either less of my extended release morphine or no Percocet.

            I think when my feet start ulcerating even more due to my doctor stressing me out by telling me that I’m going to have less pain meds now. I’m going to see a lawyer to see who I can sue since this is going to cause me even more pain than I already have.

            I have been on 5/325 Percocet since 2003, it’s the lowest dose there is of it. My prescription is a 15 day prescription, which I usually stretch out 18-21 days. My doctor raised my morphine dose up once since he put me on it in 2005. I take 45 mg of extended release 2 x’s a day. And I’m always in horrible pain as it is, but now it’s going to be cut down to a lower dose.

            I feel as though I’m being punished for having a disease. And now these people are going to cause me to o have even more pain because they are going to give me even more stress thats going to give me even more ulcers. And all because I have a incurable disease.

            Shame on these people for what they are doing to all of us, one day we will all stand before God and God will Judge them for what they have done to all of us!!

            I pity them, they are a ship of fools who aren’t able to see the forest for the trees. I never wish pain upon anyone… ever!! But God help all of these people if suddenly their lives should change, and they should find them selves behind the 8 ball in chronic pain. The very laws they made will bite them in their own A**, and they will know the hurt and pain they have caused all of us to have to live with. As their same laws will also apply to them. Karma will be a total B*tch when they can’t get relief from their pain. None of them are exempt from getting a disease or having or getting into an accident and having to live in chronic pain. The human body is fragil, and no one is exempt from having pain.. even them!!

            Sorry this was so long!! God bless everyone !! I will pray for all of us who live in and with horrible pain, that these people’s eyes will be opened up to the damage and pain they are causing all if us.

            Even President J.F.Kennedy lived with chronic pain, no one is exempt.

          1. It’s literally a conspiracy to kill off disabled people & seniors who are a drag on our economy. So think our “compassionate” ( Greedy). Elites.
            >>> Please research what happened to doctors in Cambodia after the Kmer Rouge took over. Also happened in many other countries. A result of Money being more important than people. The new generation of Doctors. Not in it to heal , just for the money. Open your eyes folks. Vote Trump for Change & compassion.

        3. I live in northern nj and cant find a pain dr that will give me more then 5mg vicodin. Do you know any drs that will give me stronger pain meds for my migrains and fibromyalgia?

        4. I fu are so very right just went to get Dr help today for my chronic pain and they tried to tell me I was on methapheamies I’m nowhere that nasty looking insulting people like that all the time and they wounded why so many people are during from street drugs we can’t get no help

          1. I want to know what’s the deal with all the rude and downright nasty pharmacists at the big chain drugstores like Wakgreens etc.
            when you try to pick up your prescription or call for a refill they do everything they can to avoid filling your script. They lie and say they don’t have it or the shipment hasn’t come in. My husband was told all kinds of things and their attitude made him feel like they bought he was a drug seeker. He would be barely standing with a walker, looking like a soup chicken, bald from the Chemo, exhausted from a long day at the hospital and they would just be so nasty to him. Broke my heart. This happened in various ways at several diff drugstores.

        5. You’re absolutely correct my dear friend I have been on narcotics for 10 years for pain from back surgery then I three or four years ago I had a neurosurgeon promised me he could make me better and I let him do a tri-level Fusion on me and feels my neck also guess what I’m my pain is quadrupled so far the pain management at the same complex has kept me going on pain meds even though I only got about 3 to 4 hours a day where I feel that I can function it is better than nothing 365 24-7 is nothing to sneeze about when your pain level is at least the 7 nearly every day and goes up to a 9 Somedays a ten
          I feel so bad for you these people are not going about it the right way they need to look at your files read your records see what you have had done what they have continued to try to do not just these damn injections that do not work and destroy your joints I know I have been talked into over 50 of them in the last 6 years and as you said at some clinics you’re made to feel if you don’t get an injection you don’t get your pain meds what BS is that that is not a doctor not a pain doctor well the clinic I’m at now they do care about you in my pain management doctor is so frustrated of what they are going to be doing to us very soon he is in Virginia I live in West Virginia go figure I can’t stand these people that are drug addicts that have caused us all these problems 4 people were in real pain they can do some research look at your file oh my God my phone is probably thousands and thousands of pages with more than 10-15 MRIs in 10 years x-rays katzkins they don’t have any problem taking your money for all this stuff and nobody can freaking help you once your back is gone or once you have nerve damage and any part of your body you’re stuck nerve pain is the worst pain of all God bless and good luck to you my friend

        6. Every individual is different with different kinds if injuries and Some injuries are more than just 1 time I have worked heavy manual labor with injuries and have injured them 2 or 3 times over To the point of no repair And if they are bon on bone with no disks where do you put the needle for the shot and what about a displaced thecal sac how can shots help that and stenosis severe there are a wide range of problems that shots and besides all that this is about money 2000 $ for a 15 minute Procedure You need to widen your Scope of Knowledge before you think that what helps you will help others

          1. What helps 1 person will not help another Every individual is different I have worked Heavy manual labor for 25 or more Years give or take a few and have injured my disks 2 or 3 times over to the point of a prolapse to Bone On bone so where do you put the needle and besides this is about Money 2000$ for a 15 minute procedure so of course they want to give shots Some injuries are not and can not be helped by shots like a displaced Thecal sac


          1. You are so correct, about sending letters and more letters to any and everyone that can make a difference. When i see the petitions to congress to change the laws and let drs be drs, i see that they are struggling to get paople to sing for reform, but, oh, what about trashing the candidates, over 160,000! Where are you people that complain and actually make an attempt to change things? The war is not working and the people it affects most should be the loudest! Make yer voice heard again and again! Dont sit in pain and do nothing, as nothing will change until our voices are heard!


          2. I’m a 43yo female that was diagnosed with sickle call disease at birth.I’ve been using CVS for about the last 2years.Because of the laws the dea has enforced I was kicked out of walgreens.i suffer with chronic pain everyday. I was told last month that they wouldn’t be able to fill my Percocet prescription because with the meds I’ve been taking I could die in my sleep I was told that by maybe a 25yo pharmacist which far as i’m concerned she’s not a damn doctor.I know people abuse their medication but most of us have proof that we need these pills just to get up and try to have a productive day.i have a 5yo that I can barely get to school because of my pain.It has to be a way they can tell who’s legitimate and who’s not.I even had my oncologist to give me my records to give t the pharmacy and they still are turning me away.It has to be someone that can help us!!!!frustrating as hell.John I hope that your injections are working but as I read in a previous post u probably are feeling as frustrated as us.And you are a jerk off.if I was a junkie I could go buy pills from the ghetto but like others i’m on a fixed income and have kids.

        8. You have never lived a day around a legitimate pain patient. Imagine knowing you are going to have a surgury without any pain control. This is what an under medicated pain patient lives with every day am I going to spend a day in agony or have a little quality of life. Am I going to be able to hide the pain from my family or are they going to have to watch me suffer and therefore suffer also. There but for the grace of God are you!

          1. True Mike! We are the best at hiding our pain, so much so, that we hear, “oh youlook good, you cant be in that much pain”. We cant win that one, we try to look normal, and are not believed, or show it and are a whiner. Now with all that added to our pain, when we seek help, we are “drug seekers. Things have GOT to change!

        9. I agree with most everything you said ,but I am a male and my Ned’s got cut in half with no notice from 6 pills a day 2 every 6 to 8 hours. They did not as you said still give me more or the same amount because I’m a male and you’re inaccurate saying males get more medication or did not get there dose lowered. I was very upset because my medicine as yours says do not lower your dose drastically that you need to taper down and my tapering was like I said 6 pills a day to 3 cut in half with no notice from the va. I actually called the va thinking there was a mistake made and that’s how I found out. Now I am in the same boat as you with the 2 I took in the morning I was able to get out of bed and start my day obviously not fast but now I only get 2 pill and I have to wake my wife up to help dress me and get my breakfast because I have rhumitoid arthritis and my hands and fingers. Don’t work. Not to mention I now suffer all day with knee ankle shoulder and etc etc pain because 1 pill doesn’t cut it. Last I checked I lived in the USA not Russia. Talk about controlling my life.

        10. Well put. I’m in same boat. I’m treated like a drug addict. And have to go thru hell and embarrassment just to get one 5mg q6hrs that does nothing for the pain

          1. Need to write, a letter to the GOV.!

            Renee Steiger
            1 hr ·
            MAY 22, 2006 GUEST 441 COMMENTS
            Having chronic pain means many things change, and a lot of them are invisible. Unlike having cancer or being hurt in an accident, most people do not understand even a little about chronic pain and its effects, and of those that think they know, many are actually misinformed.

            In the spirit of informing those who wish to understand …
            … These are the things that I would like you to understand about me before you judge me…

            Please understand that being sick doesn’t mean I’m not still a human being. I have to spend most of my day in considerable pain and exhaustion, and if you visit, sometimes I probably don’t seem like much fun to be with, but I’m still me– stuck inside this body. I still worry about school, my family, my friends, and most of the time – I’d still like to hear you talk about yours, too.

            Please understand the difference between “happy” and “healthy”. When you’ve got the flu, you probably feel miserable with it, but I’ve been sick for years. I can’t be miserable all the time. In fact, I work hard at not being miserable. So, if you’re talking to me and I sound happy, it means I’m happy. That’s all. It doesn’t mean that I’m not in a lot of pain, or extremely tired, or that I’m getting better, or any of those things. Please don’t say, “Oh, you’re sounding better!” or “But you look so healthy!¨ I am merely coping. I am sounding happy and trying to look normal. If you want to comment on that, you’re welcome.

            Please understand that being able to stand up for ten minutes doesn’t necessarily mean that I can stand up for twenty minutes, or an hour. Just because I managed to stand up for thirty minutes yesterday doesn’t mean that I can do the same today. With a lot of diseases you’re either paralyzed, or you can move. With this one, it gets more confusing everyday. It can be like a yo-yo. I never know from day to day, how I am going to feel when I wake up. In most cases, I never know from minute to minute. That is one of the hardest and most frustrating components of chronic pain.

            Please repeat the above paragraph substituting, “sitting”, “walking”, “thinking”, “concentrating”, “being sociable” and so on … it applies to everything. That’s what chronic pain does to you.

            Please understand that chronic pain is variable. It’s quite possible (for many, it’s common) that one day I am able to walk to the park and back, while the next day I’ll have trouble getting to the next room. Please don’t attack me when I’m ill by saying, “But you did it before!” or Oh, come on, I know you can do this!” If you want me to do something, then ask if I can. In a similar vein, I may need to cancel a previous commitment at the last minute. If this happens, please do not take it personally. If you are able, please try to always remember how very lucky you are–to be physically able to do all of the things that you can do.

            Please understand that “getting out and doing things” does not make me feel better, and can often make me seriously worse. You don’t know what I go through or how I suffer in my own private time. Telling me that I need to exercise, or do some things to get my mind off of it¨ may frustrate me to tears, and is not correct if I was capable of doing some things any or all of the time, don’t you know that I would? I am working with my doctor and I am doing what I am supposed to do. Another statement that hurts is, “You just need to push yourself more, try harder…” Obviously, chronic pain can deal with the whole body, or be localized to specific areas. Sometimes participating in a single activity for a short or a long period of time can cause more damage and physical pain than you could ever imagine. Not to mention the recovery time, which can be intense. You can’t always read it on my face or in my body language. Also, chronic pain may cause secondary depression (wouldn’t you get depressed and down if you were hurting constantly for months or years?), but it is not created by depression.

            Please understand that if I say I have to sit down/lie down/stay in bed/or take these pills now, that probably means that I do have to do it right now – it can’t be put off or forgotten just because I’m somewhere, or am right in the middle of doing something. Chronic pain does not forgive, nor does it wait for anyone.

            If you want to suggest a cure to me, please don’t. It’s not because I don’t appreciate the thought, and it’s not because I don’t want to get well. Lord knows that isn’t true. In all likelihood, if you’ve heard of it or tried it, so have I. In some cases, I have been made sicker, not better. This can involve side effects or allergic reactions. It also includes failure, which in and of itself can make me feel even lower. If there were something that cured, or even helped people with my form of chronic pain, then we’d know about it. There is worldwide networking (both on and off the Internet) between people with chronic pain. If something worked, we would KNOW. It’s definitely not for lack of trying. If, after reading this, you still feel the need to suggest a cure, then so be it. I may take what you said and discuss it with my doctor.

            If I seem touchy, it’s probably because I am. It’s not how I try to be. As a matter of fact, I try very hard to be normal. I hope you will try to understand. I have been, and am still, going through a lot. Chronic pain is hard for you to understand unless you have had it. It wreaks havoc on the body and the mind. It is exhausting and exasperating. Almost all the time, I know that I am doing my best to cope with this, and live my life to the best of my ability. I ask you to bear with me, and accept me as I am. I know that you cannot literally understand my situation unless you have been in my shoes, but as much as is possible, I am asking you to try to be understanding in general.

            In many ways I depend on you – people who are not sick. I need you to visit me when I am too sick to go out… Sometimes I need you help me with the shopping, cooking or cleaning. I may need you to take me to the doctor, or to the store. You are my link to the normalcy of life. You can help me to keep in touch with the parts of life that I miss and fully intend to undertake again, just as soon as I am able.

            I know that I have asked a lot from you, and I do thank you for listening. It really does mean a lot.

            AUTHOR UNKNOWN


            1. People with chronic pain seem unreliable (we can’t count on ourselves). When feeling better we promise things (and mean it); when in serious pain, we may not even show up.

            2. An action or situation may result in pain several hours later, or even the next day. Delayed pain is confusing to people who have never experienced it.

            3. Pain can inhibit listening and other communication skills. It’s like having someone shouting at you, or trying to talk with a fire alarm going off in the room. The effect of pain on the mind can seem like attention deficit disorder. So you may have to repeat a request, or write things down for a person with chronic pain. Don’t take it personally, or think that they are stupid.

            4. The senses can overload while in pain. For example, noises that wouldn’t normally bother you, seem too much.

            5. Patience may seem short. We can’t wait in a long line; can’t wait for a long drawn out conversation.

            6. Don’t always ask “how are you” unless you are genuinely prepared to listen it just points attention inward.

            7. Pain can sometimes trigger psychological disabilities (usually very temporary). When in pain, a small task, like hanging out the laundry, can seem like a huge wall, too high to climb over. An hour later the same job may be quite OK. It is sane to be depressed occasionally when you hurt.

            8. Pain can come on fairly quickly and unexpectedly. Pain sometimes abates after a short rest. Chronic pain people appear to arrive and fade unpredictably to others.

            9. Knowing where a refuge is, such as a couch, a bed, or comfortable chair, is as important as knowing where a bathroom is. A visit is much more enjoyable if the chronic pain person knows there is a refuge if needed. A person with chronic pain may not want to go anywhere that has no refuge ( place to sit or lie down).

            10. Small acts of kindness can seem like huge acts of mercy to a person in pain. Your offer of a pillow or a cup of tea can be a really big thing to a person who is feeling temporarily helpless in the face of encroaching pain.

            11. Not all pain is easy to locate or describe. Sometimes there is a body-wide feeling of discomfort, with hard to describe pains in the entire back, or in both legs, but not in one particular spot you can point to. Our vocabulary for pain is very limited, compared to the body’s ability to feel varieties of discomfort.

            12. We may not have a good “reason” for the pain. Medical science is still limited in its understanding of pain. Many people have pain that is not yet classified by doctors as an officially recognized “disease”. That does not reduce the pain, – it only reduces our ability to give it a label, and to have you believe us.

            AUTHOR UNKNOWN

        11. A lot of medicine s and certain medical treatments work for some but not for others It all depends on a lot of things The Amount of the Problems and the severity of them I have 7 Now maybe a couple of more Herniations in the spine impinging on the Chord and 2 hernias 1 with a screen and a displaced thecal sac I don’t know how much more a person could have to be believed and accepted for pain meds and its Our right According to the Ethics laws autonomy Self as lonas we have the capacity but due to people in Higher Social statuses our voice is hardly heard You need to read a lot more before making a simple statement like that

        12. You are 1 individual every one problems are Different in amount and severity and some people have a big problems when they hear of Complications or Risks of Hematomas Bleeding Or in the Spine ETC you need to do some reading before making a simple Comment like that

        13. I know exactly what u mean I was dropped from 80mg to 20. Mg in one shot no warning no nothing now I can hardly walk

        14. not every treatment will work the same for everyone. some treatments may not work at all for some.

          i know cortisone shots never helped me, but physical therapy and opioids (Tramadol, can’t do hydrocodone due to severe allergy) actually did help me. i’ve been doing a rotation of Tramadol, physical therapy and NSAIDs for almost 10 years now. as long as i maintain the rotation as directed, it makes my life more livable, for me.

          that’s why we need a variety of options available because what works for me won’t work for the next person, necessarily. and there are plenty of people who can take hydrocodone with no issue, but i can’t. there are also people who are only able to find relief through hydrocodone because nothing else they’ve tried helps. even medicinal cannabis works for some, but not for others. it’s all in your biology that determines what will work and what won’t.

        15. not all treatments work for all patients. it took me several months to find a course of treatments that work for me.

          personally, cortisone shots never helped me. and i’m allergic to hydrocodone.

          currently i do physical therapy and rotate opioids (Tramadol, mostly) with NSAIDs. this helps me cope with my nerve pain.

          i realize that what works for me won’t necessarily work for the next patient, even one with the same exact set of symptoms. and that’s mostly because of biology. not everyone’s body works or processes meds the same way. it’s one of those things that just is.

          so, what you and your doc have to do is keep searching for a thing or combination of things that works for you, but also, for this we need LOTS of options to pick from. even medicinal cannabis (in states where it’s available) doesn’t work for everyone.

          i’m extremely sorry that you feel that pain management clinics are a hoax being perpetrated on chronic pain patients. that’s a very sad outlook to have on a system of pain management that many of us can’t survive without.

          yes, there are those who abuse the system and those people are mostly ones who shouldn’t have been sent to these clinics in the first place. yes, there are addicts created by doctors who overprescribe or use pain meds to treat things that have nothing to do with pain. “oh, you’re depressed or stressed out? here, have some Lortabs and chill out.” even when that’s not what the medicine is meant to treat.

          BUT, these people (the doctors who overprescribe, the folks who abuse the system, etc ) should not interfere with the access of those who legitimately need these meds. people who are ACTUALLY in severe enough pain that suicide seems like a viable method to cope with that pain. because on the days where i MUST take the Tramadol because it’s the only thing that can touch the pain on that day, it really is that bad. i know when it’s at that point. i’ve been dealing with my chronic pain for over 10 years. and if there was any alternative that would reliably treat the pain, i’d go for it because i really don’t like the side effects of the opioids, but i really don’t have any alternative at this point.

        16. I’m with Christine. My pain medication has always helped me and my quality of life is better because of them. They treat my pain and that’s all, nothing more. I’ve never abused them, I’ve never given them out, I follow the prescribed dosage. These shots do help some people. However from my own personal experience and the majority of others who have experienced these shots and shared their stories sums it up. Throughout my vast internet travels this has been the consensus; 70% were very unhappy with this very costly pain relief (doctors appointment+co-pay+shot(s). A lot of PMD’s are suggesting this treatment for pain in place of opioids. A lot of Docs are quite frankly sick and tired of these government agencies bullying them by using scare tactics to drive the dagger straight through the heart of the Doctor-Patient relationship. There will always be drug seekers/users/abusers/addicts out there. This so-called opiate overdose epidemic is just another vehicle for the dea and fda to drive their fear based lying agendas to the Doctors front door, then proceeding to quite literally drive over their patients putting them in more pain than ever. All they are is essentially waking up that sleeping giant who has been sleeping inside Pandora’s box. If they continue down this road, they will most certainly find that big bad epidemic of epic proportions they been talking about

        17. I have read your quote and we are in the same boat but how can you know what a man or a woman’s pain level is and if a man is getting what he wants from a woman for pills he is not worthy of life but why are you buying them? You know that is wrong!!! I have had 10 total spine surg and I have alot of nerve damage my arms are on fire all the time and yes my clinic is dropping me down it is hell and I to am decided what direction to go I have followed all the rules , may God be with us all ps I was raised to only ask for help when I have to I have try ed to stay off disability for 12 years with the help of pain control but now I will have to look at that direction tks for venting

        18. Listen to all the stories written here, we are REAL PEOPLE who are being FORCED to live in utter agony, even though we know what we need to live a normal happier, less tragic life, but these new stupid effing DEA enforcements are VERY LITERALLY KILLING US!! Pain serves a function, it tells you when there’s something wrong with you, if you felt the pain I live every second of my life in for ten seconds of yours, you’d be flipping out begging for help! Well we are, begging, pleading, trying to convey that this is my life! I have to live it! I have to wake up 7days a week, four weeks a month, 12 months a year for god knows how many more years 30,40,50 or even 60or70 is possible in this agony, every day, I have no hope for a cure, I have no hope that this will get better, no hope it will go away, the only hope I HAD was a way to find the ability to cope, and live this life to the fullest that my body would allow, now thanks to all this interference from the dea and so forth, I have no hope, no glimmer of salvation on the horizon, I will either continue to wake up everyday for an un-numbered amount of years to this pain that’s so intense it’s like a sick fucking joke, or I will take a long walk off a short pier, stare a barrel in the eye, give the arteries in my wrists some air, or take enough Tylenol to numb etheopia, because people wernt made to be in pain like this, and I’m no exception, but as long as statistics tell you that you guys are doing the right thing, then my life be damned right?

          1. So what can we do to be proactive we all have stories what we need is action so again what are we going to do clearly there are many of us. Write to your elected officials let’s tell our stories to people who can and must be made to help

        19. I have been in Pain Management for over 20 years, all doctors now are afraid of the DEAL. I have been on the same regiment of pain medication for over 4 years, I have to take more for relief and now withdrawal 2 weeks before I get my meds .The laws that the DEA enforce need to be changed. I wish they all could feel my pain. I don’t know if there is a class action lawsuit against them but there should be.

          1. IF there isn’t, then maybe we should ALL start one. Frankly, I am sick and tired of the way I am treated, as well as knowing others are treated the same, if not worse. Anymore it would seem suffering from chronic pain deems us a criminal too. Defamation of character has also played a part in all of this as well! Well, I have wanted my life pain free for quite some time now, and it’s sickening to know that I have to feel it all for the rest of my life. And why? So these non-human bastards can regulate, control, and dictate our lives and overall well being?! I THINK NOT. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!

        20. I agree with most of what you say and im jealous that you are still able to get any of these meds. After being on hydrocone for 15 years ( today is the anniversary of when that other driver ran his red light and crashed into me, terminating my pregnancy and beginning my constant suffering of moderate to severe pain,) I was recently told that my refill requests for Norco will no longer be considered. Instead, Gabapentin has been prescribed and there has been no response regarding my withdrawl or need for rehab. … ahem, where are these men willing to trade their meds for sex? Im already feeling the withdrawls, i have new pain and the complaint I submitted online has resulted in Robin from Southwest Medical calling me today, with no helpful information but basically informing me that i should give up in my attempts to get the meds from my prim care phys for whom i have an appt with on the 27th. Did i mention that it was during a group patient appt with a doctor who had never met me before who I blame for this unfair treatment, even though Robin insists that he spent more than 5 min referring to my file/medical history. Omg, wtf, i feel even more helpless hopeless, fucked than i had felt prior….

        21. What happened to the comment i had just submitted, is it awaiting approval by a moderator? Please dont give me another reason to cry

        22. So many sufferers of chronic pain treated as criminals and deviants. I am fed up with it. I was fed up with it the first time it happened to me. Do agree with “chronicpain15”. Has there been any organizing of people to fight this unconstitutional attack on pain suffers? I’d like to know.

          1. I m so very very appalled at your sorry. It made me cry even hrder than I am right now. I only have my own experience with my own journey in the medical world of incompetent doctors. I had to learn to say I was allergic to everything because every time I used to take a new medication that the drug rep pushed on my doctor who then pushed onto me I almost died. Then a few months later I would see an warning about the drug on TV. I was wondering if anyone on this blog was a victom of the WA state’s closure of the only place who ever helped me with my pain…Seattle Pain Clinic. I have called Medicaid and ttold them I could not find a doctor who would refill my pain and clonazam prescriptions. I told them I had a copy of Medicaid’s paper work between the clinic and their own doctors where they agreed to give me the new prescription. In fact, it was allowed to be filled just 2 months ago. So if this clinic was so awful then why did the state of WA and their doctors and pharmacist authorize my medications 2 years ago? I realize that these people on the phone know nothing. I am going to file a medical malpractice suit. This should be a class action suit according to my pharmacist. He told me that the state sent out letters to doctors warning them against prescribing opiates for pain patients. My problem is that I am so depressed from spending 3 months now being bedridden. I have no heat since I had to give over $575.00 to a previous doctor I went to 5 years ago who would not take my insurance. This was the pain clinic that Seamar clinic referred me to because my doctor (83) retired right before the seattle Pain clinic closed. He never helped me properly get off any of the medications I was on. Clonazapam tkes up to one year to withdraw from and I had asked him thr previous year to get off of it. He told me I should stay on it because it was safe and had been around forever. But do you think this conversation is in my records/ NO. And twice he went on vacation and left me with no refills for this so-called safe medication which has terrible withdrawals. Nobody at the clinic would write me a subscription for it and I had to wait a week when he returned to get him to write it for me. In that time I was not able to help my daughter who had a hard birth of my first granddaughter. These people do not get that we are just trying to have some quality of life. A woman at Medicaid even suggested I go to a Methadone clinic…the nearest one is 60 miles from me. That is not even an option for me. And I am not a smoker and even though they also reccommend I go get “pot” to smoke that is not an option. The state of WA gets almost 40% in taxes for every pot sale. So I could never afford it. Thanks for letting me vent. What I really want is for some people in WA state to join me in protesting the suicides that have occured since last summer with pain patients beding forced off their medicstions overnight. The WA health dept. confirmed it on the phone when I told them that it might be an option for me soon. What is wrong with this picture folks. Quit terrorizing people and the doctors who really want us to have some kind of meaningful life. I feel like chaining myself to the Capital in Olympia and calling every newspaper in WA. I just wish I knew anyone who would join me.

        23. Well said Christine, for you just about told my story better than I could. I because insurance made me, had to go through every pain pill there is, many of which I was allergic to…that was really fun, the hives, swelling i the throat..etc. and none worked as well as the oxycontin (60mg 2x a day) and (30mg 3x;s a day). This was my dose BEFORE MY WONDERFUL DOCTOR MISDIAGNOSED ME after coming in, unable to walk, and looking about 3 months pregnant. I’m a 56 yr old widow with two sons graduated from college and I worked for the government and as a teacher for over 25 years. I too suffer from many of the same challenges you face along with others some of the others face such as the lower back pain and fusions, shattered ankle that was a joke, the pins are just sticking out my ankle and haven’t secured the ligament to anything. The worst was my doctor telling me last June 2015 that I had EXACTLY 3 KIDNEY STONES…HE SAW THEM ON A SIMPLE XRAY…..he faxed in an antibiotic (which when was picked up, was one I am severly allergic to..CIPRO) and he knew that cause he had prescribed it for me just a few months earlier and on the 3rd day I was covered in hives and back to Z-pak I went. Long story short, I never had kidney stones and the night efter seeing my doctor, my intestines burst and I laid for 2 days full of sepsis until my son found me and rushed me to the hospital who called a chopper and off to Mayo I went and right into surgery where they saved my life but now I am bless with a colostomy bag, and to be reconstructed, it is called cosmetic surgery!! Insurance won’t pay. I guess I’m lucky, because I have developed several hernias that must be removed (and are not considered cosmetic) before they burst and during the 12+ hour surgery all that will take they will do the reconstruction IF POSSIBLE!!! Having had 2 heart attacks in my mid 40’s, I’m considered HIGH RISK to be under that long so ALL THIS COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED!!! My doctor takes no responsibility for any of this…..not one word of regret or apology. He has continued to cut DOWN my dose since this occurred…..I only wish he could live in my body one day!! I have been on these 2 pain pills since 2007!!! They took an oath to treat their patients and not to line their pockets with money by just :an office call getting you in and out ASAP”!!! I am suing this doctor and my atty took my case on contingency and was delighted to do so…and come to find out, already has a med-mal against my doctor from another patient that his wrong call cost her an amputation!!…WE AS THEIR PATIENTS HAVE RIGHTS TOO, AND I AM SICK TO DEATH OF LIVING IN SUCH PAIN WHEN I COULD BE FUNCTIONAL IF HE WOULD QUIT THINKING OF HIS OWN DOWNFALLS AND START BEING THE KIND OF DOCTOR THAT WOULD MAYBE MAKE HIM PROUD AND ACTUALLY HONOR HIS OATH AND HELP HIS PATIENTS. Let’s not compare who’s case is worse, we all have the same gripe…inferior medical care and lack of getting the meds that have proven to work for us because of the restrictions and the DEA putting such pressure on the doctors to pretty much gradually cut these medicines out.!! It was heartbreaking reading many of these stories, but have to admit…some were so ignorant and un-researched, I didn’t have any sympathy for them. My prayers to you all and may we one day find an answer to this. God Bless You

          1. I m so very very appalled at your sorry. It made me cry even hrder than I am right now. I only have my own experience with my own journey in the medical world of incompetent doctors. I had to learn to say I was allergic to everything because every time I used to take a new medication that the drug rep pushed on my doctor who then pushed onto me I almost died. Then a few months later I would see an warning about the drug on TV. I was wondering if anyone on this blog was a victom of the WA state’s closure of the only place who ever helped me with my pain…Seattle Pain Clinic. I have called Medicaid and ttold them I could not find a doctor who would refill my pain and clonazam prescriptions. I told them I had a copy of Medicaid’s paper work between the clinic and their own doctors where they agreed to give me the new prescription. In fact, it was allowed to be filled just 2 months ago. So if this clinic was so awful then why did the state of WA and their doctors and pharmacist authorize my medications 2 years ago? I realize that these people on the phone know nothing. I am going to file a medical malpractice suit. This should be a class action suit according to my pharmacist. He told me that the state sent out letters to doctors warning them against prescribing opiates for pain patients. My problem is that I am so depressed from spending 3 months now being bedridden. I have no heat since I had to give over $575.00 to a previous doctor I went to 5 years ago who would not take my insurance. This was the pain clinic that Seamar clinic referred me to because my doctor (83) retired right before the seattle Pain clinic closed. He never helped me properly get off any of the medications I was on. Clonazapam tkes up to one year to withdraw from and I had asked him thr previous year to get off of it. He told me I should stay on it because it was safe and had been around forever. But do you think this conversation is in my records/ NO. And twice he went on vacation and left me with no refills for this so-called safe medication which has terrible withdrawals. Nobody at the clinic would write me a subscription for it and I had to wait a week when he returned to get him to write it for me. In that time I was not able to help my daughter who had a hard birth of my first granddaughter. These people do not get that we are just trying to have some quality of life. A woman at Medicaid even suggested I go to a Methadone clinic…the nearest one is 60 miles from me. That is not even an option for me. And I am not a smoker and even though they also reccommend I go get “pot” to smoke that is not an option. The state of WA gets almost 40% in taxes for every pot sale. So I could never afford it. Thanks for letting me vent. What I really want is for some people in WA state to join me in protesting the suicides that have occured since last summer with pain patients beding forced off their medicstions overnight. The WA health dept. confirmed it on the phone when I told them that it might be an option for me soon. What is wrong with this picture folks. Quit terrorizing people and the doctors who really want us to have some kind of meaningful life. I feel like chaining myself to the Capital in Olympia and calling every newspaper in WA. I just wish I knew anyone who would join me.

        24. I too suffer chronic pain so debilitating I cannot live the once very active, energetic happy life I once had. Now that we have so many people abusing the one medication that has helped my pain decrease from a daily 7 out of 10, we’re being told that the DEA is putting more restrictions on this medication. Do they not understand that those of us who truly do have medically proven pain are the ones that are going to suffer, not the addicts looking for a high, hell they’ll continue to abuse the Norco. My doctor and I tried 5 non narcotic meds, physical therapy, chiropractic,injections and OTC meds for 2 years before he prescribed any narcotic meds to me. The pain relief I felt after the 3rd day was wonderful, and continues to control my pain for 6 years now. I do not take more than I am prescribed yet everytime I refill, The pharmacy I used to go to made me feel like a drug abuser. It’s not right. We are truly suffering, not abusers. It’s a shame to feel embarrassed to go pick up my meds. What the DEA NEEDS to do is weed out the abusers and let us legitimate patients continue to get our meds.

        25. The shots are forced. I am treated like a criminal and unless you suffer you have no idea what helps and what doesnt. I need my pain meds to have any sort of relief.

        26. Comment is RIGHT 100%, & now ’cause the DEA is cracking thier “whip” they have the Dr.s running scared & the Patients suffer for it ,nothing more nothing less,
          You wonder who is worse, the blood-sucking attorneys at the bottom of EVERYTHING involved, Big Pharma, or the insirance co.s, or the Dr.s , who SHOULD be thinking of & caring for, thier Patients, & making them PRIORITY ONE,
          BUT instead do nothing but worry about thier own miserable asses & thier profit,
          The patients are DEAD LAST for ANY consideration ,if it’s given AT ALL……

        27. I understand pm more than anyone I have had cancer many treatments I have 3 back surgeries yes fusion rods cage and all 2 neck surgeries yes fusion rods and cages I have had 2 hand surgeries and many more I have gone thru my log rams and discography my spine doctor said he has done all he can oh yes don’t forget 9 epidermal that did not work he sent me to pain management I was there for 3 years I have herniated disc degenerative disk disease fibromylagia I never asked for refill never ran out took all as I should I was on oxycodone 30mg 120 a month still was in pain she added lyrica for 30 days I was a person with a life again then al Dea said no room for pm so they were gonna close all in my area doctor faxed every patients family doc explained she was under audit would family doc please help well no help no where to go no meds cold turkey been in bed pain so bad can’t stand on my feet and have to have help walking I have cried been in withdrawals and have thought of suicide from not just the pain but rely on husband for everything even bath g me they have really helped the person in pain no your facts before u jedge

        28. I agree. When one of these “pain management docs” started their injections on my neck, it literally made the issue worse. Sure, at first, the headaches went away. That was something I longed to be rid of for most of my life. However, the SOURCE of those headaches WAS NOT- in the least – corrected, thus causing problems to occur that I DID NOT HAVE before those injections! I am not even going to go there about the lower back due to a past gunshot wound. And now, it’s all lead to having to look forward to [unwanted and terrifying] surgery on both.

          Furthermore, to just up and cut off any patient cold turkey, instead of easing them off of the pain meds, is outright sickening incompetence coupled with uncompassionate and sadistic practice. Doctors these days ONLY care about that good old paycheck and a damn good parking spot [along with their thousand to million dollar homes]. And believe you, me – I was just as shocked to hear this firsthand among a group of docs having their lunch! An appalling realization akin to terrorism, imho.

          Dependency of such a drug or any above them is sad, yes. BUT sadly, those people actually need them to be able to SOMEWHAT find that normalcy in doing the things they used to be able to in life. Chronic pain is debilitating. And I can understand why some people would feel like dying, rather than suffer through this kind of pain for the rest of their lives, instead of living. IT IS NOT SOMETHING WE ALL WANT! BELIEVEIT OR NOT. And this all DOES NOT MAKE THESE PEOPLE DRUG ADDICTS. ONLY those who TRULY RELATE would understand. ONLY those who are ignorant to the unfortunate truth of it would say otherwise. As we read many already doing so within the comments. smdh. I can only HOPE people like you NEVER have to go through ANY of it! Because it is NOT something we long to be going through while being treated like some kind of common criminal or worse!

        29. I agree with you on that some will give you pain med but the problem with them they don’t explain what the law means at all they just think u should automatically no .I guess that law was trending when I first started seeing my doctor between 2013,2014 that’s when I started having severe pain throughout the body come to find out I had alot of health problems I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis muscle waist triggered by it neuropathy severe sciatica
          I can’t take that medication they hav for rheumatoid it makes me so I’ll that I can’t function my rheumatologist referee me to a pain management doctor boy was I in for a rude awakening he did not explain anything about the new law I think they do that to set u up to make u look bad like u are a drug seeker or something

          1. So I forgot to tell u that please u all that still get your med please take them as prescribed so they don’t take them away from u like they did with me it is really tough dealing with each day with each day can’t get my pcp doctor to even prescribe them to me they r all scared stiff to do it that’s the harm they r causing with this new law it is illegal what they r doing they hav an oath that they swore to as well the Dea and the cdc and everybody else they r supposed to serve us causing no harm that is what the hypocratic oath was all about now it’s a hypocritical oath

        30. I had that shot in my hip. my leg went numb and could not walk. Then it would shake uncontrollably. The pain was excruciating and now I’m still limping 6 months later and still in pain.

        31. I aI am sick of these C S from the DEA and CDC, What can we do start a revolution, this insane that nobody can get the meds they need I agree I no somebody in the same situation she was 100 mg of Methadone a day and Percocet for 7 years then her Pain Doc got busted, and she had to scramble for one and is left with them taking her down to 40mg she is in so much pain, I feel sorry for her I hate the CDC and DEA!!! Really what can we do???

        32. The DEA is a joke
          They are banning drugs and bullying doctors to protect big pharma, and the black market drug trade so they can keep kicking in doors and locking people up! The latest announcement banning Kratom is just one more example!!
          Since the drug task force crackdown for the last several years the overdose rate has skyrocketed!!!! DEA=JOKE

        33. I agree with you John I have severe paying from falling off of the roof twice putting up Christmas decorations but have 4 herniated discs fibromyalgia and severe arthritis I also have chronic anxiety YouTube heart problems that cannot be treated with any surgery if I was to go off of my pain meds I would not be able to make it through withdrawal there’s no way I could ever stop my clinic them because of my severe anxiety my heart would not make it and I would just die I have thought about assisted suicide do the doctors care about these thoughts that I have I doubt it I hope somebody reads this and who will mention it to somebody who cares and will help stop this terrible Injustice

        34. I was told by an orthopedic surgeon I needed a spine fusion from T9 through S1, Both shoulders need to be replaceand there is neck damage and that I could no longer work so I called my bank and told them foreclose.I went to a pain clinic started me out with I believe 60 mg OxyContin and Fast acting OxyContin six times daily I found that to be way too much and only took it one night went back and had the prescription lowered to 20 mg OxyContin and six Norco per day.Eventually it was raised to 40 mg OxyContin and six Norco per day while taking Valium and lorazepam. I had some friends over that were going to help me move and one of them was using medical marijuana and I was interested in that so I tried it and I found some relief in the neck, but it was picked up in a urine test and I was discharged from the pain clinic. It took me months to find another pain clinic and in that of the emergency Ward 4 times due to withdrawal complications finally my general practitioner wrote me prescriptions for the OxyContin and Norco for three months and I was able to find another pain clinic. I’m not overly happy with this pain clinic and it is quite a drive, but I can’t find another place to go.I have looked around for other pain clinics and they are all pushing the same things spinal stimulators and cortisone shots one of them want this far as offering something like Lyrica along with the cortisone shots and five or 10 mg of OxyContin daily which after being on 40 mg OxyContin and six 10 – 375 Norco per day would seem like giving me an aspirin.
          The last diagnosis was in 2011 I went back to one of the original surgeons with new MRIs and at this point he says there’s nothing he can really do and suggested that I just keep going until I can’t take the pain anymore and then do what I have to do. He left that pretty open answer saying that I would probably need to go to a Tertiary care center, but that he would never check into one of those. When I mentioned meeting the surgery from T9 through S1 he told me it looks more like T 12 through S1 and that they probably wouldn’t stop there.
          I’ve read a lot about people having surgeries at large on the back and I know for sure I don’t want this done! My reasoning is that I have no family to help so I probably be stuck in a hospital or assisted living of some sort and I just don’t want to live like that so my option is to not have surgery. In the meantime I’m still on the same dose of medication I was taking two years ago and the OxyContin that supposed to last 12 hours is lasting maybe five hours so I’ve been in search of help at another pain clinic. I don’t know where I’m going to find a pain clinic that will help me and the search goes on.

        35. I agree with you my pain doctor retired now I have to find a new one in middle if all this you are right men het more .I hope dear comes to thete senses punishing drug attic threw pain management is not the key because it hurts everybody I understand lowering them a little but damn they lowered me alit I have multiple things wrong with me I’m disabled this is not fair .I’m a honest women .I just don’t k ow how much more pain I can handle

        36. What the hellion is wrong with you your always going to have addicts and death and pain but when your I’ll with debilitating diseases and suffer with chronic pain from numerous injuries and have been taking pain meds for nearly 20 years and have done everything the right way is it so terrible to get your God given right to take your meds the right way and you can be somewhat free of all the torment of lifestopping pain I’ll tell you it’s bad for us now you wait and see how bad it will get due to the people who divert and abuse the meds out there and you all are so frustrating cause the street drugs are always getting more and more dangerous more potent its not gonna stop the epidemic you just wait and how horrific it will get and it will that’s the problem with you people you just refuse to realize that history in this way always repeats itself so 11 die today tomorrow 1000 die!!!!
          Will you finally WAKE UP +++++

        37. Lady you need a spelling lesson or a spell checker. Your bad spelling makes you appear ignorent. (pun intended). I’m a man and I can’t get the medication I need either. So it’s not being a female that’s causing you a problem, it’s being in pain.

        38. I went through the same thing . My dr never said as anything just one appt said ” their” lives are being ruined , well what a out the patients . No one cares, that’s what he said. Nice screw all this shot. They didn’t thing illegal drugs use won’t go up. Wait!!!!

        39. Well now ! I am a 65 yr old man and Drs did the same thing to me. For 15 years he prescribed six Roxicodone 30 mg plus Oxicontin 80 mg at bedtime . Now he gives me 3 15 mg pills

        40. I agree I’ve had eperderial.injections, several other injections all to which made me hurt in other places and made my leg numb but no help with any pain

        41. Ignorance is killing people with chronic pain. I am now 43 years old and have been treated by opoid mefication for 20 years of my life for fibromyalgia, hypoparathyroidism which has caused major calcium storms in my body, 5 removals of goiters when the removal of the hpoparathyroid gland was done throughout a 3 year period and caused me to have 11 lithotrpsy’s in my kidneys, R.A. nerve damage discs damage, and removal of my gallbladder. My right leg will not hold me up and I have been in the hospital more times for the pain of scar tissue and not being able to walk on my right leg. I am disabled and now my doctors want to takevme off of any duragesic fentanyll patch I have functioned on fot the last 8 yearsm I need a doctor preferably one in texas. This is where I live. If anyone can help ke ai am wiing to drive. Please. The pain is killing me. The e mail is please help

        42. I don’t know what to do. I fell 150 ft into concrete when I was 18. I suffer every minute of the day. For many years I was able to control the pain to where it was bearable. It took a large amount of opioids and many injections in back, neck, and both shoulders. You couldn’t imagine the pain I go through it’s barbaric. The last two years all Drs. Have quit writing opioids period and the pain centers don’t help enough to keep you from crying for all hours in a day. My last pain dr. That treated me and was able to get me some relief, received a letter from the medical board and he became scared and quit treating us. He had us go to a methadone clinic because he said that would be the best way to get the medicine that helped. The problem with that is we are disabled and don’t have much money and those clinics are expensive and takes everything we get but I have to and it takes all my money. We have to say we’re addicts because they don’t treat pain. I am denied my injections. I tried to commit suicide in June. It has to be better than hurting all day. I poured gas all over myself and lit it. I was unconscious for thirty two days but unfortunately they saved me. I was in the burn unit till October and then dumped back on the streets to continue suffering . You could torture me all day and it wouldn’t hurt more than I already do. If you all are so barbaric to make us suffer than you could at least allow us dr. Assisted suicide so we can die comfortably . What am I supposed to do? My country has turned there back on me.

        43. I hear you Christine. I just started seeing a Pain Specialist and the EXACT thing happened to me regardless of my telling the nurse practitioner who was treating me and prescribing me new medication and cutting back on my current pain medication. The Nurse Practitioner is scheduling a cortisone injection even after asking if my first injection helped my herniated disc.
          I said no, but a shot was nonetheless scheduled.

        44. DearChristine, I’m going thru similar thing you are. I’m being taken off completely I’ve gone thru two different shots. I’m also a multi pain person. I have abdominal adhesive disease fibromyalgia and my ex beat me so bad my bottom of spine to my neck are either sitting on to of each other in my neck disks my back is filled with herniated leaking buying and a whatever else was said. I drive 3 he round trip since ex kicked me out of to for closing and stolen all my NB money inheritance and gold collectables my family had. So as John days you are far not be using only on your condition. I feel for you I’m by far a drug addict and if say I am it’s only cause of my dr CV writing out script and upping dose. I’m on a a far heavier med also now my dr takes off hires some bulky woman with no empathy to to come in and ween all off. Funny thing. I see none of the usual patients any more gee possibly grug seekers well I’m not and my greatest fear is not having a life at all in Feb. At least these meds made me able to exist in the world. No they didn’t remove pain completely but I’m able to live a descent kinda life fr being a athletic person, dancer, sports& growing up with only brothers as a child a tombboy I can’t do anything like nowI’m told next will be physical therapy learned off. Lol. I CANT DO MY BEGINNERS YOGA THAT I WAS ABLE TO DO A YR AGO. SO TELL ME IM NOT GETTING WORSE or DETERIATING. AND NOW NOT THAT I WOULD BUT UNDERSTAND HOE OTHERS GO TO STREET MEDS. MY DAD WAS A POLICEMAN 37YRS RET CSP OF DET. I just couldn’t do nor think of that. My heart goes out to all of us put in this position.

        45. Hollywood is doing this because their rich friends can buy what they want and drink like a fish and OD,then it becomes the ppl who really need them don’t drink,go to therapy, get shots that only last 2 wks,and go though an ordeal to get their pain taken away,shame on you DEA,the ppl committing suicide are in to much pain and do it,not because their addicts you morons.Ya keep pushing the bar but let’s talk stats shall we,pain med deaths a yr 10,000 -Alchol deaths a yr 166,000 ..Now I don’t see ya putting restrictions on it now do you????? Why not???? Make the Dr give a prescription for it so they do not abuse and kill innocent children ,parents,grandparents. What’s wrong Hollywood does not want this,boo hoo.The damn stars OD and the true pain sufferers, suffer.Stop it !!! Go back to chasing the cocaine and Heroin users ,and leave the poor ppl in pain alone!!!!!

        46. Ive had the injections, several times in several areas of my neck and back from my head to my butt. Not once did they work. In fact, one time the fool doctor nicked a nerve or something and I spent the next 3 weeks on crutches….I could not stand on my own and they had to teach me how to give myself injections of demerol and phenergan. NOT good. They may work for some but the pain mgmnt injections dont work for me

        47. I feel like I am being treated like a common drug addict, I take my meds the way it has been prescribed to me, anyone who says it doesn’t do anything for pain is a lier ,and probably don’t need the medication, I don’t get high off my medication,but if I was than I would be taking it for the wrong reasons. I am disabled and able to get up and around with the medication,I have a better quality of life,than I would have without it, I would rather die than become a junky,or use street drugs,but I am very scared, because of junkys,and people who want to get high,they are taking the only medication that works for me, I have been cut back so much that I fear how much more pain I can stand I wake up in pain ,and I used to sleep a lot better,I could get 5 to 6 hours sleep now I’m lucky if I get 3 ,I feel the depression coming back ,and for what why do I have to be punished because of junkys and people looking for a high.

        48. I don’t agree with the male vs. female analogy! My girlfriend has osteoarthritis& I have rheumatoid arthritis. Up til now she’s been perscride oxycodon and I been told to take Tylenol! Which doesn’t even work for headaches! I think the DEA needs to figure out a way to punish the people, man or woman who sell their prescriptions illegally!

        49. I Agree I am suffering with lower back pain everyday and I agree to your comment They do treat you like you are addicts and that is why a lot of people are getting them off the streets all because they are not giving them to the ones who really in need of them i been on pain meds since 2015 this dont make me and addict I take my meds as needed like said and now i cant get my doctor to prescribe me the meds that i need that helped me with my pain i suffer everyday all because of they saving them to people who really don’t need them!

        50. i feel you. I have had a non-union in a long c3-t1 fusion. Even after 5 years of injections, meds, RFA pain did not go away. After 4 CT that show a non union but called it degeneration.
          No one did anything about it. just 40 thousand in Botox injection, 20 thousand in RFAs over 5 of hell. NO ONE KNEW what a non union looked like for 5 years!!. crazy

        51. I can hardly believe some of these comments. Obviously many people responding haven’t experienced chronic pain. Some of you should take up the heroin and meth cause. The DEA has went in and bullied doctors and patients, a once upon a time private matter. Well now that our rights have been violated and some of us are suffering in pain look at the rise of heroin overdoses, funny I’m not hearing about the DEA cracking down on illegal drugs, perhaps it’s too much work.

        52. I am not a pin cushion,all pain management want to do is put these big ungodly needles into your spine and anywhere else they want ,it doesn’t work,I have been on a strong pain killer for years also I do know for a fact I will be in a wheelchair without it,I don’t abuse my meds ,I have never put a needed in myself,or put anything up my nose, I have been cut to less than half of what I was taking,and like others I have around trip of 3 1/2 hour drive and is very hard on my body.

        53. Agree completely!! I’m going through the same thing now!!! The DOCTOR DOES NOT CARE! THEY ONLY WANT TO COVER THEIR OWN ASS! If they would go back and read my chart ALL 10 YEARS they would wait no they wouldn’t even then give a DAMN!

        54. Christine, you are spot on with your assessment of Pain Management Doctors. The thing is that you have to play the game, and get injections before the Doctor will write out a script for your pain pills, which are slowing diminishing right before our eyes. What bothers me the most is that most of us who go to these pain management Doctors, have documentation that states what disease we have or why we are in so much pain. As time goes by no matter how much documentation we have it doesn’t seem to make a difference. when we get to the pharmacy. Finally, last month I went to the pharmacy to fill one of my pain medications and out of the blue the pharmacists told me that my combined prescriptions were over the limit of how many pain pills a person can take per month, and I needed a prior authorization before they would fill my script. I received nothing in the mail from my insurance company about these new rules and I was very upset, because it was a Friday. At 4;30pm the script finally went through or in a day or 2 I would have went into withdraw. The insurance companies don’t give a sh##, about the people who have their insurance, they only care about the bottom line, which is money. Thanks for letting me share, I’m grateful I was able to tell my story. In conclusion I live in Ohio and I can’t wait until September 2018, because that is when Ohio will have it’s medical marijuana program set up, and I will be able to use it to help combat my severe pain.

      2. Why don’t you get cancer and die a slow painful death; that is what I wish upon you. Once that happens you can come back here and talk your ignorant shit about opioids being ineffective in the long term. I’m not kidding, you should kill yourself, not joking.

        1. This discussion is NOT about cancer pain. That was the purpose of the drug. Now do to physician overprescribing, we have this epidemic. We need you to help end the overprescribing for non-cancer pain.

          1. You obviously don’t suffer from chronic pain or your perspective would be totally different 😔 100 million people in the US suffer from chronic pain (NIH-IOM report) yet all focus has only been on addiction! Throwing out what few treatment exists for chronic pain is equivalent to torture for those who suffer 😔 Unless and until an affective cure is discovered, policies and political posturing will only add to the current situation of untreated and under treated pain! Prohibition has never worked to curtail those who will abuse- they just move on to other substances 😔 Chronic pain patients deserve to be heard in this conversation- Not further vilified, marginalized and judged!

          2. Maureen –

            I would like to know what you think – in all your infinitie wisdom – what medications ARE appropriate for someone with chronic pain, and why opiods are not. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 15 years now…. I am on methotrexate, biologic, and until recently, Vicodin for additional pain management. Everyone has been fine with it – rheumatologist, PCP…. everyone on board until FDA starts in with the tighter restrictions. Now my PCP balks at prescribing vicodin – NOT because it’s harmful to ME, but because he’s tired of all the backlash and headaches he has to deal with because of intense regulation. This has nothing to do with caring for the chronic pain sufferer. I know there’s abuse out there – I get it. There are police agencies to deal with criminals who are breaking the law. But punishing chronic pain sufferers, and making it next to impossible to procure the medications we need to enjoy a reasonable quality of life is cruel. – :Trying to convince readers that better options exist is pure garbage – NSAIDS recently in the news for causing increased risk of heart attack, stroke, blood clots, kidney failure, etc. Warning label on Vicodin – “may cause constipation”. yeah – BIG difference

          3. It is obvious that you do not suffer from severe chronic pain if you think that opioids should only be prescribed for cancer pain. I suffer from CRPS, MS, osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease (I have multiple herniated discs). CRPS rates the highest of any pain on the McGill pain scale. It rates above an amputation and this pain is 24/7. It NEVER goes away. I was diagnosed after 18 months–past the time for any real hope of treatment. I resisted opioids for as long as I possibly could, but there came a time when the combination of things no longer responded enough to Neurontin, Cymbalta, and Celebrex.

            I was in so much pain I was reduced to being in a wheel chair due to not being able to walk from the horrific pain. I couldn’t work, etc. Finally, I went to see a better pain management doctor who understands Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. With his help, I’ve returned to work (I was in bed for months), and I have some quality of life. I still have pain..lots of it, but I can bear it. I still come home from work and have to go to bed, but I’m so thankful I can work.

            If the DEA and the other agencies are able to get opioids taken away from severe pain sufferers like me and others, they will commit suicide. CRPS/RSD is known as the suicide disease because the pain is just too much to bear.
            People with this disease still commit suicide while on meds, because even then, the pain is too great.

            I’m sure cancer pain is awful, but there are other chronic pain issues that are also awful…..

          4. do you think they prescribe adequately for cancer pain? You are mistaken! The doctors are afraid to prescribe adequate pain meds for those dying of cancer. My friend is dying of cancer in horrific pain due to doctors afraid of the DEA.

          5. 100 million people suffer from chronic pain? That is ridiculous…. there are onlyl 325 million people in this country!

            So one out of every three have chronic pain? This is why most people discredit what chronic pain folks say on a regular basis. this position is absurd.

            Unfortunately, chronic pain folks are part of the problem…. selling their 200 pills per month on the darknet for cash or alternative drugs… NOBODY is immune from scutiny because this drug’s major side affect is that it stops you from breathing…. that is why so many people are dead. If it gave you a rash, or a cough nobody would care….. breathing is a priority.

          6. MAUREEN – Regarding your attitude surrounding the non-end-of-life use of opiates, & your defense of the behavior and methods of the DEA in what it claims is the tackling the problem of opiate abuse, I would like to clue you into something which might make you rethink your position, that is if you have a heart:



            The ONLY reason I am here on this forum is because of the people I know & love, & who I see the suffering of & WISH I could do anything, OR GET ANY DOCTOR TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT.


            That my friend with bone cancer (ie her bones are daily being deformed and slowly broken by aggressive tumor growth) CANNOT EXPECT ADEQUATE PAIN MANAGEMENT UNTIL SHE IS SO DISABLED & CLOSE TO DEATH AS TO NEED 24/7 HOSPICE CARE & ADULT DIAPERS, & this is all because EVEN THE CANCER DOCTORS are afraid to help her “too much”- “too soon” because it might cause them to go over “their prescribing limits” (as given to them by the DEA) of how much opioid based pain medication they can prescribe within their practice (of dying people) within any given month, IT IS A MOTHERF*CKING OUTRAGE!!!!


            There will ALWAYS be drug addicts, & there will ALWAYS be black markets to feed their addictions, so explain to me; how does it make one bit of sense to deny the truly sick and suffering people amongst us access to even the least & most basic of human decencies and kindness doctors are able to provide, & to deny them this as part of some sort of “master plan” to stop drug seekers, addicts & the unstoppable force of international cartels & black markets from doing exactly what they will do no matter what anyone does?

            Prohibition does NOT work. Herion is easier to get than vicodin & for 99.8% of true addicts street drugs of this kind have always been easier to get than prescriptions. The only reason that pain clinics and prescription painkillers even exist is because some people actually have this idiotic belief that going to a doctor to try and get a proper diagnosis & safest possible treatment for their pain is the right & responsible thing to do, rather than just doing the EASIER thing & hopping on a bus to the south side of town and hanging out at a bar, rather than a waiting room, for 30min to an hour, until the ever present scumbag of such scenes shows up to sell them their relief no questions asked, no medical necessity required. However it seems that the DEA no longer wants the citizens of the US who are painfully disabled to be able to have access/ability to use that “medical excuse” to try and “pretend” to be as human & deserving of respect, dignity & rights as all the pain free & fully functional “beautiful” people that it serves.

            Well guess what “beautiful people”, EVERYONE GETS SICK, & EVERYONE DIES, so as great as this whole “let the whiners suffer/die & let the drug addicts die/go to jail” attitude may seem to serve you now, you MAY want to rethink it and begin advocating for the rights of your fellow human being BEFORE it is YOUR TURN to have to go through the completely unforgivable hell that people are put through for the “crime” of being sick & of suffering.

            OH &


            & fuck the DEA & their good job “solving the problem” & “saving lives” with this one:

            Wow, I am sure the families of the dead in this case are just so soooo grateful that the DEA saved their loved ones from the risks of vicodin use. Definitely I know my friend certainly is glad that by her suffering from untreated pain she could help do her part to make sure ameriKa wins the war on drugs.


            When is this madness and externally enforced suffering and destruction going to end?
            If the drug addict wants to kill themselves that is a SELF IMPOSED sentence, but somehow it makes sense to ANYONE (?) for the government to push laws that force innocent people to suffer in misery, sometimes to the point of suicide, oft times to the point of an earlier death by stress alone, & all just in order to try and protect the addicted from making the free will choice to cause their own misery & hastened death..???…!!!!….?????…..!!!! – WTF

          7. YOU. ARE. WRONG, Maureen. The doctors DO NOT overprescribe. In all truth, they hardly prescribe at all! They seem to give the pain medication to people who really do not need it as much as they claim. And therefore, those people who really DO need the long term relief, are not only left to suffer, but are treated like criminals.

            Did you know they even profile a person based on what they wear, act, and carry themselves? Bet you didn’t. IF you “look like someone who is a druggie”, you’re denied most of the time. And that is a HUGE %. Those who look like Mary Poppins when they walk in, will get the third degree less than those with a tattoo in some places. And it also depends on where you live.

            Now, IF you are talking about those who are given long term pain medication for something that wouldn’t need long-term, then yes. You’d be correct. Those who need the long term are either denied, are taken off of their much-needed pain meds cold turkey, and also overlooked for surgery they’d desperately need. Those who say came into a doctor office with a bad break or some other injury where the pain would definitely lessen within a short amount of time (as an example), are kept on pain meds longer than they should be! While those who have long-suffering pain are shunned and treated like a low life.

          8. Maureen..I went to a pain clinic for 6 years and pretty much was always on the same dose. When I did make a change Medicaid made them submit a new file on my so they could prove that I could not use Fentanal patches. Their doctors and their pharmacist(state medicaid) went over my records (took 2 weeks) and the state determined that I indeed needed a higher dose opiod. I have so many issues causing pain! Not just cancer causes pain. Now the state of WA has shut down a major pain clinc, changed the laws, written threatening letters to doctors, and made it impossible to get any medication at all. I have tiried all the so-called alternatives out there. Not once did I have a conversation with a patient at the clinic about their pain in which I felt they were overprescribing for that person. We took UA’s and signed our contracts. WA has legalized marijuana now and gets 40% of each sale in taxes. So now we are being encouraged to smoke it if we can not sleep. No thanks. Hate smoking and I can not afford it anyhow. It is not covered by anybody’s insurance. I do not think you are really aware of the chronic pain issue. Heroin deaths are continualy being labeled as another “opiate death”. Nobody usually dies from an overdose of their pain meds. We are scared patients and now many have already committed suicide over this issue just in the last 4 months. None of these suicides are mentioned on the news. I only found out after contacting a state insurance co. and telling them I was going to do it in one month..after Christmas. I know it will make my daughter and granddaughter sad, but I can not have a life with them so it makes no sense to continue suffering.

          9. AGREE WITH DEE!!! Left a chronic debilitating pain fall upon you and see how your attitude changes about medicine that makes it possible to have some
            Quality of LIFE

        2. Maureenm You couldn’t be any more WRONG! This so called epidemic is a joke! Do your research. Doctors over prescribing!?!? Please enlighten me and tell me where that is happening!?!? The pill mills have been dismantled. There is NO opiod epidemic, heroin maybe but not prescription meds. In fact the CDC admitted to using FALSE data when recording the overdose deathrates. those FALSIFIED STATISTICS were made to fit the governments addiction driven agenda! The DEA can’t do their jobs and stop the heroin from coming into the country so they have been for quite some time now targeting our doctors and innocent law abiding citizens who suffer from debilitating conditions there is NO CURE FOR! For nearly every legitimate chronic intractable pain sufferer, opiod therapy is our LAST RESORT, unlike what the government wants the public to believe. They took the CDC’s FALSIFIED STATISTICS and created mass hysteria that the media went wild with, Stigmatizing every LEGITIMATE chronic pain sufferer as addicts, pill seekers and junkies. I am outraged over the NEGLECT, ABUSE, MISTREATMENT AND DISCRIMINATION against innocent law abiding citizens who follow the dam rules and are in crippling debiliatating severe pain 24/7265!! I am sick and tired of paying the very high price with my health and overall well being because of those who CHOOSE TO ABUSE! As for myself, I suffer from three herniated discs, fibromyalgia, severe stenosis, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis in my hips, spine and knees, complex regional pain syndrome, migraines, neuropathy, sciatica., pancreatitis, and because of the HELL I AM BEING FORCED TO EXIST I now suffer from severe anxiety and depression. I did EVERYTHING I was told to do by the medical community including two FAILED spinal fusions that left me with severe nerve damage, YEARS of physical therapy, massage, chiro, accupuncture, TENS, discetomies, epidurals, facet injections, nerve blocks, trigger point injections. Tried every medication out there, NSAIDS that ripped my stomach apart. The injections caused me more harm than good and leave me in agony but in order to get the low dose INEFFECTIVE pain medication that no longer touches the pain because my doctor of five years cut my meds way back, I have to have the injections done, To me there I find it appalling that there are those who divide pain like candy, cancer pain, non cancer pain. Severe debilitating pain doesn’t come in a one size fit all box. No I do not have cancer, but I sure as hell exist in agony every dam day. The statement that opiods dont work for long term care..bullshit to that, When I was on the correct dose of opiods that controlled my pain to a tolerable level, I was on the SAME DOSE for eight years with success. So please take that statement and flush it! What the DEA and the murderers running this country is CRUEL, ITS BARBARIC, ITS INHUMANE AND IT IS TORTURE!! Stripping LEGITIMATE patients of their LIFE SAVING medications that allowed for some semblance of a QUALITY OF LIFE is FORCING innocent LEGITIMATE patients to turn to the streets for relief or worse KILLING THEMSELVES DUE TO INADEQUATE PAIN RELIEF!! I am so sick and tired of people trying to make me feel like something I AM NOT! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THE GOVERNMENT CONTINUALLY MAKING ALL OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR ADDICTS, PEOPLE WHO BREAK THE DAM LAW AND CHOOSE TO ABUSE, HELL OUR GOVERNMENT EVEN PASSES OUT CLEAN NEEDLES SO THE ABUSERS CAN SHOOT THEIR DRUG OF CHOICE UP! BUT be a law abiding citizen with debilitating conditions there is NO CURE FOR and get doors slammed in your face, get labeled a disgusting addict, get treated like a dam criminal having to sign demeaning contracts, pill counts, drug tests, not allowed to see another doctor as you are doctor shopping and flagged as an addict, cant go to another pharmacy if you do your flagged are belittled and turned away by doctors, in fact good luck finding a doctor to help treat your pain as many are turning their backs on chronic pain sufferers leaving us nowhere to turn. HOW MANY MORE SUICIDES IS IT GOING TO TAKE!?!? Since my meds were lowered to INEFFECTIVE DOSES, I exist in agony, my QUALITY OF LIFE HAS BEEN TAKEN FROM ME THRU NO FAULT OF MY OWN BUT BECAUSE OF THOSE WHO CHOOSE TO ABUSE! I beg God to take me every day to end this hell I have been FORCED to exist in. We have RIGHTS in this country, We have the RIGHT to treat our pain with DIGNITY AND RESPECT, We have the RIGHT to medicine to ease our pain, We have the RIGHT to privacy, We have the RIGHT to pursue happiness, HIPPA!? What’s that!? It means absolutely NOTHING to the DEA amd the government! Our rights are VIOLATED every dam day and I have had enough! Please go do some reading…google petition2congress first do no harm You will find over 22,000 and growing rapidly heartbreaking stories and pleas from LEGITIMATE pain sufferers who are enduring harm, pain amd suffering at the hands of the DEA and the government. Intentionally inflicting harm, pain and suffering onto another human being is an act of torture and it is criminal!! But the DEA and the government are not being held accountable for their actions, Prohibition is back..I hope every single asshole that is DENYING US OUR RIGHTS TO MEDICINE WILL KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO SUFFER IN EXCRUCIATING PAIN THAT THEY BEG GID TO TAKE THEM, ONLY THEY WONT BE WELCOMED IN HEAVEN, HELL IS THE ONLY OPTION THEY WILL HAVE!

          1. Pam, you are absolutely correct! I posted on my Facebook page yesterday that the critics (those on the CDC panel) should be required to wear a pain simulator to allow them to develop some understanding and empathy.

          2. I hear ya on that one Pam. I was in such constant excruciating pain for years it left be almost completely bedridden. I lost everything in life… My social Life, My family life, my working life and my money, my health, my hobbies… everything.

            About a year and a half ago I had a doctor give me the medications I needed and it completely changed my life. I was no longer bedridden and was even out of bed for most of the day (most days). I ate more and ate healthier. I gained 15lbs back (was severely malnurished and underweight from the pain). I went for walks, played with my dog and got exercise. I had light hobbies, was able to clean up after myself (impossible before)… I was still disabled, but it was night and day. My life was much better and for the first time in years was worth living. (I have RSD in my right arm and a severely damaged shoulder that makes it 10x worse).

            Now, I’m almost completely bedridden again. I lost all the weight I gained. I can’t cook myself meals or eat everyday. Every single moviment is excruciating. I’m spending over 20 hours/day laying down. I can’t play with my dog. I can’t talk on the phone. I can’t even shower most days or brush my teeth. It’s HELL and NOBODY has the right to make me live like this. Doctors want to use “risk” as an excuse to not give patients the medications that they need, but it’s all a lie. I have done years of studying the risks of opioid pain medications and they’re not even slightly as dangerous as people make them out to be.

            Besides that, You’re Right!!!! Pain relief is a RIGHT. The Supreme Court states that “Every human being of adult years and sound mind has the Right to choose what shall be done to his own body”, because it’s your body and your risk to take. Even if the risks were 100 times what they are in reality it would still be more than worth the risk to take the medications to not suffer. I just don’t get how they get away with abusing and neglecting their patients. It causes far more damage to the patients to refuse them the medications that they require. It’s just so hard to believe that people can be treated like they are in the US.

            I’ve seen doctors completely “throw out” peoples diagnoses that prove that they’re in pain and that they need the medications, just so the doctor had an excuse to not prescribe the medications that they needed. They’re SELFISH COWARDS who only worry about protecting themselves. I just remember when doctors would risk going to jail to uphold their oath and the standard of care, but now they just screw their patients, regardless of how much they’re suffering.

            It’s sad that so many people are so ignorant and foolish that they would believe lies and then use them lies to take away peoples Rights (with no due process) and would even torture people for them lies.

            A 6.8 mortality rate per 100,000 people is a very low risk compared to a lot of other medications and even everyday things… like driving a car, going fishing, getting a job as a landscaper (year, it’s several times more dangerous).

            Then they FORCE their patients to get implants like the “drug pump” that increase the mortality rate by 100s of times, if not more… and use “safety” as their reason to do it. They increase patients risks by reducing thier opioid dose and then giving them medications that are increase the risk of overdose by several times. Some doctors will cut their patients off their opioid pain medications (for “safety”), and will switch them to methadone, which only accounts for 2% of all opioid prescriptions, but accounts for about 1/3 of all opioid overdoses, which makes it insanely more dangerous. Sorry for rambling, but this is information that people need to know. Don’t believe me, look up the information for yourself… Even the illegal opioids like heroin only have a 30 in 100,000 mortality rate it the WORST states in the country and there are countless everyday things that are statistically far more dangerous.

            Yeah, nobody wants to take opioid pain medications, but when you’re the one suffering pain that’s beyond imaginable you don’t have much of a choice. The risks far outweigh the benefits for most people (and it is their choice). It is illegal, immoral and unethical to deprive a person of the pain medications that they need.

            Besides that, pain medications are far more effective than some liars say they are. Some of these studies might show that they’re “not that effective”, but they’re 1) more effective than just about anything else, which is why they’re the standard of care…

            and 2) they’re only ineffective, because the patients are being forced to take much lower doses than they need for adequate pain relief.

            Also, it is a WELL KNOWN FACT that under-treating pain causes it to become “localized” and causes the pain to get much worse over time. When patients aren’t getting the pain medications that they need it causes their pain and disability to get much worse over time and makes them require more pain medications than they would need if they weren’t being under-treated for pain.

            I’m completely disabled, in constant excruciating pain, bedridden for over 20 hours a day, not just because of the pain, but mainly because I was under-treated for pain for so long. My pain didn’t get this bad over night. It took years of being under-treated for pain. If I wasn’t under-treated for long I have absolutely no doubt that my pain NEVER would have gotten this bad.

          3. Pam I am 100% agree with you and have almost identical pain as you who the hell do these people think they are deciding Our Fate and torturing us just torturing us I wish there was some way that they could feel what we feel in a 24-hour period they would kill themselves because you know what we are so tough and I’ve endured so much pain the one third of our pain they could not survive on

          4. Pam, I understand your pain and frustration. My meds have been cut from 130 mg a day to 22mg a day, after maintaining at the the former dosage for 5 years with no problems. I don’t know why my life has been completely taken away from me, when I was functioning at a low level with pain on the prior dose.
            But I think it’s important to blame the right people here, it isn’t the addicts who messed up our lives, it’s the government! And I can guarantee you I have suffered more at the hands of an addict than you can imagine!!!!
            I am now Mommy to a 6yr old who has been physically, mentally, & emotionally abused by her addict Mom, who dumped her on me when she was 3. Her Mom’s boyfriend molested her at 2 1/2 to 3 1/2, and he had AIDS! He knowingly gave HIV to her Mom! When she was 3, her brother was born addicted to narcotics! And then abused & severely neglected as well!
            But addiction is a disease, & THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT HAND OUT NEEDLES FOR FREE, in fact, it’s HARM REDUCTION is against the law & people have been arrested for running HARM REDUCTION places!!!! HARM REDUCTION can cause nothing but better situation for all, people who ordinarily wouldn’t be reached are reached with services for help, reducing HIV & other blood-born diseases spread through dirty needles, and in EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY who has approached heroin addiction as a medical illness, which it is defined as by the medical & psychiatric community, has not only reduced blood born diseases caused by shared needles to nothing, but has an overall DECREASE in use! Check out Portugal, the Netherlands, & Switzerland, their approach to addiction & the statistics following it.
            I have more reason to be angry than anyone, it’s the very people like my little girl’s Mom that makes me unavailable to her since my rapid health decline in the past year and the accompanying pain that has made me less available to her, when she needs MORE attention than the average child, not less! My heart breaks every day, on top of the severe pain & frustration I already have from losing everything I ever had in 2003 due to cancer at 36 yrs old, I’m a former Elite gymnast who coached gymnastics and did choreography and private lessons, I loved my job & kids, I lost my job, my identity, & everything I ever worked for….my home, my car, my credit, my independence….to a list of health issues following the first bout with cancer I won’t go into all of it, but abdominal adhesions which were crippling, RA, nerve damage & a additional 2nd bout of cancer.
            But the truth is Purdue lied to Dr’s & said Oxycontin was not addictive, they gave it to people who did not have pain, & Dr’s over-prescribed it as a painkiller that DID NOT CAUSE PHYSICAL DEPENDENCE like other opoids on the market, Purdue wanted to corner the market. They plead guilty to misrepresenting the drug (LYING) and giving it to people with no pain, paid $3 mill & made 2.7 BILLION in 2007 ALONE….their mission was accomplished.
            How? The FDA is made up of people of who more than 1/2 have stock in the pharmaceutical companies or are paid directly by them. My brother almost died from a medication the side effects were “diabetes & pancreatitus”, he was in a coma requiring 3 blood transfusions for 2 weeks with a 50% chance to live at 28 yrs old!!!! It’s on the TV, AND IT’S STILL ON THE MARKET! Seroquel…it’s for schizophrenia, but they can’t make MONEY off that so it’s prescribed for insomnia among other things. THEY ARE SO EVIL AND SO GREEDY!!!!
            The DEA is the government, they know this won’t work, telling Dr’s how to practice medicine! But they are LAZY, STUPID, AND EVIL!
            Who do you think brings in all this illegal opium (heroin) and where does it come from? Afghanistan produces 95% of the WORLD’S illegal opium (heroin) now, up from 2% prior to the US invasion of Afghanistan.
            All this is not hard to verify, you can see videos on YT of American military watching over opium fields in Afghanistan…..why? They say to protect the farmers…..from what? Competing drug lords?
            The US is responsible for the influx of heroin, just like it was after Vietnam, & every other war to some degree, Korea produces opium to a lesser extent.
            The US government is to blame for EVERYTHING, not the people sick with addiction, that has proven it can be controlled to a large extent in countries with opposite approaches as the US. Countries WHO CARE about their citizens!
            When my Grandson was born like wet rag, not crying, then in the hospital for 2 weeks detoxing after birth, my 6 yr old was locked in her room for days at a time & fed through the door in a disgusting fifthly room while her Dad was deployed….I was and AM SO VERY ANGRY!!!! But I do know that addiction is a disease, largely dependent on genetics & psycho social factors, & my former daughter-in-law had 2 junkie parents & was in every form of social services that exists growing up, it’s silly to use the line “just say no” “it’s her fault for ever picking it up” most people who are addicts have psychological problems & are self-medicating….the point is, nothing or no amount of LACK OF MORALS (in this case, true) accounts for addiction, it is a disease some people are prone to, not a moral affliction. The vast majority of people who try heroin for example, will not use it again. It’s PROPAGANDA that addiction is a MORAL issue, it is a DISEASE,.
            The reason most people in pain management do not become addicted is because 1) the perception of the relief of pain is not the same as stimulating the reward center in the brain when healthy, and 2) Most people in PM haven’t used opiates for recreational purposes…..which is the main predictor if a PP will become addicted (about 2% of opiate naive patients become addicted).
            The DEA could target this group (their are options for them, they should be watched), or target pill mills, instead of choosing to lump all people who suffer together, they could tackle the problem from many angles other than telling legitimate Dr’s how to practice medicine, which they are UNQUALIFIED to do! What may be the correct dose for one person may severely under medicate another & make the purpose of dragging yourself to the Dr not worth the trip, so for the DEA to regulate dosages is INSANITY!
            If they are going to dispense medication to people who suffer from various disorders….why the need for Dr’s who specialize in PM AT ALL…..
            I get angry at addicts as well, but I think it’s important we place the blame where it belongs, the US becoming the #1 opiate addicted country in the world was no accident, it was the corrupt government allowing the corrupt pharmaceutical co to make crazy money, which they benefited from!
            Look at ANY other government….this government is as corrupt as Columbia was under psycho Pablo Escabar….our government is just more slick & covert about it. That’s why war is so profitable to a few, and so many many American’s suffer from it!

          5. AMEN TO THAT, SISTER! AMEN TO THAT! You hit the nail RIGHT ON THE HEAD PERFECTLY AND ON POINT! Here you have not only mirrored my own experiences but MANY OTHERS as well!

            I am heading over to that site you mentioned, and signing whatever petition there is, and passing it along to others who suffer the same. Thank you! ((HUGS))

        3. I’m a survivor of Cancer 4 times, cervical, uterus, stomach, breast. I don’t get pain meds cause I had cancer.

          I get pain meds cause I suffer from Chronic Pain daily. I’ve had over 60 surgeries in my lifetime. I have a niece who is in remission from hodgkin lymphoma. She gets more pain meds than she needs. If I got half what she got I might be able to live life outside my 4 walls. She gets 8 40mg Oxymorphones daily an 4 15mg Roxicodones daily.

          My pain Dr. has been screwing over me since the first of the year. I’ve been on Oxymorphone for i think over 6 yrs. They did that genetic testing that showed it worked for me properly an that it was the pill i needed to control my long term pain. Now they want to put me on morphine of some sort that i’m allergic to, so its the Fentanyl patch which i’m scared to death of. They don’t want to give me any break through pain meds on the patch either.

          I was on oxymorphone 40mg er till Jan 2016, she switched me to Opana er 40mg. I told her I couldn’t not take the gel pill due to stomach issues, one being half my stomach is gone due to cancer in the past. He told me if my Gastrologist wrote him a letter stating why I couldn’t take the gel pill he would put me back on oxymorphone. Well my Dr. did I have Gastricc Dysmotility Disorder, Due to the Dysmotility the gel pill will not absorb properly, so Please put her back on the former medication. Well they lied I’m still on Opana which i feel he change when I go back this coming week. I have had 2 fusions in my cervical area an need another one due to more ruptured disc from c2 to C7 rerupturing an pinching nerves on the left side an my right shoulder frozen restricting movement in that arm. I have Peripheral neuropathy in both legs an feet, arms an hands, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus, ibs, gastritis, lord im not going to name all my disorders which is about 30 things.

          If i ever got a good nights sleep I wouldn’t know how to act. I pray every night that I get a restful night of sleep. Sleeping 3 hours straight to me is restful to me. Cause usually i wake up every hr on the hr from pain. I wake up being soak an wet from sweat, or freezing to death. If my body temp could stay normal would love that too.

          Whole point of my post is I wish there was a way of getting a lawyers to bring a massive lawsuit against the DEA an the ones who don’t understand our pain. I know there are people out there abusing the medications. Which makes it harder on the people who really need them. I’ve been going through withdraw since the switch to Opana … lost 20lbs, blood pressure through the roof had to rush me to the ER because it was 202 over 98 an pulse 120. My Gastro. Dr. said if he put me back on the oxymorphone I would be able to get off the BP medication too. But my Pain Dr. doesn’t care. He has changed the office policy that everyone will be on Opana from here on out no Generic allowed. I’m looking for a new Pain Dr. wish I find one soon, also checking out methadone clinic too, can’t take them messing with what was working great for me.

          1. I have had a lot of the same issues as you, my Dr even gave me extra patches of Fentanyl patches, but the ups & down’s were brutal. The Opana worked for me until they changed the formula. it was a life saver for me at the time, but the GREEDY PHARMA CO tried to change the formula quickly in order to prevent generic opana from being made! They were found guilty & the generic opana was made. But the original opana that worked so well for me, when they changed the formula it felt as if I had swallowed a burning fire….and I could feel it as it passed though my ENTIRE body burning! I went to the Dr & flushed them, & he replaced them with MS Contin, which is has a 30% bioavailibity rate & is much less effective, but I didn’t complain due to the prior years of having pain that wasn’t managed at all and the devastating effect it had on my health. After 5 yrs with him, I now have a Dr who gives me 3 percocet a month, when my previous Dr said I shouldn’t be on anything with Tylenol, and my life is back to a living hell. Why don’t they have advocates for pain patients?
            Best of luck in getting your meds straightened out. peace&love J

          2. zbadazz – If your doctor is this incompetently & recklessly insistent about only rxing Opana even despite the advice of your GI specialist then you need to realize your doctor is knowingly & intentionally causing you (& likely more than a few other patients) needless suffering &/or exposure to excessive risk due to some sort of benefit he (&/or the phrma rep he is boning) is getting directly from the manufacturer for meeting a certain Rx “quota” to that specific medication. This is deplorable. There are ways you could try and prove this, such as if your doctor is stupid enough to post copies of his policies regarding the Rxing of Opana only…. but I know from watching my friends that with how hard it is just to get ANY pain management it can be very chilling to even entertain the concept of trying to hold your doctor to the standards of actually caring for YOU personally & treating YOU according to YOUR symptoms & YOUR medical needs…. Even though most likely your doctor is breaking several federal laws and IS OBVIOUSLY being negligent in his care of you, & thus should be turned in and held accountable for his unethical illegal behavior, I know that he will most likely get away with this for no other reason than the fact that it is so close to impossible to even get the care of a negligent, incompetent, malpracticing doctor who SUCKS, but is willing to at least sometimes give their patients somewhat adequate pain relief, that he will get away with murder simply for the fear people have they will loose all help in their suffering if they dare to risk standing up for their rights for safe & proper medical care……………..
            Yeah people, you make it harder for decent doctors to feel legally protected to give decent care and all you do is open up the door for indecent doctors to take advantage of and hurt patients who NEED the help of decent doctors by cannot get it due to the BS DEA policies

          3. Read yur comment. Just want to know how you are doing now? That these new DEA laws have gone in effect. Im totally spinal failure.etc. its very bad! My meds were cut back so far now, that my body just cant handle this kind of pain anymore. 52yrs. Used to be REGISTERED NURSE. Lost everything. Husband leaving now. I told him he needs to move on. Im totally bedridden. Just need my pain controlled

        4. Mr Bob Marley, If I Were you i would watch what i say. you are very STUPID For Wishing Cancer Upon Anyone. My Mother Died From CANCER. I Would not wish it on anyone .You are the one thats very ignorant . If you wish something on a person you will be the one that it will come to. opioids are ineffective after you have been on them for a while. what people are getting now is not any good.SOME PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID.BOB



      3. “people will definitely die because of all the ignorance going around” I completely agree Mellissa.

        I have been on a protocol of two Norco per day for bone on bone Osteoarthritis; and I have been on this protocol for five years now, without requiring a higher dosage, thus not developing tolerance. The hydrocodone holds the hideous pain at bay.

        Through these years I have watched covert and overt political “drug war” campaigns develop, no doubt spearheaded by DEA.
        I don’t know if you happen to catch the announcement by Richard Branson [founder and CEO of Virgin Airlines, etc.] that the UN had prepared a report citing punitive drug war tactics and urging treatment rather than incarceration. Branson said he had
        actually been interviewed about the UN report by the BBC, Somehow the news never broke, and the story never aired. Suppressed! Evidently the opposition is frighteningly powerful and ruthless.

        I’m not sure if there is any hope. One idea I had would be to assemble a database on suicide and controlled substances. Dr. Webster documents one tale in which he was personally involved (and for which he probably feels deep cutting remorse as an aftermath). He describes how his patient just could not endure the torment any longer.

        How many of the reported drug deaths were intentional suicides? Or just a way out of an impossible life? Or driven by stigma? To what extent are death from drugs scapegoating attributions? A substitute for the bereft left behind who swallow the distortions because they can’t handle the Truth?

        If my forecast expectation of despair does not prevail, I would like to make my contribution to those tormented ones, sure to be along, ambushed, outrageously imprisoned in pain, then self righteously forsaken [by powerful, fanatical simpletons who think they are protecting all that is good.] Like prohibition tea-tottlers in the 30s creating the Mob, the do-gooders are blind to the fact that they are the ones creating the violence and chaos. Either that or are exploited by cynical opportunists.

        Woops. Sorry. Guess I got on my soap box again.

        There may be a spark of hope in a database project, though. Did you read “Chasing the Scream”?

        1. Pam, Opoids are ineffective after a while if you don’t know what you are doing, but if you have a good Dr you can stay on the same dosage for 5, 10. even 20 years. That’s a very pervasive misconception about opoid therapy, among many. I’m on my 2nd round of cancer, and chronic pain is even worse because it isn’t acknowledged at all.
          I don’t think Mr. Bob was being ignorant, just frustrated. Perhaps if the government agencies in charge of making the ignorant laws had cancer or some other painful condition, or their loved ones did & were not exempt from such laws, they would think about what they are actually doing.
          I don’t WISH it on them, they would find a way around the laws because the lawmakers are ALWAYS above the laws they make, but I do think they should have to suffer until they have lost everything and don’t want to live anymore, or they change their mind for real, whichever comes first.
          The only way people motivated by greed, etc can possibly feel empathy is if they walk in another’s shoes, & often even that doesn’t work.

      4. Those who suffer from chronic pain need medication just to function in every day life because without it they most defintly will have thoughts of killing themselves because of not being able to live with the painthis is so sad that the drug enforcement people could be so heartless.

        1. it’s been getting injections for over 11 years not truly helping me any longer and bones have gotten worse.. I was kicked out of a clinic in my home town real reason ( on Medical ) yet at the time I was on Fentanyl Patches 50 The hospital address the Fentanyl patch and said: do not take Susan off this medication . will low and behold being 70 years of age I went through the most horrible experience of my life of with drawls. I felt I was going to die and the hospital wouldn’t help me and it was going to be a good 2 month period before I could see a new doctor. I wanted to die and after being off all opiates it’s been almost 2 years I’m so depressed and don’t want to live in this chronic pain, I just have to take each day as it comes and most of the time now I’m in bed.. I kept a watchful eye on what I was doing??

        2. Agree, but sometimes it’s better to get off the painkillers so you can take action. When I’m in a fog I just live like an animal. I’m tired of my chronic pain so I stopped taking pain meds so I can end this once and for all. I never want to see a doctor’s ugly face again. The pain dr I was seeing offered marijuana like its so damn funny. Ok I’ll live stoned and piss my life away. People that need it should not be denied narcotics or restricted because it’s a sign they have hope and want to live, I don’t anymore so I don’t take them. Plus I don’t think overdosing is the way to go, takes too long and is not very effective . But when someone in chronic pain stops taking narcotics , it’s either to kill themselves by saving up the pills or wanting to get lucid and kill themselves by another route. So yes, it’s criminal what they’re doing to people that want to take narcotics because they want to live. Health care is total garbage in the US, they want you to kill yourselves , costs less

          1. People say the same about narcotics that you say about marijuana.
            All drugs have side effects, and different patients have different levels and or side effects. Each patient needs to decide what side effects they are willing to deal with. Not all people become vegetables with marijuana. Lots are fully functioning.

            What you do is your business.

            I have JUST been diagnosed with SEVERE OSTEOPOROSI at only 60! It was induced by the prednisone I have had to take every month every day every year for 10 years for an autoimmune disorder. I Have had a rare Back Infection that was called “The WORST PAIN KNOWN TO MAN!” Osteomyelitis which is an infection in the backbone and nobody believe me!! All due to these damn drug attics out there I was sent home twice after being taken to the ER from calling 911 they did not believe I had a back infection!! I screamed in pain 24 hours a day four days and days, was then locked up in the psych ward because I thought I was faking pain! I DESPISE JUNKIES Who use pills and injections to get high!! It’s them to use worthless bums useless to society that calls me to live in a screaming hellhole and not be believable because are so many of those slime balls out there! Don’t move to Denver Colorado if you want to be believable! While I lay at home unable to walk my back was being eaten up by an infection .the only way I was saved was by by a relative coming from the East Coast, my Sister, a Nurse, who demanded they admit me to hospital! I spent 8 weeks in a Nursing Home at age 35, on Heavy antibiotics .HOW DARE ANY OF YOU NON PAIN PEOPLE SAY ONE USELESS WORD ABOUT THE VALUE OF A MED THAT CAN BE INJECTED, and SUDDENLY STOP PAIN THAT MOST OF YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF OR CANT IMAGINE!! I loved life! Young, popular, Avid Snow skier ,Bodybuilder, and Moutain Lover…But, as I lay on the Bee, helpless, in Pain that took my Breath Away, unable to move, I tried to reach a Painting to pull it Down. If I could have, I would have taken it’s GLASS and Broken it Off and ENDED ALL THE PAIN RIGHT THEN!!

          3. This is what I worry about with one of my friends. That because the pain is so poorly managed, and she is a woman, that it is possible that when things do not get better after so many years and begin to just get worse and worse every month with no addition help, that she will simply decide to take her entire months prescription and chase it with a bottle of alcohol in order to end the pain.
            I think this type of horrible hopelessness & UNDERTREATMENT of pain, if it was really accounted for and shown in the statistics, would startle people to reality about what is going on with a lot of these overdoses. & BTW you are not going to prevent a person in chronic pain (whether mental or physical, especially both) from committing suicide to end their suffering by taking away their prescriptions to “dangerous medications”. A tylenol overdose is just as deadly. OTC meds can me misused too.

            NYC7 – I hope you find help & a way through this and back to a life you can have the desire to continue living. I am sorry for your suffering.

        3. I too feel like a victim In 2006 I had an accident that I broke my entire Lombard section of my back with compression fractures along with bursting my tight ankle & the tibia, fiblia. As I healed I had severe arthritis set in & hardening of the spine I lost 2 1/2 inches in height. Here is the kicker I am opiod resistant where I only metabolize somewhere between 10 to 20% of the numerical value or pain pills, which means that I have to take a very large dose to just start to feel relief from my constant pain. 2 months ago the doctor cut me from 240 30 mgs of morphine sulphate down to 90 pills so that is 3 pills per day for me. Since3 I only start to feel relief at 90mg he sure isn’t doing me any favors as I only take them every other day since I have to take a dosage of 120 mg to give me some sort of relief. When I work of course the pain increases due to my spine grinding each vertbrea down as like L1 & L 2 which have lost 100% of it’s height & & L2 has lost 60% of it’s height & wore down side ways so I now have scoliosis too making life a challenge since I estimate that I only derive about 10 to 20 % of the numerical value & I think it is closer to 10% than It is 20% as I have nothing to go by except wheat drs prescribe for people my size. I am currently looking for a dr that specializes in people that are opiod resistant people that is smart enough to apply for a waiver for their ridiculous rules. I don'[t wish any bad for people but to these rule makers I wish they could walk just one day in my shoes, better yet how about a week since my pain goes up every day for about 5 days to where it stays continuously, bet they change their minds on these rules too

          1. P.S. I show no signs of dependency or addition to opiods none at all also I have never been high on them either, that shows how little I metabolize into my blood stream. Some opiods are metabolized into the blood stream & the others are metabolized in the liver, maybe that is why if I can have 2 different pills they work better than just taking one. I don’t want to tell how many hydrocodones I have to take to feel some relief but found out the hard way that I am severely allergic to oxycodone with a full body rash that I have had since January 2015 & still have it one year later but it is going away slowly ever so slowly

          2. Dr Forrest Tennant is a leading Dr in nerve regeneration (that may not be your problem, but he takes hard cases like yours). Everyone in pain should read his Handbook of Intractable Pain, it’s online. If you’re lucky enough to live near CA, you may be able to see him. He’s aware of what pain does to the body over time, very meticulous in how the body metabolizes your medication, and he was given a grant to study nerve regeneration, since it’s thought to be impossible that’s quite a breakthough. He believes in medicating his patients due to the horrible side effects of uncontrolled pain, but he also attacks pain from a variety of other methods,

          3. I’m with you I hope these DEA people get chronic pain 24/7 for a long time and have doctors tell them sorry but DEA says I can’t give you anything that helps

      5. We are out there… We are honest moms, dads, daughters, etc… Who are in pain and need medicine to do just normal daily activities and WE ARE SUFFERING…..

      6. you are so right Melissa Johnston so right. there has been a lot of suicides now because of this issue people that say stupid things they dont understand has never really had chronic pain or have a loved one with chronic pain either. walk a mile in someones shoes before posting things you dont know anything about like Maureen Kielian. i have been in chronic pain for 11 years had injections 2 times a year that did nothing for me but the pills make it so i can get up talk a shower go to the restroom and other things in between. we have to stop this madness now. plus those studys coming out that say opioids dont help for long term are more than likely payed by the dea. you know they did it with cannibis saying it makes you go crazy and violet before they banned cannibis and that is called yellow journalism lies they tell us to make us do what they want to do. God bless u all

      7. I agree that DRS are Ignorant in both directions vice versa its not so much a matter of ignorance but of being stereotypical and mis judging people but if you have it all in black and white then it is pure Ignorance We feel what they study and some of us are very self educated My self since 1996 when the back problems started and I kept working with them because they would not give temporary Disability so now I am totally disabled I was a window cleaner for almost 30 years and not with windex and a spray bottle With a belt to hook up and 6 pieces of wooden ladders that togher weigh about 70 pounds that you have to pick up and carry sometimes around the whole block in 20 degree weather theres to much to explain about how psycal this job is and strenuous and I have done Construction work for a time at an asphalt and their is no comparison but this means nothing to the DRS with Herniated disks from c2 to c7 and 3 herniated at the bottom and a displaced thecal sac and 2 impinging on the chord and 2 Regular hernias In front 1 with a screen You would thik that some one is in certified pain but still I have so many problems getting enough meds they have dropped them down to 1/3 of what I was on for 10 years in less than 2 and my disks have been damaged more than 2 times Im 56 now and it is not going to get better oh and 3 places wit severe stenosis I could go on and on but with the change in laws and most DRS innorance they are putting people in way to much pain to tolerate

      8. My wife is caught up in this DEA inflicted fiasco at present. She is being treated for a leg ulcer and suffers from anxiety as well as chronic pain. She is frail and meeting appointments is difficult and leads to more anxiety. Each appointment takes a day of her life to meet. The extra visits to a doctor just to get a prescription for pain meds refilled are a pain in themselves. I finally conviced the wound doctor to write the scripts rather than her seeing her primary care doctor for three reasons 1) the primary care doctor has never seen the wound, 2) it would require additional appointments and COSTS and 3) the wound doctor is the one inflicting the pain wiht debridement

      9. You’re clueless. Pain meds gave me my life back. And if they didn’t work, why would they prescribe them freely to cancer patients? Because youre wrong. My MIL with bone cancer had the exact symptoms I do, minus the foot and neck pain….but she is getting any pain med that helps with no questions, and she is also getting better via chemo ( remission). My pain will never remit. Sorry if someone you love is a junkie, but it’s not the pill…it’s the attitude of abuse that causes the problem. These same people abuse all kinds of substances. I once heard of a woman who shot up with peanut butter. Yeah, peanut butter. You can’t protect people from themselves.

      10. Maureen Kielian. Your comment from April 6, 2015 shouts to me that you are the typical ‘Armchair physician’ who will not take the time to get the proper medical degree before speaking of issues you know nothing about. Additionally, your comments seem to be picked from opinions you’ve heard or read somewhere and you’ve simply grabbed the parts you agree with and posted them here. Nothing you have written is based on any facts or proof or you would have posted the proper links. Only people in true chronic pain could be experts on this subject. Yours is simply an opinion and it holds no weight here.

      11. Yes indeed. I’m there right now. My insurance dropped the Dr. I’ve been seeing for 4 years who knows my history and was treating me for pain. The new Dr. seems to me like a control freak and didn’t want to continue with the treatment that’s been working for me. Now, not only do I have to deal with severe pain and all of the disruption of daily life that comes with it, I have this new Dr. constantly changing my medication. Now he’s away for this whole week to my surprise, and there’s no way I can get the prescriptions until he gets back. I now have to suffer withdrawal symptoms on top of intolerable pain! I’m not sure I can endure…

        1. God help you because the pain your incompetent doctor has inflicted by leaving town unannounced & leaving you without the medications ANYONE with an MD knows it is CRUEL to cut someone who is in pain off of “cold turkey”, has set you up to get labeled as a drug addict and a drug seeker by your local hospitals if you end up having to go the ER for relief of your pain… its bullshit because then if you end up needing surgery for something severe they will treat you like crap & on top of treating you like crap they will undermedicate your post surgical pain as “punishment” for your “drug addiction”.

          This system is so sick, & the people who support it and push for it to continue this way are even sicker.

      12. The suicide rate alone is more than enough to make up for the losses of life due to opioids. People with chronic pain are 3.76 times more likely to commit suicide and that number goes up with the severity of the pain. The 12.1 suicide rate per 100,000 people becomes something like 45 suicides per 100,000 people with chronic pain.

        Opioid overdoses (prescribed opioids) only cause 6.8 deaths per 100,000 people that get prescriptions from their doctors which makes under-treated pain more deadly than the opioids that they’re trying to say are “dangerous”. In reality it’s more dangerous to drive a car, to go fishing or for a female to get pregnant. All them things and countless other everyday things are significantly more dangerous than opioid pain medications.

        Besides that, people with chronic pain are far more likely to die of heart disease, Sudden Unexpected Death and countless other things which also prove that opioid pain medications SAVE LIVES. It’s even more true for people that are under-treated for pain and for people who are bedridden, because of pain.

        Doctors don’t want to be “responsible” for anything that happens as a result of prescribing their patients the pain medications that they need, but they fail to see that they’re more likely to kill the patient and/or significantly shorten the patients life by neglecting them. In reality they’re more likely to be sued for gross negligence by their patients for being FORCED to suffer excruciating pain everyday than they are to get in-trouble for prescribing medications to treat their patients.

        I could print out 100s of books worth worth of studies that prove these things. I have been studying this for years and have found nothing that shows that taking pain medications increases your risk of death, In fact, it’s more risky to not take pain medications when you have severe chronic pain.

        Even the Supreme Court has ruled/stated 1) That the risks of opioid pain medications are too low for them to justify withdrawing, withholding or reducing a patients medications.

        2) That “Every Human Being of adult years and sound mind has a Right to choose what shall be done to his own body”.

        and 3) That pain relief is a RIGHT.

        1. I totally agree with everything you said, I’ve never found anything in my research stating otherwise, I was just wondering if the Supreme Court was going to uphold that decision “right to choose what will be done with his own body”…isn’t that in theoretical and literal opposition to illegal drug use? Or does Federal Law reign over the Supreme Court? State law makes the prescription of majuana legal to the extent of 24 oz a month for personal use in Washington State I believe, yet people all over the country are being jailed for paraphenilia & no weed in some States who haven’t passed such laws. By the wording of the Supreme Court it would seem ALL illegal drugs are legal, as long as you only involve your own body….by the same token euthanisation (sorry I can’t spell today) should be the individual’s right.

        2. So, is anybdy doing anything to change the way it is. Many people may agree with you. I do. But it seems like nothing will change until those who created and support this environment are the ones who feel the pain.

          1. That’s what I’m asking. It’s time we ban together and fight this in every state. I’ve had 6 abdominal surgeries, I have 2 sets of Meshes in abdomen. The surgeons X 3(opinions) ALL said that there’s nothing they can do to take Meshes out. I’m told because of ALL the surgeries & positions of both sets of meshes, it’s ruined my stomach. The meshes have grown into my organs. The multiple surgeries have produced adhesions and scar tissue. I had splenic cancer & had my spleen removed along with 41 small nodules. I can’t sue because no attorney is doing abdominal mesh because of Laws that blocked the law suits. I was hospitalized so many times for weeks @ a time. And now they want to mess with my pain meds because pain clinics are scared of DEA. I’ve read the law for my state which actually says(sorry 4 caps) IT IS AN OPTION to reduce pain meds or change. Well my pain Dr. Decided they didn’t want to fool with the new laws so they closed office & opened up another biz. Wow! I’m so flustered because the new meds the pharmaceutical companies haven’t heard of them. They are over $800 no exaggeration BUT they do give u coupon that reduces it down to only $15 BUT there’s a catch, if your on Medicare or VA it doesn’t apply! What??!! Are you serious? I’ve been to every Dr I can and they ALL SAY PAIN MGMT IS YOUR BEST OPTION. Now, Because my spleen is gone I get sick a lot.And my white blood cell count is always up or dwn. Well this eliminates me from injections because if I have an infection and get the spinal injections I will die per the Pain Dr. They said it would be spreading the infection thru my body quicker & in my spine. I keep up with my flu shot every year and Pneumonia every 5. I have to stay on antibiotics off and on. I hate the New pain meds, one is long acting and I’m not totally opposed BUT the short acting one they gave me is not enough and doesn’t work. Also, the short acting slows down the digestive system more and that’s the last thing I need. My GI IS FURIOUS & My Surgeon & have advised I go to another office. I’ve been under the change now for 2 months in TN and that’s just too long to suffer. I can no longer take Ibuprofen etc because GI Dr. Says it’s bad for my gut due to the meshes. The meshes have grown into my organs and it’s causing a lot of pain. I cried & became depressed because I couldn’t find anyone to remove them. I’ve prayed and ask God to intervene for us all. I’m just doing my best to live for my daughter, I take care of my mom, I’m a supportive wife, I work in community & church. I mean I have to live. I can’t just lie down And Die. My spouse is a nurse, bro in law a Dr. And let me tell u my brother was just like the folk who was judgemental UNTIL HE got injured and sick AND NEEDED PAIN MEDS. I’ve tried everything to help me live a full lifestyle & be somewhat pain free. I realize I can’t be fully pain free but I was on a regime that worked for me. And now some boot legged philosophers have decided to punish me and the world for Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, & other folk addicted to dope & taking pain killers with No Pain. I take a Urine monthly, I wondered All these folk addicted whose fault is that? Why weren’t they being monitored because if someone comes in every month with NO PAIN PILLS TO COUNT & NO PAIN MEDS IN THEIR URINE, that was the Dr clue!! We are being punished cause someone wasn’t doing their job and these so call patients were addicted. My pain Dr kicked u out if you had ANY STREET DRUGS IN SYSTEM. I believe we r being punished because of the celebrities! And Gupta etc on CNN TALKING ABT ADDICTION!!

      13. A Year has passed by and I suffer multiple disabilities that cause constant to severe pain.
        Unfortunately there are people out there that give us a bad rap because we are in constant pain, yet take as needed not looking to get high and do not get high off of the pain management meds I am prescribed. I have had to wait a week or longer due to how slow the process has caused prior authorizations to go through or wait until the med is ordered. I am watched like a hawk by my P. A. Who has called my doctors to see if I ever asked them for pain pills. She needs to stop freaking out and learn trust in her patients. And, throughout the states it should be available to the ones who have shown by physical evidence that they are in need of chronic pain management since nothing else has worked. Many suffer because they have no doctor that will take their insurance
        Many suffer so much that it is difficult to move around and live a somewhat normal life.
        No matter how tight the DEA wants to keep the medication from drug addicts sorry they will have a way to get the drug no matter how tight the law is made it mostly hurts the patient who is suffering. Just like any other patient in need of a medication to control and keep the condition at bay. Sorry drug addicts don’ t fit in the pain management category.

      14. I agree with you on people with chronic pain giving,them no option to relief. Many people might not want to live, in constant pain

      15. Yes I agree 100a%!! Seems to of me at least from what I see that the Doctors who prescribe opioids have no problem prescribing them to the addicts yet make the 100% legit patients suffer. That’s why more people are getting them off the street. A legit patient would never sell their pain medication but I see legit patients having to buy off the street from people that have NO chronic pain issues yet they say they have no problem getting their doctor to prescribe it to them. I had to give urine samples EVERY SINGLE MONTH, yet I know people that go to the same doctor that only have to do urine tests once or twice per year!!! From the same doctor I was going to. I have never sold ONE SINGLE pill in my life!!! It’s totally backwards like everything else in this great UNITED STATES OF DEADMERICA!!! Just my experience dealing with the “SYSTEM”. So I decided to live with my chronic pain myself rather then being under treated, and made felt like a criminal that I AM NOT!!! I say screw the system!!! I hope all the doctors get their day and are treated like the true criminals that they are!!!

      16. you sound VERY ignorant yourself. you have no idea what chronic pain patients go through trying to live with constant pain.

      17. Actually, u can’t stop a druggie pill addict. They will steal your pills, switch the tablets with something else, break into neighbors.. Break the lock off your pill safe… Break into nursing homes, pharmacies, manipulate doctors who don’t see them coming, but will deny pain meds for someone legitimately suffering.. I knew a druggie that started studying desert weeds so he could start making his own drugs… An addict not in a 12 step program IS GOING TO SATISFY THEIR addiction. Why r actual pain sufferers suffering …. Stopping their meds doesn’t stop the. 1 in 19 deaths……. Either someone is made from an addiction gene or they r not. A healthy minded pain sufferer. Is not going to b one of your 1 every 19 min stat… I have a son in prison due to his addiction problems… And he never once was prescribed pain meds… ?????? Sea needs to be forcing 12 steps down pols throats more than they need to b punishing pain sufferers. I told my son… One day, y’all pill druggies are going to cause pharmas to shut down…. He smiled and said.. Its ok, I know how to grow poppies. I love my son… His only hope is 12 steps and mental health…

      18. I had been in pain managment for 11 years. Recently the Pain Management PA told me they would be weaning me off as they found they don’t work for chronic pain. Since then they have been injecting steroids in spine and giving me anti inflamatory med.
        Bullshit. These drugs enabled me to continue working go to college and raise three boys.
        I have Lupus, Fibromyalga, Root nerve damage in my neck. Bulging discs. Degenerative disc. My lupus causes terrible pain
        My conditions cause pain so excruciating I think I am going to die. When I don’t I cry and cry because this is going to be a long horrific death.
        Disability claims. and unemployment will rise drastically.
        I am 59 years old. I am unable to do anything much at all.
        I am a Christian woman. But for the first time in my life I have considered ending my life. Hell can’t be much worse than this unending excruciating pain.
        I gave a urine sample every 30 days. That is how often I have been required to see the Doctor.
        Yes a person becomes physically addicted to opoids. I had hoped to take them till I die.
        Drugs will come illegally into the country.
        The DEA got lazy. They were tired of losing agents fighting cartels.
        So much easier to go after Doctors who do their job, and help people like me.
        My life is a blithing hell hole now.
        Chronic pain sufferers are not the cause of people who over dose on narcotics.
        If they couldn’t get opoids from a dealer they will take some other drug for recreational purposes.
        Chronic pain sufferers are not selling their medicine. I keep mine in my safe deposit box. I need them. They don’t take all my pain away. But I can function as a human being.
        I am sobbing uncontorlably as I write this. Please write to your state Representatves- Congress and the President. There is an app. making it easy.
        Please this has to be changed. I am a strong woman, but this pain is unbearable. Please help me. I don’t know how much more I can take.

      19. My 56 yr. old Cousin just passed away. His Doctor took him off his meds Cold-Turkey. He was going thru withdrawals (from Dependence…NOT Addiction). He tried to take a shower, he threw-up and inhaled it, then had a massive stroke. The hospital put him into an induced coma and life support. If he were to live he would have been a vegetable. He Did Not Deserve to Die. He had 2 failed back surgeries. This is so Sad and frankly scary.

        1. AND…His death certificate says…Massive Stroke. The Hospital knew what the circumstances were, but decided to HIDE it.

      20. I was told 15 years ago i would need pain meds for the rest of my life. I purposely ask for the smallest strength i can tolerate because someday i may need something stronger. My life due to my physical conditions already sucks!! I have no family left, i have no friends left, my husband and i have been glorified room mates since 2001. We don’ t even sleep in the same bed. Anything else the DEA wants to take away from me??

      21. I my self have been thanking of just taking something and just die I can’t even get out of been now since I was 19 I have had a blood clot history and because of a car accident
        I broke it I have all kinds of pain the with draws alone when came in and took my doctor license and left us without a doctor after 7 years what am I to do I have no reason to live if all I can do is lay in bed the DEA needs something done for us older people that are hurt I heard all the time not just part of the time before I was up going fishing and doing things with my grandkids now my son thinks I’m I’m Just a Nobody because I can’t even go to my granddaughter’s birthday party I lay in bed and cry from the pain I broke my clavicle and my doctor would be given a lot more pain medicine for me some lady with his clavicle and hurt if you don’t know the times I wanted to just stop by I think that’s what they want they want us old people to take away our rights medications that we need so we’ll just got off and the population will be less I was in the hospital recently in a new roommate is always on thank help me the doctor that I mean anything I can do

        1. I understand exactly what you are talking about 100 % . I suffer from severe chronic pain 24-7 & is this second going to be a ok second or one of hell . I suffer from spinal damage , slipped discs , herniated discs , a torn rotator cuff with at least 3 damaged nerves , but the pain is so severe & extreme . You understand i know , but its like is this second going to be ok or one of hell . I hate it so very much . There are so little choices also . There are a few but not many . Such as death , illegal drugs like heroin , opium , ect . But i never break the law but what can we do now ? I feel closer to death than ever at this point since the ignorant DEA is comming into the picture about patients & there needed medications . They are more than wrong , no question ! Everday i just want my pain to subside & it does not . The only choice left is for me to die . I just got a living will so that they can not save me if anything happens to me . But at least if i am dead then the severe pain will be gone . I am not a elderly person & am 44 but had a very bad accident that i was given my last rights but i lived after 3 months in the hospital most in ICU & they was suprised that i could walk any. Its not good or much but i still can . Anyway i have no choices left at this point & death is closer than it has ever been except then . I wish that they would have let me die so that i am not going through so much misery daily . But if you do anything like hurt yourself check into a living will if you do not have one , the reason is understandable , but it stops them from saving your life if you so desire . But be careful what names you include in it . I am sorry for your misery just like mine , but what can we do at this point ? I believe that death is my best option since america is no longer a free country . It reminds me of antichrist comming or even Rome . We fought to be free , so is there a new cival war comming soon ? It sure should be since the DEA is stopping every patient that needs medication from getting it . I wish to god that all of them could feel what i feel for a single day & i bet that many of them would be dead by that days end . Good luck to you in what you choose & God be with you always . I am sorry about what you are going through , & you are not alone cause there are thousands of us just like you precious . Your not alone at all .

      22. I read your comment and I agree as well . My husband has injuries from working doing drywall for years , he has bad knees and shoulders are shot as well . We were going to the same plain management dr and we were definitely being treated differently and I retained my maiden name so they wouldn’t know . My pain is entirely different than his . I was in 2 very serious car accidents and I have fibromyalgia and cannot take lyrica ( I tried twice ) and had severe reactions that put me in the hospital. Also have a scar on my left shoulder blade from heart surgery at 18 months old ( I’m now 55) , I’m keloid ( I retain my scars and scar tissue builds up ) that scar tissue causes severe pain not just in my shoulder blade but neck as well and with having 2 accidents it just makes everything worse and having severe osteoarthritis and other problems as well . The list is long ! Lol with that being said that I went to the dr and he wanted to start lowering my meds I knew what was coming because I cannot have anymore steroid injections because I’ve had osteoporosis for many years and I’ve had more than 25 injections which don’t really work very well for me . I’ve recently been very lucky (so far) in finding a new pain management dr who cares. My problem is trying to find the Vicodin (brand) 10-300 . Only one pharmacy has been carrying it and I cannot find any other pharmacies who will even attempt to try . Id take the generic but I itch and break out from it , apparantly there’s an inactive ingredient(filler ) I respond poorly to . Back to my husband yes he absolutely needs the meds he’s getting and honestly probably more and stronger ! He needs knee replacements and he’s had one shoulder surgery but will need a shoulder replacement in both shoulders soon . The dr would have done it but my husband wants to wait a couple of years . The government needs to stay the f____ out of our business! If people who are addicts want the drugs they WILL find a way no matter what!! In the mean time WE are suffering ! There are dr’s all over who knowingly give them to addicts ! Get the dr’s and leave the tge ones who need the meds alone . We need to fight the government and now !!! Anyone know how to begin something like this ???

      23. You are so correct when saying that this crack down on meds will cause more death , i am disabled 100 % & my pain pump go infected so it was removed so now i rely on meds & now this stupid 80/20 thing going on is not working for me & i am not getting by a single day without thinking of my death . I suffer from spinal damage , slipped discs , herniated discs , a torn rotator cuff with at least 3 damaged nerves there & there ismore damaged ones in my spine also . But my meds are not working enough forme . Granted they do help some but not enough . Its the worse pain that you can imagine in your life & it goes on 24-7 & second by second by how severe this second or minute will be for me & many others are just like me , that is true . Maybe not as severe but close or worse in some cases . Anyway at this point i have no options that i can do . The choices are move away from USA the home of the free supposedly , death , illgal drugs like herion , opium , ect . I dont have many options at all but death sure seems closer than ever to me . Its the only answer at this point i believe . Each person should be handled on a individual basis since each injury & pain is different & the doctor should be responsible if they give drugs to a person that does not need them & only abuses them . They should be locked up for involantary killing a person . Plus the filler should be able to ask to see the documents of that persons injury if they want to before they fill it . But this 80/20 thing is literally killing me thats for sure . Its so so very hardto get by each day , let alone this minute without the medication that is needed by me & many thousands more .

        1. I got involved in the Hospice movement 25 years ago. I read a book by Steven Levine (hope that is the right name) who worked with many hospice and chronic pain patients. They did studies in which some patients needed an enormous amount of opiates towards the end of their life and were given it so they could die not in pain. It is of course an amount that would probably cause someone else to stop breathing. My point in mentioning this is that the whole purpose of a pain clinic or doctor was supposed to be one where they were aware of how to dose people based on their history, etc. Now we have primary health doctors ho refer us to these people and unless we are referred with the right “Paperwork” then we have no access to pain management. I lost my primary health doctor and the pain clinic (Seattle Pain Managedment) both at the same time. My doctor retired and after reading the very inaccurant records he kept on me it has totally made me look like a patient who never follows his directions. Our medical records haunt our life forever. Now I have to literally track down other records and practiically write a small book to go through 4 years of explaining his notetaking. I am currently so broke that I can not turn on my heat. My nose and hands are freezing as I write this. My car is breaking down. I had to file for disability in Dec. 2009. I submitted my current MRI’s etc. myself and I was accepted immediately. So this should give me some kind of credibility you would think. I am ready to go to a third world country just to get some kind of decent pain management. I just wish my finances were better. Now I just have no sense of a good future for myself. Before this attack by the DEA I had a life. I was always one of those people who did my best to look at the bright side of life. I have now had 2 family members die because they were given alternatives to opiate pain meds for pain and what they were given caused their very sudden death. America has become a very crazy place to live. Good luck to all of you. I hope this Christmas is one where you finally get the pain relief and life you all deserve.

      24. The true cause of this so called opiod abuse epidemic is from Big-Pharma’s ability to bring highly addictive and very controversial drugs to Market when it was proven their were already good alternatives that not only work but are far less addictive than Hydromorphone ES for example. A drug that’s only reason for being Formulated was because the company’s patent on a similar drug was due to run out and so will the huge profits made from it. So, Hydromorphone ES was put to Market under great controversy. True fact is only about 1% to maybe 4% of people in real pain ever abuse what is helping them get through each day. They do not become addicted. When You have a CROOKED FDA getting paid by Big-Pharma to allow such a travesty then you can only understand the problem and subsequent consequences. The real problem stems from the illegal flow of Heroin from the country’s we invaded and destroyed. This is a corrupt government problem that is now making scapegoats of people in real pain who have demonstrated no signs of misuse or abuse over a long period. It is a cover-up for failed and corrupt policies that will never admit to. Now bowing to public pressure to do something about the problem. A problem that the public is not made aware of in truth and never will be because posts like mine just get deleted for speaking the truth. The truth that this supposed opioid crisis is much more a Heroin problem and created by the government. Not the scapegoats your targeting. TELL THE PUBLIC THE TRUTH. STOP SPEWING YOUR CORRUPT LIES. Wait until the repercussions of these new guidelines come in and you find that now you have a much bigger problem of suicide and patients seeking relief on the black market and quite possibly the Heroin you get paid to import (but hush) nobody is supposed to know that, just to survive.
        One of your scapegoats.

      25. I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE and Fibromyalgia in 1994 and Crohn’s Disease in 2004 and all 3 are incurable and cause extreme pain. For 18 years after trying a few different combinations of pain medications and therapies my Doctor and I found a combination of opiod medications that worked fairly well and although it never relieved the pain fully it did allow me to live a full and happy life. In all that time I never needed nor asked for that dosage to changed to a higher amount, not once. Three years ago he told me “I would have to start taking random drug tests and that he would have to start tapering me off of the medications due to the severity of abuse caused by other Doctors and Patients.” I was confused and afraid but complied and after my “drug test” which came back “free of other illicit drugs or alcohol” he told me that he had been required to submit it to the DEA without my knowledge. I was furious but not with him because I realized this was not his fault. After the tapering began my quality of life began to lessen and in January of this year he retired, leaving me to have to find a new Doctor. No one will prescribe the medications I took in the lowest dosage that worked, the Doctor I have now threarens me with cutting it off monthly and tells me that I will start to feel less confused and have better judgement any day now-this man does not know me- and has only been my Doctor since March of this year, I am terrified all the time, made to fel like a criminal for being in pain, humiliated for having to be forced to take drug tests, and all any Doctor will do is make me sign contracts that are one sided giving them all the rights, I was sent to Pain Management Doctors, that all said “We do not prescribe pain medications.” The insurance I have does not cover any other pain management Doctors. I cannot get out of bed now I have a depressive condition and the only thought that brings me any form of comfort, is at least one day I will die.
        I am suicidal always, but with twin 17 year old daughters who are watching me turn into a frightened pain ridden invalid I cannot add ending my life to hurting them. I have never taken illegal drugs and I will not start so when the day comes, that they inevitably cut off all of my medications, I will not ever be able to enjoy life, not that I do now, and I have no hope at all and the only thing I can say for certain is this… I will never trust, believe, nor have faith in another Doctor ever again, they no longer care about anyone other than themselves.

      26. I know .I have excruciating chronic pain. Lower back and hip neck. I now have to take embeds 20 twice a day .he just started me on gralise. Haven’t taken that yet. Hydrocodone oxycodone worked much better. I need some help. Just like all of you who live with chronic pain

      27. I 100 % agree with you since i am one of those suffering very much everyday . I simply want anything that works & i will say that now using fentanyl & oxycodone at where it is at now is terrible compared to the way that it was before cause then i managed fine & now i only want to escape the pain , misery , discomfort , ect. I mean what choices are we the people now left with ? Not much or many & not wishing i was around to suffer so much is one of the answers . The misery going away is the key .

      28. I hear you! These laws are GOING TO force CNCP patients to buy street drugs. I think these laws will actually create a new heroin epidemic with CNCP patients. CNCP (CHRONIC NON CANCER PAIN)

      29. I seen pain clinic Dr feathers. Threw a fit because I came to see him demanded if he took care of me I had to have electrodes and pain pump and taken off my now my Dr is taken me off my pain pills for chronic pain with my back fized ..need another surgery for cyst on my spone ..artificial disk in my neck .among bad side effects from stating n blood pressure meficine..which no test have been ran to see what damage I have..I can’t hardly walk…am being electric shock in my ass my hips. Sharp pains in my legs. Cramps that won’t let me stand or hardly I am not sleeping.. all because they are trying to force me to have that shit in me..which people end up back n forth for electrodes moving which is another bill for me. ..5 plus people end up in wheelchair from them. It does not killthe pain. Pain pump doesn’t kill the pain..which pain pump ..if you get hurt in future can not get pain meds to control the pain do to the pump….to top it off if the system goes down don’t bother going to er ..they send you out the door too dam bad it’s a billion. Dollar business being push..which will cost you more money in future than pills.. I got abused from my drs new nurse treated me like a drug threw in my face I am getting taken off my meds n laughed and said too bad what a bitch

      30. No VA doctors are to blame they should have detox ed their patients correctly n not just leave a message to get sent all over the place scared to face their patient who been loyal to them been caring for my roommate for 12 years he had multiple surgery infection surgur y again he is older he went from sitting around hating life cause the was got him baged up n he gets treated like thst never increased dose never knew it would b so hard not to need cause the minute the pills stop all the pain comes rushing in cause his doctor ain’t do his job he has to suffer n another this dea couldn’t stop the drugs thst are killing people dope so they cUT alot of people off that never did a drug before pain management is a joke he can’t if drive because if he sits for to long he gets shooting pains so VA is to blame they. Need to take something for 10 years or pay all thst money back they made off them scripts scared to detox ur patient the one who u told u wouldn’t cut him off y lie y not give notice now I got to figure out a way to help him the stress already sent him to the er then into surgery he was so stressed he back bedwritten he can’t stand or sit to long can’t go no where that’s no life for a man 70 n older so sad but it’s all about money they want eery one to pay them for their drug thst kills peple the.mixes them with za nis u will see shit about to get worse all they people assed out just suffer n doc was the drug dealer now they r going ti go to streets or die who wants to live if they are in so much pain being punished for p we people dieing on a whole other drug now I got to call outta work nake arrangements

      31. I’m more than understand the problems I myself was on a job site and called in for a pill count but I couldn’t make it to as I was in a work van but I couldn’t leave the job site with and lost my pain meds and it definitely increases the thoughts of suicide that I already had

      32. I compliplated suicide for the first time in 14 years as my doctor refused to prescribe pain medication. I had been taking 5 mg 3 or 4 times a week in order to get things done aroung my house, like mowing, vacuuming and doing the dishes. Right now I hurt too badly to even think of going to refill my coffee. I have degenerative disk disease in my entire spine and fibromyalgia. I cannot sleep well and the days I don’t rake pain meds I merely sit and look at my phone. I have tried physical therapy and distraction therapy and am thwarted with pain at physical movement without meds, and the pain distracts me from doing art work. I am being punished because my doctor does not know who is really in pain and who is faking it to feed addiction. The pain medication does not make me high, it merely frees me to move around and do my daily activities. It is terrifying to comptemplate this misery day after day with no relief. I cry often from the pain and from the thought that this is how my life will be. My disease may be invisible but it is no less real. I take cimbalta for fibromyalgia and celebrex for arthritis, neither of which helps the pain in any significant way. It is cruel to be relegated to this life.

      33. I got cut off my norco 10 today. Cause I signed a drug contract with my prior dr at this practice who since passed away I went to my dentist 2 days prior to running out of pain med he is not there every day gave me 10 norco and for this a fat cow np cut me off said I broke drug contract. Last time I was drug tested she claimed I had oxycodone in my system. Did patients not die before drug contracts is this going to keep track of people who wash their narcotics down with a water glass of whiskey. This is bs since this affects patients why didn’t we get a say I’ve also never been given a copy of my drug contract illegal I would think dr.s are supposed to treat their patients not judge them not follow them around like the law not profile them why is there no appeal process formal written when your cut off dr.s have almost no training in pain management and some patients can’t take NSAIDs aspirin I’m allergic and history of bleeding ulcers I was told take Tylenol and sorry sir fuck you you fat cow if you were sorry you would use your discretion know that I tryed to do without my pain meds for two months she had the nerve to tell me I must be managing my pain pretty good since I went 2 months with out a visit then had the nerve to walk out with a smile and say see you later I don’t think so your fired you will never see another penny of my medical insurance money. I was a patient at this practice since around 2001 dr.s are protecting their self not patients this epidemic was not caused by dr.s it was caused by cnn news rateings dumbass patients who dr shopped gobbled narcotics like tic-tac and mommy and daddy who have to blame someone other than their male/ female relative who did this to theirself do you really think now patients are going to ask for help if they do have a drug problem after peeing in a cup signing a legal drug contract they no longer are going to confide in their physicians because another part of treatment has been lost trust fuck you judgemental dr.s fuck the dea fuck our president fuck our goverment fuck the drug war maybe od,s are just an extension of natural selection the weak die the strong survive. I’m an adult what I put in my body is my buisness how many people will die this year from alcohol and ciggareets? At least pain killer dos don’t take an innocent person with them like a drunk driver……

      34. I am a chronic pain sufferer and I have been hit hard by these new laws and restrictions! I am unable to function on a daily basis due to the pain I am in and the lowered dose of pain meds my doctor has me on now! I am back to square one with my pain! I am freaking out daily, bouncing off the walls, feeling like killing myself rather than having to deal with this unbearable pain every damn day of my life for the rest of my life!!! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO US?!?!? I know that there is way stronger pain medication out there and all I need to make it through my day is 5 percocet (10/325)! That is NOT that much at all when you look at the broader picture! I have gone to my pain management appointments in tears and BEGGING for help!!! All that he does is raise this one drug Hysingla ER, he has me on! IT DOES NOT WORK!!! I complain about the side effects I’m feeling, but I get ignored and told that the things I’m feeling are not from the Hysingla! NO??? I have the pharmacy papers stating otherwise!!! I just want to try and live without pain and without always thinking about killing myself every day!!!!!!!!

      35. I couldn’t agree more with the first two ladies and the doctor who wrote this. I have been in Chronic pain since I was 13 years old and by the time I was 17 I was in a pain management hospital. The medications I was given for the next 5-10 years stopped helping and all I wanted to do was die. Now I am under my pain doctors office which I must be seen every 28 days. I was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis which the symptoms are different for everyone. Just 2 months ago I had M.S. exacerbation causing a stabbing pain in my back which led to a migraine.
        I had to call my mom to take me to urgent center. Let’s just say there are great doctor’s that listen but the majority
        do a lot of patient profiling. As soon as your honest with them about your chronic pain they basically don’t care ruining it for the doctors that care & take time to listen. All it takes is 1 bad doc playing God with your life They need to walk 1 day in our shoes to MAYBE learn to have compassion.

      36. Most likely, I will be the suicide this year.

        I have been prescribed 200mcg of fentanyl transdermal patch every 48 hours for six years by Dr. Julie Chen in Columbus, Ohio. In six years, I NEVER failed a random urine test or med count.

        I needed to change patches every 48 hours vs. 72 because of a skin condition, and I needed the patch in the first place because since my 2005 gastric bypass, I have not been able to absorb any oral meds properly.

        After 17 years as a pain patient, she was the ONLY doctor to figure this out, and she gave me my life back six years ago. JUST TO TAKE IT AWAY LAST MONTH! I know I have to be careful about libel, so I’m not saying she is a quack. I am going to say that it is MY OPINION that she is a quack. It is MY OPINION that she is an IDIOT and a MURDERER and she should be behind bars.

        But I must thank her for those six years. For the first time I could finally get out of bed. Take my kids to the water park every day in the summer; sledding in the winter. Take them to places like amusement parks and the zoo. I could FINALLY take care of my 12-year-old son, my 19-year-old mentally retarded daughter, and my 72-year-old mother—all of whom live with me and depend on me for everything.

        Now, thanks to Chen, I’m flat on my back again. Bedridden. Often lying in my own urine and/or feces (and vomit when I was in withdrawal)—all because she became more and more erratic over the last year. Suddenly, for no reason, she decided to cut my dose in HALF. The only reason she gave was that she called me “stupid” for getting a boyfriend after 27 years.

        I would write some of the other horrible, insulting, inappropriate things she said to me and describe the way she treated me, but it would take a lot of words. I will say she told me that she “doesn’t believe in pain medication.” She runs a chronic pain clinic for God’s sake! She needs to go be a botanist or something if she doesn’t believe in what she does. But I digress…

        After all this, she faked a urine test and said I was taking illegal street drugs. She discharged me, and her b*tch secretary, who has always hated me for reasons unknown, took it upon herself to blackball me all over town—my pharmacy, my primary care doctor—anyone her tiny little brain could think of.

        I immediately went to my family doctor for a re-test of blood and urine, and SURPRISE…. my urine was perfectly clean.

        My good name was restored with my family doctor, so I was able to get a referral to a new pain clinic. But this guy made me go through detox first, because, he said, Chen never should have put me on a dose that high. He wanted me to be able to take a lower dose of meds to manage my pain. Ha!

        After 200mcg of fentanyl every 49 hours, this guy has me on 15mg of IR oxycodone 4 times a day. IT DOES NOTHING! Eating a jellybean or a gummy bear or an M&M makes me feel better than 15 sissy mg of oxycodone!

        Furthermore, this doctor refuses to accept that gastric bypass patients need non-oral treatment. And why should he? I went through 17 years of so-called specialists before Chen figured it out.

        Before she went batsh*t, Chen had me on a multi-faceted, non-oral treatment plan including fentanyl (skin for bulk of pain), Flector patch (skin for arthritic pain), nerve block shots (injection for sciatic pain), a custom ketamine cream (a rub cream as needed, primarily for arthritic pain Flector patches can’t handle because they don’t stay on the skin), and acupuncture (needles)—with high doses of daytime and night-time muscle relaxers to take the edge off.

        Of course I still had minor bouts of pain with all of my diseases, conditions, maladies, etc., and I knew I’d never be 100% pain-free. But Chen got me on my feet. I lost over 100 pounds over that six years.

        Now I’m laying in my own poop again with my muscles atrophying more and more by the minute, gaining wait like crazy, all because the b*tch went crazy. Life SUCKS!

        Oh, I didn’t mention my maladies. Here’s what I’ve got…

        23 years of chronic pain; degenerative disc disease; full body arthritis; migraines; rotator cuff disease; severe arthritis in shoulders; diabetes; diabetic neuropathy in arms, hands, legs, and feet; canal stenosis in cervical spine (surgery in 2015); three herniated discs in lumbar spine; sciatica; severe sleep apnea (stop breathing 113 times per hour); deviated septum; sinusitis; carpal tunnel; illiotibial bands too tight; degenerative cartilage/displaced kneecaps (need replaced); severe arthritis in knees; bursitis in ankles; degenerative cartilage and severe arthritis in hips (need replaced); chronic fatigue; vertigo; panic disorder; and pain-related depression.

      37. You will never know the coroners, medical examiner’s and media have a black out on reporting this or writing it on death certificates just like the blackout on showing the dead soldiers coming home from war but the rumors in the medical field in Washington state are over 2,000 a month and nationally veterans 22 a day this is genocide by suicide!

      38. .Maureen Kielian: Until you wake everyday in so much pain you cannot even go to the restroom & go to bed in such pain that your in tears wondering will it ever stop, then keep your mouth shut! You have no clue! Those who “think” they know what it is like for many of us need to shut their mouths because they know nothing if they truely knew what it was like they would think differently. And YES long term pain medication use drastically helps those in need such as myself and my mother. Neither of us are addicted (people confuse physical dependence with addiction too often) & do not need constant dose increases beyond a certian amount. Long term use can keep people working and have quality of life. You take fir granted being able to go out to eat or to a ball game, care for a family etc if you were like me you couldnt even enjoy a movie or dinner out, couldnt concentrate, etc. You have NO clue. Stop thinking we should suffer because of those or misuse stuff. That is like saying those who misuse medication has lives that is more important than those that dont. Many of use keep our medication in a safe, take it as prescribed and are able to function so we need not suffer and be treated as if we are a problem. Its a shame so many have committed suicide over pain they cannot escape. The state med boards and dea helped cause the herion problem if you look at the facts. will go up soon and Ill be on the news again to mention it. Look within a week everyone as we need to unit and get tge help we deserve. There will be a forum so join so we can help ourselves as no one but us and our families care about our suffering. Stay strong do not give up, I care about you all and am doing all I can but need you all to help with petitions online etc we will start. Push forward as we can and will do this! God Bless you all!

      39. Why not let individuals and their physicians make these decisions without creating another battle in the Drug War. Criminalizing medical treatment is just plain wrong!

      40. Yes, that is exactly what will happen. I know, because I am one of those patients who is just about unable to take anymore. I’ve already been reduced from 100 mcg Fentanyl patch down to 50 mcg, and my breakthrough pain meds nearly cut off completely…only allowed 3 per day! Now my doc is telling me that the patch must be prescribed for a full 3 days instead of changing it after 48 hours. These patches wear off after 2 days, I am positive of this because I’ve tried to keep it on longer, it just does not work! Now I am going to be forced into drastic reduction of the only medication that helps me stay alive – and ultimately forced into a living hell of pain. WHY?!?!?! I would rather die than suffer like this much longer. I sure hope there’s some help on the way?

      41. I hear everything you are saying. Recently taken off of morphine, 30 mg 2x a day and percoset 10.325 4x a day. Decresed to 3 percosets per day for severe periphial neuropathy, degenerative disc disease, mixed fiber connective tissue disease, neuro-fibromatosis and a few other auto immune disorders. This pain is INTOLERABLE and I cannot nor do I want to live with it. I will leave the DEA and the college educated idiot doc a note when I am through with the severe lack of quality in my life. I am down to 92 lbs from 120 because I cannot get past the pain to even want to eat, I throw up when I am in pain and try to eat and nothing stays with me because of the pain. Way to go Docs and DEA! Now it’s not the abuse, it’s the inability of a chronic pain patient to get care because you jackasses think tylenol is gaunna do the trick!! Ohh!!! I’m sorry!!! Do I sound angry?? My apologizes! And by the way, would you mind explaining to my grand children who adore me and I them why Nana cannot get the help she needs to survive and be able to spend time with them?? I wish so much that I could give you my pain for one day! Just one day.By God you all deserve that for what you are doing to the people with the documented, valid pain issues. Actually, maybe you should have to live with it like I now have too! I know you are looking for a way to fix the Social Security problems in this country so maybe you can just push the disabled ones to suicide and save some money this year?? BASTARDS! You are no better than the idiots who went into the pharmacy, held it up, got the pills and STILL killed 4 innocent people. My life is not worth anything now. The doctors are terrified to treat patients because one wrong move and you will rip their license away. This is a form of Communism. Get out of our lives and out of the doctors ability to care for the chronically ill. You have no business interfearing in the doctor, patient relationship!! So much for confidentially! !

        1. Way to go Joanne. This is terrible. I was conducting research as to why the DEA is doing what they are doing, also being a chronic pain person myself with 3 failed back surgeries and suffer sciatica nerve damage in my legs, burning legs and feet. I have been on many meds, pain pump, spinal cord stimulator and my quality of life stinks. I stay depressed because I hurt all the time and I am a very active person, but when I hurt, I cannot even go into the kitchen to cook. I too am under treated for pain and always have been. Most of the comments that I have been reading 90 percent of people are talking about rather committing suicide than have to go through life like this. Donald Trump needs to read these comments and new laws need to be put into place. We are not the addicts. I yet after 7 years have never been high on these pain meds. All we are asking for is a quality of life with whatever life we have left.

      42. I agree with your comment regarding legitimate pain patients are made to suffer due to fear of addicts being prescribed. I am having a problem as i suffer from severe lower back pain as well as neck pain and have received perkosets which i take responsibly but my doctor wrote my pharmacist a letter to please give me my prescription as he is hospitalized until mid December. the pharmacist is unable to do so and now i do not know where to turn as my doctor is not answering his calls as I’m assuming he does not have anyone filing in for him which I find odd?!?

      43. Melissa – what business is it of yours? If someone suffers horrible chronic pain why is it your business? Darvocet was removed from the market because some (non practicing) educational physicians decided it wasn’t helpful enough to patients Maybe they should have asked the patients? Now it takes an act of congress for honest people in pain to get relief All because people like you stick your nose in to it Maybe you should be concerned that our President is pardoning over 1000 criminals, most who were drug traffickers. Maybe leave my elderly mother alone – she’s in pain and thanks to people like you she is suffering. If you don’t want prescribed meds (legally mind you for legitimate pain) fine – but stay out of everybody else’s life. By the way, as for the 1 in 19 ( a number I question for legitimate rx’s for honest patients), maybe some of those folks just needed to crawl out of the gene pool. I’m so over the nanny state and people like you sticking your nose in other people’s lives.

      44. I couldn’t agree more. I have severe whole body chronic pain and all my doctor wants to do is give me a pain block which won’t do anything to help severe fibromyalgia, pain in my bones, skin, legs feet, arms hands torso. Why is the DEA limiting how doctors treat patients with severe chronic pain? How do they know what it feels like to be in constant pain? I guarantee you that if one of them came down with constant severe pain they might reconsider their uncaring stance on medication for people who live with severe pain every day. I was on 80 mg Oxy twice a day and I decided to drop to 40 mg. I had absolutely no ill effects or withdrawals even having been on this med for 7 years! I’m not addict I need some help from a doctor who cares because to be honest, many people in pain take their own lives because the DEA is interfering in our health care. Leave us alone so that we can be treat with the necessary pain medication and that the doctors aren’t targeted because of it. I thought this was a democracy but its not, it’s do as I say and my input doesn’t count.

      45. Well said. I do know many patients who are total addicts/drug seekers, with this information documented in their records, that continue to receive pain meds. When a patient with debilitating arthritis over most of their body tries to get pain relief, the very same doctors that are feeding the addicts, all of a sudden get worried about writing an RX for effective pain medicine. I work in a hospital and have done so for 30+ years and have seen this craziness play out over and over. It has happened to me. I had to retire earlier than I wanted because i could no longer deal with the pain. I have been through 3 pain management programs, enduring expensive and invasive procedures that do not work. When I finally seek RX help, I am told that I need to see pain management. It’s maddening. I have never thought of suicide but have spent many days in bed wondering what to do. I finally found relief with my PCP for Norco 7.5 and I am not laying around in bed anymore. My motivation to get up and out to do my daily activities is being done. Call me an addict all you want. I have quality in my life now. Thank you for hearing me out.

      46. Dr. Webster’s article is not irresponsible. Unless you live with daily pain, you can not conceive of its impact. We’re told to be “content” with life that has no meaning or purpose, so you can sooth your consciences. “You have a husband and a home, that’s a good life.”

        Well, I’m not grading on a curve. Yes, what I “have” may be better than some. But I also “have” a home I can’t keep clean; a husband I can rarely cook for, potential I can’t achieve…I could write this for hours.

        I also “have” a degree in English (summa cum laude on the pain meds so harmful to me) and used it to tutor illiterate adults and kids; read to the blind, and many other volunteer activities I did when I could be more active. My life had quality and function.

        These doctors would rather fill us with 7 anti-depressants, that alter our minds and personalities, (and btw, rotted my teeth out of my head from the dry mouth) than treat the reason we can’t be active. We are not inactive because were depressed. We’re depressed because we’re inactive. And yet, most of us have dealt with that depression over the years because if we don’t adapt to our diminishing lives, we will sink fast.

        Anti-depressants don’t add quality or function to a chronic pain sufferer. They give the gift of apathy and indifference by changing who we are from the brain, out. There are fully responsible patients with integrity, who have never abused their meds, or become “addicts” – there is no psychological reward or “high” (when people responsibly take their pain pills at the prescribed dosage) when we’re fighting to wash a few dishes without needing to lie down.

        Doctors should understand better than anyone the difference between dependence and addiction; they don’t. We’re all lumped together and stigmatized. And Florida is the worst. I had 14 years of contract compliance, & honorable relations with many specialists over the years. (Many, only due to the fact we were Navy and moved every few years.) I was never treated so disgracefully, or discriminated against so badly, as I have been since I moved too Florida. My good record meant nothing- they began forcing me off my pain meds as soon as I moved here. Now, my dosage is so much lower, so inadequate, that it takes everything I have to get anything done. Literally, anything.

        Stop using research about a nationwide addiction epidemic to treat legitimate pain patients. You understand nothing. Your statistics mean nothing to someone, like me, who went from swimming 2 miles a day, serving in the Navy, dancing through life – to intractable pain as a result from 4 spine surgeries, more spine.problems than I care to mention, and a crooked fusion that’s crowding my spinal chord.

        I care about other people, but I resent being treated in a manner that is reflective of OTHER PEOPLE’S behavior. To someone like me, who feels like their mid-lower spine is being crushed in a vice, with fun daggers stabbing into my rectum with every step….Your statistics and studies mean NOTHING.

      47. I agree with you .T here is people out there that are dealing with being in chronic pain on a daily basis. I have been on pain medication for degenerative disc dieses fibromyalgia and other health problems .

      48. Do you have chronic pain? Do you know what it’s like? I have a semblance of quality of life when I take my medication. I have now been months without my normal dose, and the “dependency” or “affects of detox” are behind me, but now have to deal with increased pain, and am unable to do the things that made my life livable when I was taking my prior doses. Abuse of this medicine, or “getting high” is the furthest thing from my mind. I, and I’m sure, many others simply need this medication to live a sort of normal life. There has to be a way of dealing with the abuse that doesn’t take away the medicine for those who use it right. This sweeping legislation is downright stupid, and doesn’t even address the problem of abuse, as many people will simply look for it on the streets, creating an even bigger problem for law enforcement. It’s up to our legislators to come up with a solution that addresses the problem while allowing those who do not abuse it to receive it, and not feel like criminals to do so.

      49. Wow! Isn’t it interesting that BIG PHARMA & BIG INSURANCE INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX can manipulate our govt. to sell the drugs of choice to make billions at the expense of the commoner. Just visit and look at all the lawsuits due to deaths and disabilities because of very bad drugs being hyped and hocked to unsuspecting patients doesn’t that beg some questioning? And as far as the insurance industrial complex goes, they now are telling us that certain diseases are no longer occurring as much as we think, diseases like asthma, on last nights news
        (1/17/2017) there were statements made that especially adult asthmatics are not really suffering from asthma (even though they cannot breathe) and I’m sure that having to actually pay for long term pain treatment is the real reason that the INSURANCE INDUSTRY LOBBYISTS are the reason for the new CDC rules/guidelines. It’s very funny (not really) that republicans and corporations hate regulations and regulators but when it comes to WE THE PEOPLE who pay the taxes, we have no voice, no say. It’s time for change! It’s time to put the people’s business first!

      50. These new guidelines are preventing patients with severe chronic pain from accessing their medicine & the correct dosage according to the length of time they have been taking them. Someone who has been taking them for 10 plus years is now looked at like they are a drug addict because of their dosage & the Dr is telling you they don’t want their license on the line. This is rediculous. What’s more important? The Dr’s license or your quality of life???the government should have no business in healthcare.

      51. Refered to pain management from the surgeon who felt badly for performing a failed lumbar fusion on me in year 2007. Prior to the failed lumbar fusion, it was becoming hard to sit during my collage courses, deans list student, working part time, and raising two then young sons on my own. Life was good before…except for it becoming hard to sit, I would stand in class. I searched for help, for the ( failed lumbar fusion) After learning I was physically unable to work, the surgeon put in writing, “health care would no longer be a realistic career.” And completing my R.N. degree was one of the bigger reasons I did agree to the fusion surgery. Look k. I was referred to pain management by that same surgeon. I was referred to the surgeon by my primary provider. There were NO other treatment options besidea the medications manufactured to help with now disabling pain. I never just walked into any surgeons Office asking for my spine to be fused. I never referred myself to pain management. I never wrote one prescription for myself. Pain management back in 2007 seemed to want to help persons suffering in disabling pain. Yet by 2015 the only thing could do at times was lay down in bed with pain. Nerve pain started in December 2015. RadiculopathyI Not one surgeon since 2007 wanted to help me or could not. Yet I never stopped searching. Even as being (discriminated against for being prescribed pain medications). It’s that bullseye on the forehead! If you are in pain enough, and medical records to prove…DISCRIMINATION! DEFORMATION OF CHARACTER! REFUSAL OF MEDICAL TREATMENT. INFLICTION OF PAIN just a few that seem legal when it involves pain and the only treatment is pain medications. There was no other treatment I had been told by many providers… How are providers still practicing on patients, with the next new treatments, getting away with loss of quality of another’s life, even if not intentional? Why are those suffering with no quality of life never heard? Were is the other side of the story about pain? I don’t drink, smoke, or do any illegal drugs. Why have I been treated as I have? FACT, persons who suffer from pain, chronic pain are disregarded as addicts. FACT, medications that do help people with pain, are manufactured for that reason. I’ve never been prescribed an antidepressant that helped with any pain. In my opinion medical restraints, that make a sound mind…lost. Used to be called medical restraints. Things changed with help for chronic pain when pain became categorized with heroin and the government became involved. I would never put a needle full of anything into my own body. Drug abuse and chronic pain suffering Is Not! Is NOT… The same thing. Every visit to pain management meant a urine drug screen that was then sent to a lab..(very expensive test). Along with the urine screen, the pain management clinic also had a nurse count my medications to be sure I had been taking as prescribed. Look there are people that suffer with legitimate pain..FACT! Maybe doctors or surgeons should not perform surgeries to fill their pockets to begin with! My life totally changed! Sure pain is subjective, no one else can feel pain that another person is suffering from. While I was in the R.N. program up until 2007. I was taught by collage instructors, to use a scale, pain scale 1to 10. And if needed treat that person suffering from pain. What happened? Why is heroin use in the same category as chronic pain? THAT IS NOT TRUTH! What if a dog, cat, or any animal were made left suffering in pain? In some cases the owner could get fined for animal abuse. Or maybe jailed, with the animal sent off for pain treatment. I am a person I can verbalize my pain. I started carrying medical records with proof of pain. Those records were never looked at. Why? It’s ok for a surgeon to unintentionally perform a failed fusion? Not ok to treat the pain that it caused? I have since 2007 never seen a person at pain management looking for heroin!!! There are always more then one side of most every issue. Why isn’t the side of people left in bed suffering from pain (side ever publicised?) I’m sure that most would agree that being addicted to heroin and chronic unwanted pain to be two very very separate issues!!! Why make doctors who do care about their patients well being, made scared to help patients, pain and some type quality of life, under threat to loose licence to treat people… Yes people who have conditions that cause pain used to be treated for pain… What happened? I was taught during the R.N. program I loved, doctors are run by insurance companies. Now regulated by the government? I’d like ask, are any of those same government entities suffer from untreated pain? I wonder if their families are made to suffer from untreated pain? I after 10 years of searching for help in bedridden pain… Just blessed two days ago by a genious, caring surgeon. My SI joint fused… Maybe after weaning from the pain meds and only treatment option for 10 years… I will be excepted once again as a human being! I think it’s more then wrong to treat human beings so very cruely! I want the media ask the other side of opioids! Aren’t we all only human? Most just trying to do their best in life. Chronic pain is REAL!

      52. I’m also n this mounting problem. I not only have talk to my doc. On this and have been on the same regime for 21/2 yrs. He helped me going forward w/No only getting my pain under control but I am on the lowest dose and can At least function still in during my pain but counseling me,testing and now I’m writing from my second day n bed because my ins. Won’t allow it all the sudden!! So while waiting and suffer from herniated disc n my neck,shoulder,mid and lower back. Fibromyalgia,botched Surgery on right shoulder injury, bulging disc n same areas as above ! On I COULD go on w Medical issues. Disabled since 3 car accidents 2005, today I can’t get out of bed,eat just lay here waiting for a ans.on if and when I will know if I can even get my meds BEFORE I need to go to hospital for some kind of relief. it?? I agree this is putting life’s in jeopardy and fill our jails because of medical need! This is America, are we going to be told what can’t have to maintain the best quality of life possible ?? The DEA needs to stand n our shoes for 1 day!! They wouldn’t last!!

      53. I’m suicidal after losing my pain medicine in August of 2016. I see no hope for my future, and with this pain, i do not want to live in this body. I won’t.

      54. You are so right Melissa Johnston. I could not & would not take my life, but many nights I lay awake in brutal pain I pray to the Lord that HE will take me before the morning. I have NO quality of life and continue to go down because I get NO exercise. I’ve been a walker all my life. My Rhuematoligist of 15 yrs let my back disintegrate when I complained about pain every 3 mo. when I saw him & had labs done for I was on a biologic medication for RA that was diagnosed w/ @ the age of 22! Every 3 mo. I complained to dr. about that pain, he said my labs were good. This went on for 1 1/2 yrs! Finally he told me to lay back on the table and he nor I could get myself up off the table. He sent me for an MRI, the rest is history. Within 2 wks. I had emergency back surgery and it didn’t fuse so 6 mo. later I had to do it all again. I had never in my life had surgery & for having RA almost 50 yrs., I bragged about how blessed I was to have a strong back. Never had a backache unless I over did the trails on my hikes. So because of his ignorance I have no quality of life.

        1. I agree,i think people in prison are getting treated better than us people that need Pain Meds to cope with life. i went from doing house work helping my wife with everything down to i cant even get out of the chair. i am ready to bust through a pharmacy and the Meds we all need. if they are going to treat us like Criminals lets start acting like one,what do we have to loose i dont feel free the way i feel now.

      55. I just had another back surgery with 7 screws. I have an autoimmune disease. I wake up because of pain and live most of my time flat on my back. Again the govt. Is trying to lower my therapeutic dose. After 20 years of medicating I know that I will have a greatly reduced quality of life without my medication. I cannot live with more pain.

      56. I agree I’m at that point right now can’t get my meds that I have been able to get that I have take for over ten years that gave me qualities of I’m stuck in bed allay again!that is no way to live.i never had early refill or had to increase the amount!was fine being able to take walks and have a life not now!!

      57. Hi I am here I am upset with these dr I was VB on two different medicine that helped me get my life back I have a heard disk in my lower back and I have Lupus and Arthritis in my knees now and I VB can’t hardly walk an I am just 39 year old but my dr had me on morphine 30mg an dauildid 4mg that I been on for over five years and the dr just stopped me off the dauildid and I am in so much pain and not just that I am sick from him just stopping me an still of lower it first so I am scared for everyone that is in pain because I know about pain I have it every day the DEA needs to think if by they take every one off pain meds how many can die and the Hospital I going to be file up with people that are sick from DRs taking us off are pain meds so I hope they fix this for all of us that are in pain and need the pain medicines and I have tested to show I ant lie about nothing and I have MRI and the dr still took me off one pain meds that helped me and he just lower the one I am on now and now my pain is a 10 or more I am so much pain that I cry and I don’t know what to do anymore please help us fine a way to get are meds back and keep them in Jesus name Amen

      58. I can not believe the ignorant people in here that have no idea what they are talking about! People that need this medicine to help reduce pain are now caused of being drug dealers and drug addicts. I have not been able to get any relief from six or seven useless drugs and injections they from doctors that have no choice due to fda and the new bs laws that are stupid as hell! What do we suppose to do?

        I am disabled with spinal cord injuries (50 years) and have cancer and severe fibromyalgia (50 yrs) and I now can not do anything because I have next to no relief from the useless garbage the doctors now have to supply. The FDA also treats doctors like drug dealers and they have no right getting into the pain business if they do not understand what they are doing!

        The FDA are a bunch of stupid old men that are so stupid to force tens of thousands of people to go out and bye illegal narcotics that they do not know what they are getting (this why why so many die from heroin now the FDA gave these people no choice!!! Why do we allow an agency that has no idea of the pain they caused by their absolute stupidity! FDA and DEA are a bunch of thugs that are so stupid I hope Drumpf cuts their financing but he will not because he is an evil sob much like the two agencies I mentioned above!

        Wake up FDA you have killed to many people already, it is time for you bozos to go to prison for the murders you have committed to tens of thousands Americans! I don’t khow the medical world could allow such a tragic thing to evolve out of control. I know now that FDA and DEA have not given the medical field a decent range of medications to treat people with chronic pain 24/7!

        I think these bastards that did this be charged for the obvious murders they have committed over last three years and send the idiots to room with Baba in prison for life!

        I have really had it, I have been to all kinds of doctors to treat my pain over last three years and yet to get any relief from the FDA’s replacement drugs that are virtually useless!

        Medical marijuana helps but who can afford $500 to $2500 a month and the useless insurance companies will not help of course. America is run by banks, insurance companies, huge corporations and the government that is 95% Jews. We are completely controlled by very rich Jews that do not give a damn about the people of USA! Haven’t these people learned from the horror in Germany? They need to be put on notice for their abusive, arrogant, ignorant, war mongering and greedy way of life and change or else! We have been suffering way too much in recent years due to their GREEDY inhumane way of life. We need to stand up to these FASCISTS and tear them down from their ivory tower and change the way things are done in America!

        I have no idea who will be running our country tomorrow, but Drumpf needs to be booted out of his throne as soon as possible before he starts a nuclear war with Russia.

      59. I agree 100%. I am one of those people I truly think the ones that are sworn to protect wants dead and out of their hair.but oh yea it’s ok to keep bringing in illegals and lavishly pour our yes OUR tax dollars on.this is so twisted.

    2. Yes they are addictive by less than ocycodone ocycotin ..I have compression in 6 verdabras a severe head injury ….results severe migraines arthritis and…lower back pain and control it with them ..without them I could not live with the pain ……… I would be in bed unable to Get up you understand the difference from abuse amd need ….

      1. I have had two Spinal fusions L3 – L4 and then they added L5 to the fusion. As of right now I have three vertebrae that have auto fuse and scoliosis. They now want to fuse me from T9 through S1 which will leave me in a position where I won’t be able to take care of myself and since I have no family that would leave me with assisted living or probably a nursing home and it wouldn’t be a very nice facility because I can’t afford it. Besides the fusion that are looking to do they want to replace both shoulders and both hips are bad which is going to limit my mobility further.

        I’m currently taking OxyContin and Norco for the pain. I was dismissed one pain clinic and it took me four months to find another one and the doctor and seeing now is not one that I would choose, but I’m stuck. When I first went there I found her to be extremely rude and she thinks she knows everything about what’s going on with me without looking at anything. For instance I bought her a CD of my neck and back and I was told that she did not need that she would know where to put the cortisone shots and gave the CD back to me. During my previous surgeries I’ve had 11 cortisone shots and they do not work and so far the only person that thinks that they going to work on my back this time is this doctor I’m seeing a pain clinic. I let the shoulder surgeon give me one cortisone shot just to make sure they weren’t working and they are not. The doctor at the pain clinic keeps insisting on getting the cortisone shots and I will not allow it so the doctor says I’m only seeking pills. The doctor told me that my pain medication would never be increased and if I wanted more to find another pain clinic and I assume that this is because I am not going along with the cortisone shots. What I am seeking his pain relief!!

        I don’t want to have the back surgery and end up having someone to take care of me with the possibility of more surgeries and additional pain medication. Since this is called ELECTIVE surgery and I don’t want the surgery because of limitations of my movement I would rather continue with pain medication as long as possible.

        Simply put I don’t want to have a surgery that is going to put me into a nursing home and into someone else’s care so long as I can take care of myself with medication! The quality of life is not that great, but at least I’m taking care of myself and with a slight increase I could probably volunteer somewhere to get a somewhat normal life back.

        1. Oh honey, I feel for you. I’m headed down the same road. My body is completely eaten up with osteoarthritis and stenosis in the spine etc. You need to find an older dr. Preferably male. I am finding that female dr’s have very little compassion. I can only think it’s because they had to have thick skin to get thru med school, it’s a man’s world I guess. And this toughness they had to aquire is actually keeping them from being compassionate dr’s. I just fired my GP due to similar issues. Not looking at my scores of x-rays not looking at 6 MRI’S etc…
          You should keep looking till you find a better dr. I’m so sorry you are in this situation. I can tell you that when you are on gov health care and you don’t try everything they suggest it is a strike against you. Even when the advice is terrible. Thanks to all the shots I got in my elbow now my tennis elbow is permanent. And who knows what the side effects will be of my 12-13 injections into my spinal cord cavity will be down the line.

      2. That’s not abuse. It’s legitimate need. I have a similar problem and I can barely move in the morning. I can never sleep through the night. It’s not fair to say my pain does not exist. It definitely does

      3. The difference between addiction and dependence is where everything goes a astray…even Dr’s make this mistake. Abuse is the actions of an addict, except in the case of psuedo addiction, where someone under medicated might do something they would never do otherwise to stop the pain, The difference is, with the non-addict the behavior stops when they are properly medicated and their pain is managed, addictive behavior is when the behavior continues…..usually because they are either self-medicating some psychological issues, or they have the combination of genetics and psycho social background that make an addict, (In my experience, it’s both quite often). If addiction were treated like the disease it is, us true pain patients who don’t get “high” from medication due to the reward center in the brain is not stimulated the way it is in someone who is not in pain, it just registers relief (usually partial relief).

        1. That is so true! As a retired therapist – who has worked with all types of clients, including those with drug and alcohol problems – I am dismayed at the number of medical and mental health professionals who do not understand the difference between “dependence” and “addiction”. This seems to be the main reason why they then treat all patients as addicts.

          And, as a current pain patient (who has to take a urine test and do a pill count every month, all patients at this pain mgmt clinic have to), it makes me angry when I see the physician assistants treat some of the patients as if they were addicts, when it’s clear to me that they are actually in severe pain. I once told the people who worked there, “If you cannot tell the difference between someone in pain and someone who is drug-seeking, I would be happy to come out of retirement and assess people for you!”

          I don’t think they appreciated that remark.

          No one at this clinic has mentioned cutting people off or reducing their dosage, but they are on this kick now that they want you to give another company your DNA “to see if you metabolize certain meds better than others.” This is not proven science, so I refused. Later, after some research, I found out this same company claims they can identify addicts with a 94% accuracy using DNA! Yet all their studies are funded by them, in their own facilities. It’s a racket.

          Addiction is a function of many variables, and genetics may or may not be a part of that. But to give a company your DNA and basically have no control over what they do with it? That’s dangerous – imagine if they found some kind of “addiction gene”, that will be on your medical record forever.

          I really hate all this fear mongering about opiates and all the misinformation that goes with it. People are hurting and suffering more than they need to, all because people do not understand addiction or chronic pain.

          1. Right?! According to my DNA I’m an addict, even tho I voluntarily wean myself off of my meds all the time so that they will work!

      4. I understand Sweetie. These people don’t understand that we do not “get high”. Our body is tolerant to that. No one can stop a person from wanting to “get high”…especially kids, and that is sad. BUT. I would like to hear from one of these people that are so against pain medications when it comes time that they may Need them. A car accident or an autoimmune disease is just around the corner. You never know what might happen. They are actually hurting their own rights, because something can happen to them one day…THEN they will understand.

    3. Maureen, MMaureen, only someone who does not experience the agonizing 24/7 pain of a chronic condition would say that “long term use of opioids do not work for most people” with chronic pain. In fact, I run a support group for over 1,200 chronic pain sufferers, and in most cases, long term (responsible) use of opioids is the ONLY thing that works. And when I say “works” I do not mean that the people are pain free. Far from it. Opioids are sometimes the ONLY thing that takes the edge off of the pain enough that the person can have some semblance of a normal life. Most of us, myself included, are very responsible with our prescriptions and would much prefer not to have to take these meds. Please do not judge until you are in our shoes.

        1. My experience with severe chronic nerve pain is over about 40+ years after my whole leg was amputated and they cut through the largest part of my sciatic nerve, definitely since 1981 which I developed neuroma’s and had surgery to fix it in Dec. 1982. Then I got permanent phantom pain. Following that I have now also have regular severe nerve pain.

          I’ve been through many many treatments,approaches,and tried different meds. Nerve modulators (Gaba, Neurontin etc…) just mess up my body and my nervous system. Time-Released OxyContin made me feel so constipated and junked up that I’ll never take it again.

          I only use some Flexaril and daily supply of oxycodone. This helps me better than anything.

          Unfortunately many doctors will only give me a once a month 30 day supply which must be hand signed and on a paper form. They are hesitant to give me 3 prescriptions each to use 30 days. Now my pain is mostly managed well with this approach but I get tired of being treated as a criminal.

          Crime 1: I must drive over and get the prescription on a piece of paper every 30 days.
          Crime 2: The prescription verbiage has to be really exact and some times include date limits factored into the prescribing info.
          Crime 3: Some times my pain is more severe than normal and I need a few more pills, even like just one extra days worth, because I need it for the breakthrough pain. If that means I exceed the 30 day supply because of that the system should be flexible enough to understand I’m not just eating them like candy or selling/giving them away. Unfortunately this is seen as a breaking of the rules.
          Crime 4: Drug Contracts are written with way too many exact statements. The above flexibility of prescribing a bit more is a night mare. The Dr has to enter the info exactly right to get the pharmacist and insurance companies to allow the next filling of the meds.
          Crime 5: What? I have to randomly take a drug test! Oh, I also have to pay for the drug test to verify that I’m really taking the meds.
          that just totally messed with my doctor patient trust relationship. I’ve never sold or give away my meds.
          Crime 6: Why can they just write me three pre-dated prescriptions with fill dates +30 days apart? Maybe they like to make me feel small and humiliated by coming to their office once a month to they have higher incidence to randomly give me a drug screen?

          So simply the environment it setup so we the people with clearly proven need for these meds get disrespected and treated as we are criminals instead of treated os normal people who need to buy something they need.

          This stinks. What can we do to make it better.

          It’s so frustrating that somedays I rethink my quality of life often.

          1. You didn’t mention the worst of it, although Crime 3 is pretty horrible, everyone who had CP knows some days are more brutal than others! I had the most wonderful Dr for 5 yrs, considerate, always explained things to me, never rushed me, even gave me a lidocaine shot for FREE once! (I had no insurance). He was also inexpensive. There was the contract, drug testing, pill counts, etc. Never had a problem. I moved to FL with my son in the Military, & I refused to change Drs, having seen 50+ (of all kinds) I knew how special he was. He got a new nurse who one day sent me home for being late for a appt, & he chewed her out, saying I had driven 6hrs from FL, then 1 hr 1 way from my home to get there. She was retiring Dec before last, she started making racist remarks to me (Dr was black), she asked me if I had LICE once!! So many TOTALLY unprofessional things, she seemed on a mission to get rid of me! Then came my drug test & I couldn’t go, the toilet was very high (I’m 5 feet tall) she said I would be discharged if I didn’t go in the next 10 min, I said FOREVER? So I got discharged after 5 yrs of never doing anything wrong, I went to the hospital & got a drug test & brought it to him the next day. She accused me of faking it! Positive for all MY scripts (opiates & benzo’s) & negative everything else! 5 hrs after leaving the office. The Dr said he would see me (much to her surprise) & that he wouldn’t discharge me with no medication. He gave me a month’s medication & said if I couldn’t find another Dr in a month, I could come back. I looked for a month & 1/2, my paper said I was discharged for “non compliant with a drug test” which handwritten next to that said ” unable”. Any other Dr looked at me as if I had been discharged for some criminal act, so eventually I went back. The nurse said, “I can’t take you back, I’ve already sent your records” ME “But that’s what I was supposed to do & he said he would take me back if I couldn’t find care!” “You could have tampered with that test, it’s no good”, etc etc.
            My health has deteoirated rapidly in the last year. She retired in Jan, & got rid of me by Nov.
            I have RA which is systemic, and ovarian cancer for the 2nd time, but she wrote something in my records so that I could not get back in after she left. The Dr was very busy with being a anethesiologist as well as running the clinic, & was forced to delegate, & all that power went to her head….the question is, whatever she perceived she hated about me, I look much younger than I am? Whatever. Is it really worth destroying someone’s life over, & the poor little babies that depend on that life. I hate life, I hate that it would literally destroy my adopted 6yr old if I die, I hate that she’s been so abused, abandoned repeatedly & neglected by her mom, & I hate that I’ve been there for her less & less since then when she’s so needy…..but I can’t understand WHY? It is in violation of the contract, but I provided documentation 5 hrs later I did nothing wrong, & it’s impossible to fake a test that tested for temp & had the proper amounts of everything & nothing bad. Not to mention I had 5 yrs of trust with this Dr, during which time I was ALWAYS honest with him about EVERYTHNG, if she didn’t take the records out of my file, they said the ovarian cancer was back, when I said to her “He’s going to discharge me because I can’t pee RIGHT NOW with this going on?” She rolled her eyes at me like I was pretending to be sick. So the worst is no matter how much you trust a Dr, no matter HOW LONG you’ve been with him/her…..they can discharge you AT ANY TIME for something like NOT BEING ABLE to pee…anyone disabled knows how hard it is to pee in that cup anyway.

        1. They don’t work for me at all and have reduced my quality of life to the sofa! I have a husband and a 15 yr old son that I was at least able to cook for most of the time but am unable to even do that since being put on long actin pain meds!

          1. To Ken, I have been in chronic pain since 1994, I had a broken neck in 1978 that was fused to T-1, and had to job up when ‘cured’ got a job a a painter and the constant head, shoulder and arm moving was the best thing for mobility etc. No one in th 70’s and ’80’s would help with pain meds, I found pain control with meditation which I had started (not consistently) around 1970. Use the internet to find practices, you don’t have to change religions to get help from Buddhist teachers who are bound by vows to help without taking money (except maybe token offers of $1, $5 etc. Some people BAM, get it quickly, most folks it takes time, but a session (you can use a chair, even lie down) can be ony 15 min a day, or twice a day, whatever. The basic thing is to stop the constant chatter going on in our heads, which increases the perception of pain, negative stuff, and more.. I used to use ‘positive attitude’ – repeating statements that imprint on the subconcious your desired health, hypnosis does that. A quick test to proof this can *help – not fix* is this; when you do something you like/love, play music, play with grand-kids, watch a good movie – whatever, it distracts you, and you do not NOTICE the pain AS MUCH. I have never had enough pain meds to take the pain away, shots worked for 1 – 3 days; my pain problem came back like a tsunami in ’94 BECAUSE of the spinal fusion! I needed mine, cause while under 130 lbs of traction, wires screwed into my temples, the orthopedic ‘doctor’ tried adjusting a screw (R temple) and it ripped loose, twisting me in ways I gratefully couldn’t see as I closed my eyes and in shock, kept chanting out loud “THis Too Will Pass” until they shot enough morphine into me that all faded away.
            In 1994, ’95 I was married with a teenage daughter, unable to get pain relief, hiding the worse from family till night, whenI would crawl out of bed & go downstairs naked, roll around the carpet, get in a fetal position in a corner whimpering and keeping as sane as possible, until the thought to meditate came and a measure of relief and calm helped.
            Then I found a book by a female doctor/surgeon on how to talk to doctors about your pain, how to MAKE them HEAR you! She had lost her mother to breast cancer, and her mother had, in the hospital, withdrawn totally. Her oncologistwas perplexed for he had writen for morphine injections; then she caught the nurse refusing to give the shots and instead giving her tylenol!! Why? Because, as she said in her deposition, “I won’t help a patient become a drug addict!”
            The book is “JUST SAY NO TO PAIN” and it started me talking to doc’s and all, and HOLDING MY GROUND!
            Meditation is a woderful thing, and I do it daily, but you CAN get med’s to help you with-stand the pain to a level. I was able to get back into the workforce – in another field, computers – and as my ‘pain doctor’ assured me, the narcotics do NOT affect your ability to use your intelligence. I became a support specialist for computer servers that must stay operational.
            Please people: do not give up. I used to be on social media, writing to ‘pain pals’, but too many times they disappeared, because they had had enough. Thak God for the Love I have from my small family, without them… no, I will not go quietly into that dark night!
            Love to All,

          2. This is meant for Patricia Thomas. Pain meds don’t work for me the way they used to because the screws the doctor used to hold my last two spinal fusions together are now working their way to the surface and the pain is unbearable. I have decided not to have an exploratory surgery because we have no idea what might happen. I lost my husband to cancer 2 years ago and live in a new area where I don’t know a soul. I feel the screws 24/7, especially when I try to sleep. A full night’s sleep is impossible. I,too, live on the sofa (just purchased a new one). I cannot cook for myself ( I also have rheumatoid arthritis and knee issues). I miss my husband as he was my only friend and also my caretaker. I could afford a housekeeper then but not now.I keep myself alive because I have two dogs that depend on me. I don’t know if any of you are from Texas but the DEA laws in Texas are extremely strict. You must bring your bottles with you or you will not get refills and there is a limit to the type of opiates that are given to chronically ill patients.

      1. EXACTLY! There are MILLIONS of us who HATE needing medicine, opiods TO maintain some normalcy in life, made abnormal by chronic pain. MILLIONS have no options to relieve it, end it, it is for life. I suffered a LONG time trying to ‘live with it’, natural ways, etc. With family and friends input, concern, I decided enough was enough in NOT living my life due to pain. These meds, as said, make it tolerable, give you hours a day where the pain is not the TOP thing in your mind. As we speak, I can not fill a prescription due to the laws, pharmacy STILL waiting on delivery. I am literally changing a trip, leave date as I can not fill out of county. And not the first time. I am not in ‘withdrawals’ or looking for ‘drugs’, I AM IN PAIN while waiting! It is ABSURD what it’s doing to honest, suffering PATIENTS. Aside from 80% of pharmacist making us feel like WE are the abusers, criminals. SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE for the people suffering due to street use, abuse, DEA!

        1. I certainly hear you. Although the main reason for my opiod use has cleared up, so it is no longer as needed, back when I needed vicodeine, I really and truly needed it.

          I would be in pain if I ran out, and couldn’t get my prescription filled due to bad weather, etc. And finally the main reason for using vicodeine went away (It turned out I am gluten-senstive, and without gluten I am pretty much pain free for about 3/4 or more of my life.)
          The moment that I was no longer in pain, I put my drugs aside, and although I did experience a mild depression for the first day or two without the drugs, after that I was so happy to be pain free I didn’t think about them. But if my doctor had not given me the option of having the opiods, when they were needed, I am pretty sure I would have jumped off a bridge, the pain was so bad!

      2. Yeah, I don’t get that. How can people tell me it doesn’t work when it has worked for me? Recently I couldn’t keep down meds due to a stomach bug. I was in agony- and no, it wasn’t withdrawal. The only injection I’ve had that helped? IM (intramuscular) cortisone- proven to have side effects. Facet joint, SI joint,,… Only increased my pain.

      3. Exactly. I’ve gone through Stage 3b invasive breast cancer, 3 horrifying neck surgeries (just a few of a lot of other surgeries obviously) and just turned 40. My pain management doctor is super strict; he’s the best dr that’s happened to me. He’s appropriately treating my long term pain. I find it’s the people who DO NOT HAVE PAIN TO WARRANT THE MEDS THEY WANT, THEREFORE, RIP APART DOCTORS, MEDS ETC. THESE DOCTORS KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DRUG SEEKING AND NECESSITY IF THEY CARE. If people hate UA’s (aside from cost) well ask yourself why? Maybe because these people abuse them etc. for those of us who depend on opiates long term for valid reasons vs. those who don’t, it’s those that are ruining it for all of us. Cancer and it’s after effects are life changing. And I can’t believe the person on here wants someone to get it and die. Gee, that’s helpful. NOT!

        1. But these laws are not at all about what the doctor thinks is best for you. Rather they create a Catch 22 situation wherein you can find that you cannot get a pain med prescription filled if you don’t have insurance, because it “has been proven that people without insurance are selling them on the street.” And you can’t get a pharmacy to give you the meds if they have any questions about the prescription, and so you look for a different pharmacy and then the month is over, you have not gotten the pain meds, and you now have to go back to your doctor and been re-prescribed all over again. This is affecting friends I have whose pre-existing conditions keep them from having insurance, as the pre-existing conditions make insurance too expensive to have! And they have worked all their lives and now are in pain. Why?

          1. Having a very rare disease, you learn some things about the Healthcare ‘system’ in the US. Here are some facts, as I’ve had two related diseases for about 30 years. Went to about 20 Specialists, Dr’s and only ONE DR. had ever heard of it. I was forced for years to ‘self-medicate’ with alcohol and anything that might help my pain. Plus, since my disease was super-rare, I got nothing to help (and, it has no cure and it is progressive!) What I learned from all this:
            1. Even IF you tell a Specialist what you have and what you have tried, they are not helpful at all = meaning = a surgeon wants to operate and my issue comes back worse than before, so surgery is out! However, taking NAISDs and drinking alcohol only makes problems for your stomach.
            2. I finally found a Psychiatrist who helped me with my pain AND something I got from “unabated, untreated Chronic Pain” – it is Neuroplasticity, where the brain ‘re-wires’ itself from the lack of dopamine, and then you end up with Depression, and other mental issues (me? ADHD, anxiety and some bi-polar issues). All because my brain was working non-stop to deal with pain – it will happen to anyone.
            3. Then, my Psych could not help with my Pain meds, so I had to locate a PM Dr. AND go to a Psych for my mental issues. And, yep – MILLIONS will get this, too, when they do not get treatment for their chronic pain.
            4. Once you do find a PM Dr? You will be signing ‘Patient Contracts’, taking tests from other Dr;s to prove you have an issue/disease/disorder for your file and the FDA=DEA looks at that one. X-rays, MRI’s, EMG, Mental exams – all go with getting pain treated. Most of this is to protect the DR, not you! One mistake on a UA test? You are OUT!! Then, it becomes next to impossible to find another Dr. unless it is a mistake by the Lab.
            5. Most GP, MDs, Family Dr. will NOT give out pain medications. Again, pressure from FDA on Dr. to NOT lose his/her license.
            6. I even went to Oncologist for Radiation Therapy to see if that would work, it has for some people – it is more of a Therapy, but not a cure.
            7′. After 10+ years of RX meds that work, you will find your body becomes tolerant to ANY medication over time and you will need more OR you will need to switch – happens to everyone. And, yes, Pain Dr’s can tell if you are really in pain or have a condition AND have mental issues, too! That’s from NO TREATMENT, thank you.
            8. You will go once EVERY MONTH to get your RX and take random UA tests (which is fine with me – no issues in over 10 years!)
            9. IF you have a surgery, take a long time in healing? Then, expect calls to be made to your other Dr. to see how you are doing. If he says you are doing much better? Then, this is relayed to your Pain Dr, and that’s all for you! But, you are stuck with figuring out how to get OFF your medication. You will get ONE MONTH of meds, then good luck!
            10. Not every person will be ‘cut-loose’ from their Pain Dr – it depends on what they are dealing with – BUT – the ones that ARE released? I would advise finding a Licensed “Suboxone” Dr., and that will – or might – help you transition better, but not with the fact you will still (most likely) have pain, or if lucky, your pain is better. You now have to deal with the likelihood of withdrawal from the RX pain meds that have been working for you.

            Then, there will be those who have NO INSURANCE and will try and find ANY relief for the withdrawals (hopefully not losing a job, spouse, or having the pain linger) – and hopefully, you are not deep into Neuroplasticity, as it can really mess up your neurotransmitters, your chemicals in your brain, and I have not heard much mention about THAT happening to CP patients, as it was something I found out about AFTER the fact. I am SO lucky (as of this moment) to have a great PM Dr. I’m stuck with a terrible disease with no cure that is progressive – just gets worse – but I AM part of a Study done by my Dr.s at OU Oncology.

            I hope that ALL sides of cracking down on the RX Pain treatment are looked at. MANY of the people who die from these drugs? They had NO BUSINESS at all with them. NONE. They were stolen, purchased, or used for recreational use – and believe me – these are not meant for kids, or people who take from someone else’s medicine cabinet = they are the ones causing the grief for Millions of Chronic Pain sufferer’s. Unfortunately, many people who are supposed to ‘get better’ from a temporary condition, they will be the first patients to be ‘let go’ by the Doctor, who is having to take care of his right to practice by conforming to the FDA-DEA regulations. And, some diseases, not only Cancer, can be awful if they are permanent & progressive. Also, if a condition has NO CURE? Then, it only makes sense to allow these people to continue with their treatment as the Dr. sees fit.

            One size does NOT FIT ALL! And, everyone is in a different boat depending on their pain problems. If it were not for my A+ Dr’s (who, btw, treat me with COMPASSION! and expect me to treat them with respect by doing what I am supposed to do), I would not be able to have the quality of life I have now, even with an awful disease. As I have told my Dr’s “The ability to get the best Healthcare for me is a privilege!” No free rides – everyone must do their part to not cause a problem. Because, as we can all see now – it is the people who do NOT do what is expected, from selling their meds, to abusing them – and ANY deviation from ‘the rules’ makes it harder on the ones that truly need pain relief.

            Lastly, to the FDA-DEA = to allow a FEW States the luxury of medicinal Cannabis, while in other States it remains illegal – that is wrong!! Some of the strains of Cannabis could help people, and if it is deemed ‘safer’ for the Public to put hard-core constraints on much needed RX pain meds, then it should be mandatory for ALL States to have access to medicinal Cannabis, as it will help those who now can NOT get pain relief – and not ONE person has died from Cannabis. At LEAST allow some options that are in some States to be available to CP patients in every State – it is only FAIR, if the reasoning is one of ‘being safer’. Let’s also be ‘FAIR’!

        2. respectfully I must disagree. My friend who is suffering bone cancer cannot get adequate pain management because she only has county level Medi-Cal, thus can only see certain doctors, and the pain doctor she has gone to, the “specialist” even after being made aware of her cancer, will not prescribe her pain medications unless she takes monthly cortisone (cortisol) shots, WHEN SHE HAS A HORMONE SECRETING CANCER WHICH IS CAUSING HER TO OVER SECRET CORTISOL!!! Even tho she has no problem peeing in the cup because unlike many treatments & labs Medi-cal insurance for the very very poor is more than happy to always cover drug tests no need for prior approval. Nice eh? Her doctors have to fight to get coverage for far too many of the labs needed to assess the effectiveness of her chemo & state of her cancer, but her pain management doctor gets no trouble with coverage for multiple expensive shots that are WHOLEY inappropriate for her condition, & drug tests to make sure she isn’t abusing what very very little medication she gets for non-invasive pain relief of her cancer.
          Sure wouldn’t want someone with a less than 10% chance of making it past a year, forget about 2 years, to get “addicted” to pain medications used for their painful terminal condition. Wouldn’t want them to risk them ruining their lives by becoming an addict.

          yeah thanks doc, that’s the ticket. Jerks!

          Seriously, MOST doctors do not know what they are doing & really should listen to their patients because MOST doctors are too busy trying to see as many people a day & give as many expensive procedures a day as possible to boost their incomes that they don’t have time to read the patients charts…. you would think they AT LEAST would have the time to listen to the patient in front of them for the all of 5-15 minutes of the 50 minute visit that patients insurance is being charged for… But if they did that then OMG they might be liable for knowing ANYTHING about the patient & making the wrong medical decision. But hey if they don’t know & kill someone, with the standards of care being what they are in this country, the whole “boo-hoo I was overworked and didn’t have the time or resources to treat my patient correctly, so it’s really not my fault” defense seems to work more than well enough to protect them from 95% of lawsuits and 99.9999% of criminal charges.

          So please do not say that everyone who is complaining about the treatment they are getting from their specialist

      4. You are so right. I am 56 and have osteoarthritis in both of my knees, and the shots don’t help me, my doctor discharged me because they said the last pee test showed hydrocodone in it. Well I was on oxycodone. The pee test was wrong, I believe what happened was that during the week before my appointment, I ran out of my pain meds a few days earlier and I had went to the ER and they gave me Tramadol and Benadryl, but also all that week I was taking lots of immodium because I was have terrible withdrawals from being without my pain meds, but I didn’t take hydrocodone. He hollered and screamed at me, and then I called a few days later to plead with him and he was very irrate to me on the phone, and said they would not allow me to go back there. They wrote it in my charts so when I tried a new pain med dr. that dr. seen what they wrote and said they were not giving me any pain medicines that were narcotics. Now I suffer everyday in pain and don’t know what to do. This doctor ruined my reputation with pain management.

      5. Mesh, You are absolutely correct. Only a fraction of chronic pain sufferers become addicted. I am 64 years old and have RA, Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis throughout my body,( I was told I’m riddled with it) a rigid neck from an injury, horrible hay fever and a whole list of others..Not that many years ago, a few glasses of wine and a couple of aspirin a day would do the trick. As I got older, my estrogen lessened and the pain increased and I had to retire with SSDI at age 57. I was given all the meds that kill pain, but kept me in bed sleeping most of the day. When I was 60, I was finally given Vicodin (hydrocodone) by a compassionate, understanding doctor. One word describes how I felt: RELIEF! I had forgotten what it felt like to be normal, to have my pain controlled! I didn’t feel superhuman, nor euphoric..rather, I felt like myself again, one extremely grateful person who was given the chance to become one of those people we call ‘normal’, who take their daily lives for granted. To be able to work even just two days a week, to shop,make a bed, do laundry, bathe, open a can of coffee, grip a spoon, enjoy lunch out with friends and sleep soundly at night. Being productive human beings with a social network and contributing to society is what gives us our dignity and self esteem. We are not addicts and I am insulted and livid when a few arrogant, clueless members of the CDC, or any other number of ‘armchair experts’ who possibly graduated with a C and an F in compassion, have the gall to directly accuse me and others like me of being so. (I am almost positive not one member on the CDC panel was enduring chronic pain) Additionally, I do not need a psychologist, I’m not depressed nor is my pain in my head (Some of it is in my neck, lol) I refuse to be the guinea pig or the whipping girl for anyone who wants to make money off my pain…I have taken the same dose of Hydrocodone for over four years. It works for me. My name is Paula J Countryman, and I have a chronic pain condition. There is no cure, therefore the treatment must be focused on the pain relief that works best for the patient. Simply said:: “IF IT AIN’T BROKE, IT DON’T NEED FIXIN’!”

      6. Mesh,
        Very well said! So sick of the people that think they know what is best for your pain. Tired of the judgement. A lot of them that are against the meds love to slurp alcohol. Don’t you love it? You don’t take a pill and get in your car and wipe out a family of five. Booze is one of the worst drugs out there. Good luck to you.

      7. Thank you for representing us. People like Maureen remind me of my brother who told me that passing a kidney stone was “worse than childbirth”…. Like he would know!! And no it is not!!!!

      8. I also run a chronic pain group with over 15,000 members. Opiates are the only thing that give most of these people any relief. I take opiates myself, and they do help some, but I’m still unable to work. If I didn’t have them, I’d probably be one of the statistics that killed themselves because of the horrible, relentless pain I’d be in. I don’t mind the contract or the pee tests, as long as I’m getting proper care from my PM clinic. Sometimes I get the injections, but mostly I get the intramuscular ones because of knots in the muscle from straining in pain. I have a hard time getting facet injections because I have Medicaid, and they don’t give a shit about whether they help me or not, they just don’t want to pay for it. I have so many issues I can’t even begin to list them, but the worst is my spine. I have nerve damage (probably from my spinal issues, I don’t have diabetes) in my legs as well. Another thing PM does for me is infusions for fibromyalgia, which thankfully work. All of these regulations and new laws are taking people’s lives away from them. I’m not affected by them (yet) in my PM clinic, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they start having issues sometime.

    4. I don;’t know where you got your information on the numbers of prescription MEDICATION addict- i’ts a medicine not a “drug” that is misleading when you call glyburide a “drug for diabetes” then you can call prescription pain MEDICATION a “drug” . the new laws and done zero to curb the addiction or misuses of nacotics., just as stricter gun control laws have done zero to stop the violence, you can’t legislate morality! patients have a right to adequate pain management and as for the chronic pain management doesn’t work, then tell my body because I have been on one regimen (2 meds, one for long term pain one for breakthrough) for at least 10 YEARS! same dose, same medications and hospital admissions down from one a month at least to one every 1-2 YEARS! why? because I can manage my pain at home! the war on drugs isn’t about addicts it’s about money.

      1. I hear you and am in the same situation. I have never had a dirty urine test nor have I Ever taken more than prescribed even when in excruciating pain! I still however, feel as though I’m treated like an addict!

        1. Same here! As far as my current doctor goes, he is great, treats me with respect has seen my MR I and other test results and gives me ER morphine and hydrocodone along with gabapentin, flexeril and ibuprofin. BUT, when my doctor was out of town one week when I was ready for my refills the doctor “filling in” would not give me any meds at all because she was “uncomfortable” prescribing such a heavy amount of drugs. I have been taking them for 2 years with no need for dosage increases by the way, always clean urine tests, taken as prescribed and she left me to suffer pain and withdrawals for what would have been 12 days! After a week of watching me suffer, my mother, who is in her 70s and takes care of me since I can’t take care of myself finally got on the phone and dealt with everyone she could until this doctor finally gave me 10 hydrocodone. That is two a day for the remaining 5 days. Well, the hydrocodone is just for breakthrough pain, the least she could have done was give me the extended release morphine but no, and it is these ever increasing restrictions that made her so “uncomfortable”. The nurse who was the go between for me and this doctor treated me like a drug addict despite the facts being right there in my chart in front of her. It was not until my mother got on there with them demanding to speak to the head nurse or supervisor that anything was done. Seriously, chronic pain sufferers NEED an advocate on their side because they will blow you off and treat you like a junkie and there is nothing a patient can say without them taking everything you say and turning it into “drug seeking behavior”. It was so irresponsible for that doctor to put me in the position of dangerous withdrawals all due to these restrictions. Of course I was drug seeking, it was past time for my refill and the pain was so horrible, I can’t even put it into words then add to that my body is dependent on them and I would need to be weaned off of such high doses of opiates. The fact remains as well that drug addicts are still getting the drugs and genuine pain sufferers are the ones who are not. It is maddening.

        2. In all this only one person mentioned “Marijuana”. It’s as if Cannabis can not be considered a Medicine? I got off all the opiates. I resist the pain actively. And cannabis puts it a longer distance a way from my awareness.

          1. Cannabis isn’t physically addictive. People can get “addicted” to anything however. It’s a mental “need” or feeling like you need it that can happen with cannabis.

    5. From this statement you must have no clue what is like living with an incurable chronic illness. I am in pain 24/7. I have not known a pain free day in at least a decade. These drugs give me the ability to clean my house, go get medical tests done or grocery shop. I am not an addict and I do not deserve to suffer more because of addicts. I am taking the same amount/dose that I have for that 4 years. It helps me and I will be on pain meds for the rest of my life.

      1. if my pain comes back it means I am forced to commit suicide. These days with Martial Law and the witch hunt against doctors that treat pain, they will never titrate me to an adequate dose as the DEA prohibits it. So if my pain comes back, society looses a productive member. So long suckers, is all I have to say, this country isnt even worth living in anymore.

    6. Maureen

      Every death from an opioid whether prescribed or not is tragic. You are correct that it doesn’t appear opioids work well for many people long term. However there are few long term studies on the efficacy of opioids so it is not correct to imply they do not work. We know they do is some people. As I said they don’t work for many in which case they should not be used by those who find no relief from them but because they are not effective for one person doesn’t mean that they should be denied to a person with whom they do provide relief.

      Your comments about 100 million Americans on opioids is not supported. I have no idea where you derived that number. There are 100 million or more Americans with chronic pain most of whom don’t need and don’t receive any prescription medication and shouldn’t use them. But there are a significant number of people whose lives are substantially improved because they have access to opioids.

      I wish we had an effective alternative to opioids because too many people are harmed from opioids but unfortunately for many there are no alternatives. I would encourage everyone to try to avoid opioids and if there is no other option then use the least amount possible for the shortest time possible.

      The DEA has caused harm to many people in pain. So have many policies/laws that deprive people with addiction treatment. It is important that both people with addictions are not pivoted against people in pain. Both deserve appropriate and compassionate care.

      1. I am a bit late to the party on this very extensive thread, but thought I would add my thoughts in a response to Dr. Webster. I write as a 20-year veteran of multiple peer to peer support groups for patients with chronic neuropathic facial pain, including Trigeminal Neuralgia (unfortunately still sometimes called “the suicide disease” and known widely as the most severe form of chronic pain known to medical practice).

        I have volunteered time and research skills in building websites, locating information, translating for non-physician readers, finding authoritative doctors for referral, and generally supporting the efforts of pain patients to have a quality of life. I authored multiple articles online, including “Psychogenic Pain and Iatrogenic Suicide” on the Global Summit for Diagnostic Alternatives of the Society for Humanistic Psychology. I have long been a vocal critic of the psychiatric nonsense that is practiced under the misnomer “psychosomatic medicine”, and of the misapplication of such mythologies to chronic pain patients. I daily support over 12,000 chronic pain patients and family members in 15 Facebook closed groups.

        I offer these observations not to promote myself but to demonstrate that I know what I’m talking about from long study and participation as a care giver. From this background I suggest the following as facts:

        1. While Opioids are frequently over-prescribed for acute post-surgical pain and in interventions for pain related to blunt force or accidents, they are generally used only as a last resort in patients recognized to be dealing with chronic pain unlikely ever to be cured. In some cases, delays in the use of opioids where other therapies have failed, can contribute to further damage to the nervous system, deepening the patient’s pain.

        2. The response of patients to opioids is inherently variable due to genetic differences in the way people metabolize these drugs. Some people can take a dose that would put down a horse, with almost no effect. Others are hyper-sensitive, not only to opioids but occasionally to almost everything in the medical pharmacopeia. Some are violently allergic to multiple medications used in control of pain. And for some, the OTC anti-inflammatory drugs like Tylenol or Motrin can be actively dangerous.

        3. There are significant risks in opiate use, not least of which is development of both tolerance to these meds, and hyperalgesia — a heightened sensitivity to pain of all kinds. Patients need to be closely managed over time, to evaluate for signs that a medication may need to be tapered down and another tapered up to control pain.

        4. Patients who use opioids for long periods (months, years) may develop physical dependency on these meds for pain control, that is qualitatively and quantitatively different from “addiction”. Chronic pain patients do not usually get a euphoric “high” with these meds, if they are used as directed. Some will go through withdrawal if tapering down is not carefully managed.

        5. These things being said, there is ample evidence in patient reports, that many people can and do use these medications successfully and at stable dose rates, for periods of years or more. We don’t know the proportions of these successes, because the addiction treatment professionals have so dominated discussion of chronic pain that nobody has seriously tried to study the successful outcomes.

        6. In (at least) many tens of thousands of chronic pain patients, opioid medications are the only therapies that work to provide even a partial quality of life. While other therapies may be useful as adjuncts, none is sufficiently reliable or effective that it can safely replace an opioid that has been demonstrated to work in the patient’s real world experience. Among these ineffective therapies, I include chiropractic, osteopathic physical therapy, aroma therapy, vitamin B-12 shots or caps, acupuncture, Ayverdetic medicine, yoga, mind-centering exercises, and Rational Cognitive Therapy. I regard the imposition of such alternatives on a patient in substitution for opioids that have worked without accelerated dose schedules, to be a gross medical malpractice that should place the doctor under active retraining and supervision by a State Board.

        7. Almost every week, I am seeing patient reports of pain management doctors going out of practice, and patients deserted without referral, to cope with growing agony. The proximate cause of these outcomes is the CDC guideline on prescription of opiates to adults with chronic non-cancer pain. Amplifying these outcomes are recent draconian restrictive laws in multiple US States including Indiana, Tennessee, and Montana, among others.

        8. Death and destruction due to illicit opoids are a real (although probably not growing) public health issue in the US. However, the best predictors for opioid abuse are childhood trauma, mental health problems, and unemployment. Moreover, most new addicts are teens, and the majority of them first abuse a prescription drug that is obtained from a relative, stolen, or bought from street dealers — NOT a drug that they were themselves prescribed. Much can be done to interrupt this cycle by the simple expedient of requiring chronic pain patients to store their medications in a pill safe when used at home. For further details backing these observations, see Maia Slavavitz “Opiod Addiction is a Huge Problem — But Prescription Drugs Are Not the Cause”.

        I applaud the efforts of Dr. Webster and others to bring some sanity to the discussion of both addiction and chronic pain in medical practice. We cannot solve either problem by attacking the wrong end of the elephant. Present CDC policy is thoroughly wrong-headed and destructive to potentially millions of people. I think it is time for a class action lawsuit to force the retraction and re-writing of such guidelines from a much more balanced perspective, and by a consulting group that this time will actually include practicing pain management specialists and patients themselves.

        Sincere best regards,

          1. Please let’s get a petition together just the amount of us responding on this site is proof there’s is strength in numbers how do we get started, letter writing campaigns for a beginning

    7. I am a pain management doctor, and I am by most counts completely frustrated and embarrassed by most pain doctors

      We are forced by our state medical boards to “police” our patients for use and abuse. We are held accountable for misuse by the FEW, while trying to provide compassionate care for the MANY.
      We are forced to test and monitor medication use and this has become a huge new Money Maker for doctors, but if not done it will cost us our licenses
      Many pain doctors only want to handle theirs lucrative aspect of injections and interventions and will discharge patients from medication management if they won’t have injections
      My state board in Texas now says if you do not perform an alternate therapy other than RX of mess in greater than 50% of your patients then that Doctor/clinic must register with the state as a Pain Management Ctr for higher scrutiny, so what happens? The doctors are constantly trying to convince patients to get procedures, some even demand it or refuse to provide medications

      I have taken a unique approach to this pain Managent problem, and it is good for my patients and is good for my medical board. I certainly use the traditional procedures to help control pain, ESI’s, Facet Injections, Spinal Cord Stimulators, but I have introduced two modalities of treatment that give the patient control

      The first is TRE, known as Trauma Tension Release Exercises, as developed by Dr. David Boracelli.

      The second is Faster EFT developed by David Smith in Oklahome.

      My mentor in these two mind body healing modes used as an adjunct to traditional Pain Management is Jonah Robins. I met him through my lifelong friend and childhood neighbor, his Father. And Los Angelos Urologist Dr. Eric Robins.

      I urge all of you suffering with pain and related to those suffering with chronic pain to go and learn more about and from my friend Jonah Robins at his website:

      The current insurance and medical care system fails to pay for and cover the psychological aspects of chronic pain and the anxiety Chronic Pain Creates

      The medical boards and some self imposed experts try to convince us that using Opiates for analgesia in chronic pain is NOT effective. While I disagree with that statement I also understand that the use of only Opiates has many bad side effects including medication dependence in most, addiction issues in some, Social ostricization and labeling of patients that need these medications as “Drug Seekers”.

      What is most troubling is that there is some research that supports the opiates themselves when taken over a long period can cause a condition known as hyperalgesia, which means these people hurt MORE, and have a lowered pain tolerance this requiring even more opiates to get relief.

      I understand that this is a very complex problem, both treating chronic pain and dealing with misuse and the long term effects of these medications on some patients, BUT HOW CAN WE TAKE AWAY WHAT IS WORKING FOR MOST PATIENTS BECAUSE SOME NON PATIENTS WILL ABUSE? SOME LEGITIMATE PATIENTS WILL GET LESS RELIEF OVER TIME AND SOME ONLY GET A LITTLE RELEIF, BUT WE DONNOT HAVE ANOTHER OPTION TO PROVIDE THEM??

      I rest my case, stop limiting Opiate avaialabilry to pain patients until you have a Better Proven plan of care

      1. Thank You for your imput .I beleive that help me understand physicians position.I have Chronic pain & I’ve tried every Treatment out there. I Was on Opiates for over 9 yrs.If I my pain was only 5-6 I’d suffer but not take Meds til it got to 9! Then ended up with a heart attack. I beleive it was cause by all the stress that came from all the pain & Hi-blood pressure pain caused! When it got to 9 & 10 my BP would be 170/113 that was almost daily for 4 yrs while on BP meds! so I never was dependent but had a heart attack! So now I have No meds because of the acutal drug addicts & Pill mills.So I suffer But Im not going to have Injections that don’t work for me & makes me worse for days! I will check out what the site you suggested.Hopefully it will be informative as my new DR will be seeing me in 8 days! Thank You again Sheila

      2. Where are the pain doctors with your heart in the people’s republic of Boston I have been on opiates for severe pain since 2003 they tell me theirs nothing else to be done,as I stated here I recently lost my doctor due to retirement and I’m being weened off with no other options until recently I’m now to be interviewed for a pain pump because they tell me the DEA is stopping all opiates pill form.I truly hate what,s become of my country maybe if I head down to the southern border and tell them I’m applying for asylum in the U.S they will give me what I need theirs no question illegals are being treated better then citizens

        1. You are correct. , I have post operative pain from 4 Major Cancer battles. missing body parts and currently have a 3×3″ tumor in my chest. after 11 YEARS of opiod treatment I have been treated like a drug seeker . I have very severe 24 hr pain. our govt wants the disabled & the old to die off & they are expediting this starting with the weakest first. Vote Trump .A patriot 7 a compassionate American Like JFK. I’ts our last chance. May god save us.

      3. Thank you Dr Diamond; at one point my husband was on around 900 mg of morphine a day, and was not getting good relief. For that reason he took himself down to 200-300 mg per day, which is how we inadvertently learned about hyperalgesia. I myself am currently weaning down and plan to be done in a month. The only way I’ve been able to do this is will the help of adjunct therapies that are considered ‘incompatible” with opiate therapy (I’m down to 40mg of morphine from over 250 daily). The last Dr. I saw told me I had to ‘pick one’; they wouldn’t continue to prescribe for me (i.e. help me wean off narcotics). And the difficulty I’m encountering in staying in compliance with my contract tells me that it’s just not worth it anymore. Thank goodness for ‘alternative’ therapies.
        Thanks also for the links, we’ll be looking into these!

        1. Doesn’t your Dr. know that Morphine has a ceiling where whatever you take over that amount has no effect. Your husband should switch to Oxycodone/OxyContin. Or Fentanyl . These drugs & others are far more effective for severe pain.

      4. I agree with what you have written except one comment. Hyperalgesia. The proven fact is, Individuals with Fibromyalgia already have Hyperalgesia. We are already in a tremendous amount of pain. Opioids work for me. Same dose for 5 years. I also do warm water exercise and stretches for my taut calf muscles.

        1. He said “some research” indicated hyperalgesia. I was on the same dose for 5 yrs with my main pain being extensive nerve pain and RA at the time. I would occasionally cut back on my own, & if I felt something wasn’t working and I had been taking it a long time my Dr might try me on something different, or give me a few extra days BT meds, then later cut them out, but other than that I stayed on the same dosage, I did not experience additional sensitivity to pain due to the medication. The only time I experienced more pain was when I attempted to do more physically than I should. I’m a former Elite gymnast, I am pretty in touch with my pain levels as training 6 hrs a day you are always hurting. Now I’ve had 11 surgeries, I personally don’t feel my tolerance to pain has increased at all. If anything it would be the psychological anxiety of expecting the pain that would make it feel exaggerated, not the actual medication, titration or otherwise.

      5. Amen. Until something better comes along, chronic pain patients need to have access to the opiates. Apparently whoever implemented this new regulation didn’t stop to consider what effect cutting down or taking away opiates would do to those needing them. I am very open to any other alternative there is that I haven’t already tried. At no time have I ever even come close to feeling high. I don’t like taking any kind of meds, least of all opiates, but I have no choice. I’ve already tried everything else to no avail. Thank you doctor, for your compassionate reply. BTW in my opinion, doctors and pharmacists should not be put in the position of policing people. Putting fear into a doctor’s head is hindering his/her ability to concentrate on what is important….helping the patients.

        1. Yes !!! this DEA stupidity is causing more Black Market sales. I guess that’s what the Clinton/Obama crime(drug) Syndicate wants. More money.

          1. It’s not Clinton or Obama, it’s the Republican crime syndicate in the house of Representatives. …in case you haven’t noticed, the gop controls the senate, the house and most of the supreme court. …plus all the Republican controlled state legislatures, Florida, Alabama, Idaho, etc etc etc….
            Don’t be blaming Obama, whenot it’s the rethuglicans who control all the govt.

          2. Sorry, the Obama whitehouse controls the DEA. These are government beauracracts, chosen by the White House, unelected by Congress or the people.

    8. It is the DEA who is short-sighted! They have attacked and neglected the 95% legitimate users of pain medication for the abuse of less than 5%. Was it being thoughtful in turning away all of the legitimate users without a plan of how they would be treated? It’s also a known fact that most abusers have used street drugs before using pain medication, and most get their supply from mom, dad or friends, not from physicians. It also a fact that pain medication is first crushed, then laced with street drugs to heighten their high. Whether you’re for use of opiates or not, the answer is not to deny medication to users who may then go through unsupervised withdrawal which can lead to seizures and/or death. How is that being responsible? Whether we use pain medication or not, we’re still part of the human race, who deserve to be treated with just as much respect, care and concern of “abusers.” I am new to the state I live in, and I have been treated with suspicion and disrespect by doctors. I told one doctor that before moving here, I asked my then long-term doctor if it was okay to add Tylenol to my regiment, my doctor told me that long-term use of Tylenol can damage the liver, so I should use Ibuprofen. The new doctor told me that I just wanted to get high, “see by using ibuprofen you chose the higher dosage to get high. In all of the years I have used pain meds, I never once experienced any type of “high.” Sometimes tired, but never high. I was told, on a phone call, one the morning by a Walgreens pharmacy manager that my medication was ready for pick up. I was at the end of my 30-day Rx. When I got to Walgreens that same afternoon, there was a new pharmacist on duty, who abruptly told me that not only would she not give me my meds, but she would alert other Walgreens to deny me as well. She said I no longer fit their criteria. How could I be compliant in the morning and an addict a few hours later? She knew I was at the end of my medication, but she coldly and without explanation turned me away. I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that causes horrible swelling and blisters of the limbs, cold or hot to the touch. Sitting in the sun or extreme cold causes my skin to “burn.” Because I have nerve damage, the disease started in my knee after surgery, then spread up the same side of my body! Now, on one day I can be pain free in the damaged knee, but my hand is burning. When I’m in church and they start the music, I have to plug my left ear because of the pain in my inner ear! The disease I can have a higher pain score than some cancers. From the day of my diagnosis 15 years ago, I went to Walgreens, and only 1 doctor, exclusively. They had never expressed any concern about my usage to my doctor or me, but suddenly I was an abuser. While being under-medicated causes me to stay in bed for days at a time, sometimes in tears because I’ve taken all of the medication I’m allowed for that dosage, and yet it has only taken the edge off, sometimes it works just fine. Before being rejected, I was able to have a more social life. I was able to hang out with friends, plan to attend and event and even volunteer at an assisted living facility. You have all of your “data” and presumed “facts,” but “the man with experience is never at the mercy of the man with an argument.”

      1. You are in Florida which is one of the worst states now for chronic pain patients. Your symptoms sound very similar to complex regional pain syndrome, which I have. And I ditto what you said about the dosages only taking the very edge off the pain but we still end up homebound with no social life and basically no life at all. I function better with a higher dose of opioids but I am NOT able to obtain a proper dose due to all of the hysteria surrounding the pill mills in Florida. Before when they were handing out oxycodone 30 milligrams like they were candy for years two people that did not need them now no one can get a decent dosage of anything down here. I’ve had this disease for almost 6 years and I can tell you that in the very beginning of starting opiates I had a little euphoria and a lot of pain relief because I got to take a higher dosage of a different medication then I get now. They really needed to clean up the pill mill problem and boy did they! True addicts are now overdosing on heroin at an alarming rate and chronic pain patients like myself are suffering unbearably. The DEA and the state of Florida has thrown the baby out with the bathwater on this one. Last night I just found out a lady in my RSD group committed suicide. A person who contributed greatly to the group and was loved by many. People that do not have chronic pain will never understand what it means to have unbearable pain 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Pain can be seen on a functional MRI. Maybe that is the answer for doctors treating chronic pain patients. It would help control the dosage by objective means.

        1. Crystal Weaver, I’m very sorry about your friend. That should never happen, so sad. The state of FL has some very crazy stuff going on with pill mills, and there was no need to hurt CPP. There were all these loopholes in the law, like a Dr did not need to be present in the building, just have his name associated with it. It was a massive web of loopholes, and as a result, Dr’s could run more than one at a time, if one got closed they just opened another to replace it, they made as much as a million a day. Families would come & each member of the family would get 200 pills of several different opiates, which they would then sell and pay their house note, etc…and people lived this way. Then there were the people coming in from surrounding states, GA, KY, etc people lined up around the block, no pretense of medical care, no blood pressure taken, just “What do you want?”
          I would not want to be a CPP in FL, however, it’s not much better/different in GA. The pharmacists are some of the most crazy, hateful people on the Earth. I don’t even feel like telling that insane story. You must go to a Mom & Pop small pharmacy, a Christian small pharmacy, or one by a hospital. That hold true for anywhere actually.

    9. As a.chronic pain patient for over 10 years. I am sad that Dr feel we abuse out medications. I have had every treatment from needles burning my nerves. Tens. Epidural s therapy and more. I have Arthritis. This is in the joints so when the numbing of the nerves didn’t work this was no surprise. I was.prescribed ibuprofen. 800 mg a day. Gave me a bleeding ulcer that almost killed me had two units of blood and I was still in pain the only medication that keeps me working and off welfare is 10 mg hydrocodone 4 times a day. Why cant I have the only thing that helps because of a few abusers. The government should not be my baby sitter I am 64 don’t really need a keeper. I had a friend with Lupus she took her own life she could not stand the pain this is sad. When the suicide rate exceeds overdose then what.

      1. The suicide rate already exceeds deaths from ODing on opiates, it just isn’t reported, I’m sorry about your friend, I’ve been through the same myself. I took 1 800mg ibuprofen & started throwing up blood. I had undiagnosed ovarian cancer at the time, with some painful complications that saved my life.Along with the insistence of my former husband that I have surgery as his Mother had just died of ovarian cancer. The Dr said “OK but this is the last surgery I’m doing on you!’….like I was a surgery junkie!!!! Turns out that the cancer, the cysts, & oh-so-painful abdominal adhesions from a previous surgery were on the OTHER side of the ovary they had looked at twice with a scope. Imagine that, a ovary has 2 sides!
        But I digress, 800 mg of any inflammatory medication can make your stomach bleed without you knowing it, until it’s too late and you need blood transfusions, It’s especially dangerous the older you are. Because I was 36 then & in good shape, ovarian cancer wasn’t suspected, they didn’t look carefully, & it would have advanced (like it is now at 49) if I hadn’t insisted on them removing the ovary, as the pain had completely destroyed my life. Because I can’t take anti-inflammatory’s and am severely allergic to cortisone, that’s considered “red flags” that I am a “drug seeker”…in spite of all the documentation and that I’ve tried almost every single other modality of treatment prior to pain management.

    10. Obviously, U do not in constant pain! U have as much right to dictate the care and the medical decisions of some stranger as that stranger has a right to dictate your care for U! Apparently U object to that vehemently… yet U seem to think U still have a right to decide 4 others whats right 4 them…. Hypocrites like U should keep their mouths shut…

    11. Obviously you are NOT in PAIN. Only a selfish, self centered, thinks you know it all low life would write such misguided trash. Since people in horrific pain can’t get meds they are resorting to Heroin or suicide. So next time before you open your big mouth, try burning yourself with an iron and then living with that pain for the rest of your life.

    12. The doctor we have been seeing for 6 1/2 yrs is changing to strictly oncologist. The doctors office gives us a doctor he sees us twice in two months and tells us”I won’t change your meds around”, but the following month he wanted to see me in two weeks. I looked at my medicine and he cut my Ms cottin from taking a 200mg tablet three times daily, and my short term break thru medicine. Now i have 100mg twice a day. And my beak thru medicine from two 8mg tablets every four hrs down to one 8mg tablet every six hrs.
      The lady I take care of lost both legs below the knee, has spina bifida, her spinal cord is being pulled awayfrom her brain. She has been on a regiment of methadone for 24 yrs, never once touched heroin,nor has she EVER been addicted to any kind of street drug. This medicine is strictly for pain for her and it has been a life SAVER! Now this new doctor takes her from 40mg every six hrs to 10mg every six hrs. He didn’t wean her down, or me for that matter,but it is extremely dangerous to take her methadone down so drastically. All in a 2 week period ,even our pharmacist is worried! She said that was to drastic to quick.

      Everyone is different and reacts differently to each. If you give 10 people the same amount of pain medicine, or any medicine for that matter, Everyone will react differently and some people won’t even feel the medicine. Those that don’t get” high” when they take pain med are NOT in pain. When someone that is in ligitement pain takes the meds it doesn’t make them “high” it releaves the pain! That is how doctors should tell if someone is not in real pain. But we that are in real pain are now in life threatening situations, BECAUSE OF DOCTORS. I THOUGHT DOCTORS TOOK AN OATH TO,” FIRST DO NO HARM”. Yet they turn around and ignore us, just cuts our meds and won’t say a word. The only words I get out of him, is this, ” WE at this office now have to assume that every person that walks thru their door as a drug seeker as user! “. My DOCTOR tells me this! Do, a lady that lost both her legs below the knee is here ONLY to be a dig seeker?
      How can you assume that some one with her heath problems and pain she feels, that she is “NOT actually in pain? ” what kind of doctor does that, and refuses to refer us to any other pain management doctor! When we go and find our own pain management dr, make am appointment then two days later they call back and say they aren’t taking new patients. The “head RN” as she calls herself, has never even been thru MAT training. Not one nurse in that office can administer meds. How can she call herself a head RN, we asked her and every since then she has hated it’s with MORE than just a passion. So what to do?

    13. Maureen, i am a chronic intractable pain patient with a host of debilitating conditions, I have been on opiods FOR YEARS and let me tell ya honey, YES IT DOES WORK FOR LONG TERM CARE, All I can do is laugh at people like you who think they can speak for everyone. Take yourself over to the petition2congress first do no harm (google it). There are THOUSANDS of stories from Legit people who are on opiod therapy FOR YEARS and have a quality of life because of it. Mislead the public!?!? Your a joke in its lf. She is not misleading anyone, You my dear need to get your facts n order. Maybe you should try talking to the people this affects most : the chronic pain patients.. I think youd be bashed for your comments, as we live and breathe pain 24/7/365, Opiods were our LAST resort for many of us. I have tried all other options MY BODY, NOT YOURS could take. Opiods was my last resort and since Ive been on them, I had a quality of life. Thanks to the DEA, CDC and the asshole abusers out there, I along with thousands other are paying a very high price, having our meds reduced or taken away has caused legit patients to turn to the streets for relief or worse yet killing themselves. Get a clue before you speak next time. Talk to the pain comminity and walk a day in my shoes, when U can walk. Shame on you!

    14. Are you kidding me? Regardless of Abuse of Medication Doctors are no longer able to treat patients they have, because the DEA now decides what kind of Treatment I am Allowed to have. I Thought My Doctor was the One who went to Medical School to learn, and be the Judge of my Needs. Apparently The DEA went to medical school recently, what Joke. I am in constant pain and have seen how my pain is both On and Off Pain Meds, and when I have no Pain Meds I cant get Out of Bed without being so Miserable that im in tears from the pain. Then thiers when im on my Pain Meds, and in that case I can Walk, Drive, Go to the Store, Spend Time with Family, and Do All that im still in Pain but it’s controlled enough for Me to Live without the Thought of Killing Myself because of the Torture of Constant Never Ending Pain. So Yeah Thanks for All that Great Work that the DEA is doing. LOL So if you think Only Good could come from such Measures then you are Ignorant to the constant fight someone Like Me Faces Already. Let Alone someone who has No Understanding of my Condition or my Health be able to Change My Medical Treatment is InSane!.. Whats the Point of going to the Doctor if he/she are Not the One Incontrol of your Treatment? Thats just the same as Me telling a Police Officer that he can not Detain that Person for Roberry and they ask the Judge or read a New Law saying I have that Authority over Them!. Come On Think a little about the Individuals You can be Negativly Effecting. Its just sad that my life has to get even worse just because someone thinks they know better than the Ones who where Educated to Address that Issue… God Bless All thoughs who Will Suffer because of such Misguided Ideals..


    15. Really, studies show this? What a crock of shit. Talk to any pain patient and you’ll find that opiates are essential in most cases of chronic pain – and they DO WORK- and a combination of pain medicines along with opiates and other treatments usually works best. I’m seriously tired of people quoting ‘new studies’ and bullshit statistics. Opiates work for most – that’s the honest truth. I really hope you come down with a painful disease, so that you can learn for yourself the truth of the situation, really I do. Some people can only learn the hard way.

    16. I happen to work in a hospital complaint department and I’m seeing a one fits all policy. No balanced approach for patients who have legitimate pain issues and who are compliant. Doctors are making people feel like drug seekers and are resorting to prescribing drugs that do nothing to help the patients. In fact the alternate drugs are worse with horrific side affects. The physicians should have a contract with the patient and as long as the patient is being compliant they should be allowed to continue using their pain meds. Stop profiling these patients and deal with them on an individual basis.


      A person who is not in pain but has compassion for those who are.

      1. Thank you Joseph!
        I’m in the process of grievance against Kaiser Permanente for cutting my pain meds drastically over the past 3 years. I wish I knew how to contact others within Kaiser who are going thru this also. If we could band together, maybe we could force them to make a change!

    17. Maureen,
      I think you are clueless about real pain. Must be nice to have a life and a Career. mine was stolen by Doctor who failed to listen to me when I told them what was wrong and now I go from having said career and life. to being on house arrest due to chronic pain. those idiots at the DEA have the never to come after me and take away the only thing that might control my pain and make it so I totally want out of my own skin. how about this why dont you brake your arm dont go get treated for it and tell me how long you last. I mean really what is the point of life if you do not have one and get to live with this bitch called pain and she rules you. when I mean rule I mean rule. you dont get to move or do anything without her permission. if I want to stand I have to hope she lets me. or she keeps me on the couch for days and weeks doing nothing I want to do. when she decides I can do something I got nuts because its been weeks since i have gotten to do anything I want only what she decides she wants to do. but I wont let her get me so I get high on drugs because I dont like that. but dont think I wont take any and all chances to know her on her ass and keep her there as long as I can because I will do it every time I get the chance. and the DEA wants to think i am abusing drugs PLEASE they are only making my battle harder thanks guys now go do your real job and leave me alone.

    18. Maureen, look up low-voltage, long-duration electrocutio. Then tell me that my severe, chronic pain of 24 YEARS doesn’t require opioid medications. I was a pharmaceutical sales rep when my accident occurred. I was on meds for 4 years when a new Dr. suggested getting off ooptions to prevent “bounce back” pain. By the 11th month, I tried to commit suicide. That Dr. put me back on the options asap, afraid my family would sue him, WHICHTHEY WWOULD HAVE! I pray that you remember your callous, unfeeling comments when you or someone you dearly love needs options to have a poor version of a normal life. I’d love for you to come back here and take back all the crap you spewed. If you don’t believe there are legit, severe pain sufferers, you are AN IDIOT!

    19. I had a life filled with Mentally Disabiling (or gifting) “qualities. These “traits” that I was born with, went untreated for them until I was in my mid 20’s had symptoms that were “self-destructing”. (Alcohol, Cocaine, Running/Obsesstion Addictions/Abuse).

      I understood through proper health care that I have ADHD. They treated me with Adderall medication and also Therepy to improve an otherwise unachievable, “I would have killed myself” “Wouldn’t live without constant anxiety ect…. Lifestyle.

      Later in Life I had a massive surgery leaving me in chronic, mind-numbing pain. I struggle to find jobs I can do, even thought you would look at me and I look perfectly healthy. ( unless you lift my shirt, see a 15” scar and realize I have severe nerve damage and my intestines are tearing apart and dissolving everyday.

      I can’t afford to wait for disability (if I’ll get it) apparently I don’t qualify. I was let go from a job because I was “unreliable” and couldn’t work full time even though they were paid WOTC from the government. Once I hit 400 to qualify them for the Tax Credit they literally said I was not welcome in the building.leave or the police will remove you….

      I have a doctor that prescribes me medications so that I can work because that is what the government wants.

      I thought of killing myself not due to the meds but due to the lack of our governments education, the professionals education, the people who treated me like a charity case….. I was in extreme pain and still do have to endure it.

      THE MULTITUDE OF REASONS SUCH AS PAST ACTIONS, BRAIN CHEMISTRY, FOOD THEY ATE, COLOR THEY HAD SEEN EARLIER, CHILDHOOD OVER STIMULATION, HORMONAL IMBALANCE ECT……. are the reasons people kill themselves. The number that do kill themselves is 100% some other reason and 0% because a doctor had genuinely tried to help them and tried to take the pain away.

    20. If my doctor isn’t going to perscribe me safe pain medication and help me get relief because they’re afraid they’ll lose their license, then I’m going to go to the unsafe bartender or college student to get my pain pills on the black market.

      At least with my doctor perscribing it, I was able to have it regulated and checked. Now they they live in fear, I no longer get the privilege of having that safety check. I’m not going to sit in pain for hours, to where I can barely walk, because my doctor is scared.

      This is a consequence that the DEA appears to want. So I don’t feel guilty as I get pills from a dealer instead of my doctor. Now I just get to see if my painkillers are accidently mixed with acid instead. Thanks for that DEA

      1. Seems drug cartels have more compassion than our doctors, pharmacies and overseeing gov. agencies. You don’t see addicts being denied!

        1. This is going to sound crazy, but as a CPP I do a ton of research lying back with a laptop in the only position I can handle. Fact the Fed, government officials, Military-Industrial Complex all make money off war. As after the result of Vietnam, and all wars to some extent, heroin use has expanded in the US. Afghanistan produced 2% of the world’s illegal opium (heroin) under the Taliban. It now produces 85-87% of the Worlds illegal opium….where does that opium go? Why is there a heroin epidemic in the US when the pharmaceutical co have always been in charge due to the FDA being paid either directly by them or owning stock in their companies? WHY ARE US SOLDIERS GUARDING OPIUM FIELDS IN AFGHANISTAN? (you can see this on youtube). They say it’s part of the rebuilding process……because that’s what the Military is trained to do, right? Rebuild. It’s American companies that have lucrative deals to rebuild what they have destroyed, they have sanctions in place to keep the people from rebuilding their own country.
          Now why would the DEA want to restrict opioid medications when they KNOW there is a huge influx of pure Afghani heroin?
          From what I have found out about our government (I’m co-authoring a book. combining real life testimony of the people involved) they are SO corrupt, they start wars on false propaganda (What are we still doing in Afghanistan?), perpetuate propaganda to make people think these wars are necessary, Americans die, we commit genocide (check out Madeliene Albright on Diana Sawyer saying 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of 5 dead is “an acceptable loss”, when Saddam was our ally until he wanted to use the Euro then he became a Dictator who must be overthrown (and the resources of that country taken by force)
          Bottom line:drug cartels and CIA are one & the same, the DEA is just doing as ordered

          1. Anyone who has done their research knows this, but for those unable to conduct research for themselves I truly hope that your book is able to bring it together and wake people up so we can stop this disgusting corruption.

    21. The above statement is misleading and the DEA has taken the practice of medicine into their own hands. How bout that… between insurance companies and the DEA we no longer need physicians. It is one thing to shut down physicians who clearly prescribe above and beyond therapeutic levels. I believe that should have been accomplished by now… (oh but wait a minute.. this is big business… this is the DEA agents bread and butter… righteo.. let the crack slingers keep slinging… let’s go where the money is,. lets take a lifeline away from the innocent person who was injured doing work which in many cases no one else had the guts to do…. Let’s make it essentially impossible for those suffering with legitimate pain to get relief… YES IT IS ONE THING TO SHUT DOWN THE PRESCRIBER OF MASS QUANTITIES ABOVE ANY RESONABLE THERAPEUTIC LEVELL……It is another to deprive those in need of LEGITIAMTE PAIN MANAGEMENT THE LIFELINE WHICH GIVES THEM SOMETHING WHICH RESEMBLES A NORMAL LIFE. THIS IS WHAT THE DEA IS DOING. IT IS INVACIVE…. IT VIOLATES PRIVACY AND IT IS ANOTHER LOSS OF CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS…. THINK ABOUT IT ….

    22. You might want to check your facts. There were 16000 overdose deaths from prescription opioids. The government’s own stats show no change over the last 15 years. Suddenly the lasts couple of years there’s a pendemic? There are over 100,000 deaths from other prescription drugs that’s not counting all the suicides from the SSRI’s beings handed out and nothing is said of that. Seems like this War on Drugs is an artifical crisis.

      1. Oh my goodness! I believe SSRI withdrawal is alot more common than anyone knows. If a person isn’t educated on how to discontinue, all hell can break loose. For me, withdrawing from an opiate was far easier than withdrawing from a low dose SSRI. I wonder how many people actually commit suicide as a result of stopping an SSRI. There has to be some sort of hidden agenda going on here.

      2. An artificial crisis that makes a lot of heartless scumbags rich, and keeps food on the table for a good number of misinformed do-gooders employed by this sociopath designed system.

    23. Maureen…Dr. Webster is right on point! This WAR happened over night…Out-of-the-Blue! I have been seeing a Neurologist for 17 years. This so-called War came as a surprise to everyone! There is NO reason for this. And if you believe what the CDC says, then you have got to be an ObamaCare supporter. You sound like you are. How dare you say that Dr. Webster is inaccurate and boisterous. This Doctor knows EXACTLY what is going on (along with all pain patients). If you believe in statistics and the CDC and the DEA and FDA, then I have to say that you, my dear, are an ignorant ass. Obama is behind all of this.

      1. The president is NOT to blame for this. The DEA has been running this losing “war on drugs” since long before Mr Obama was elected. The Affordable Care Act also is not to blame. It has made insurance available to people who could not afford it before, people like my high-functioning, employed adult son with autism who couldn’t even get basic medical care because he is a contract employee. Without the ACA, he would not have any insurance at all.

        The fear doctors have of the DEA is the main reason why pain medication is so restricted. That, and the fact that most people – professionals included – do not understand the difference between “addiction” and “dependence”.

        Bottom line, the war against pain patients is a non-partisan issue. Please do not make this into some kind of party politics argument. There are Republicans and Democrats in the DEA, and they all apparently hate pain patients.

    24. I am 63 years old, divorced 20 years, live alone, and been permanently disabled since 2009. Spinal stenosis and back and neck injuries from accidents which give such severe and crippling pain, if it were not for the opiate medications, I could not survive and take care of myself. I could no longer afford living in one state and moved to PA. I have been trying for almost three months to transition from my original state doc to a doc in PA. So far it has been a living hell. Nobody wants to treat with opiate medications…even with referral letter from a doctor that cared for me for over a decade and monitored my usage on a monthly basis. I recently got injured because I lose balance easily and fall frequently. I had a bad fall in Sept. and injured a knee. So far, regular physician ordered tests….blood work, x-ray, sonogram, PAP smear and mammogram…I guess PAP smear was supposed to help my knee? I was referred to a Pain Clinic since the reg doc tossed my medication bottle across the examination table and curtly stated, “Well, I’m not dealing with this.” And was referred to THEIR choice of Pain Clinic.
      So far, two visits down the road – one a consult with an assistant to the MD, and the second another test to see my “physical endurance, and flexibility” and not even met with the doctor yet. Notices all over the office of no pain medications dispense on first visits, or until after tests completed. Each now scheduled two weeks apart. My last prescription filled from original state doc was in first week of Sept. I have been using sparingly to last this long when it was meant to last for only one month. I am literally using my cane and dragging one leg behind me to make it to all these damn tests for three months now. I cannot get past all these arbitrary tests and half-bait lectures. The pain clinic has not slated me to even lay eyes on this doctor until the first week of Dec. I am at my end of the rope and nobody cares. I am looked at as a complaining nuisance and drug seeker. Damn right I am seeking drugs because I do not want to be in pain or prematurely wind up in a nursing home to have somebody care for me!! Damn it, they are stealing my dignity and my right to live my own life!
      I am FURIOUS that the elderly in pain are discriminated against, bullied and controlled by fearful doctors milking us with capricious tests, and allowed to torture us with painful injections that simply do not work or last. I want to curse the DEA and all these people associated with this bandwagon of torture with the exact sort of pain we all have been living with, because until they feel it , they will show no compassion or sympathy to those who suffer! Why must the elderly suffer because these kids abuse these drugs??? Why don’t we just shoot the bank tellers too when the robbers steal all the cash from the bank? It is ridiculous, unreasonable, irrational, and unfair not only to us but the compassionate doctors who really try to help us. It is a diabolical ploy by the government which only gives license for these clinics to torture pain patients, extract funds that are much needed by those disabled, and virtually sends pain patients into the realm of the damned. Shame on them – may they all suffer what we suffer and have no means to find relief!

      1. That is absolutely the state of PA. Doctors do not want the responsibilities that come with prescribing opiates. I know people who have to drive to NY. I have to drive 4 hours once a month to see my doctor. My pain meds were abruptly changed just as everyone else. My doctor was no longer allowed to prescribe my fetanyl patches and my fetanyl lozenges as I do not have a diagnosis of Cancer. So…I am now disabled, isolated and in bed most of the time. I am on pain meds, but they do not work. They take the edge off, but the fetanyl made me able to work and function. PA is a terrible state for pain relief.

      2. I live in PA and I know exactly what you mean. When I first went to what is basically the only pain clinic in this area, I had to take test after test and have nerve block shots before they would even consider prescribing medication. And yes, for the initial prescription they make you see the doctor, who is often overbooked because anyone at any time can “demand” to see the doctor and staff have to comply (whether they actually need the doctor or not).

        Had I been on opiates at that time and switching to this pain clinic, I would have been in withdrawal long before I was able to get in to see the doctor! I can only imagine how horrible this was for you!

        Unfortunately, PA is one of those states who has gone completely nuts over what they think is a firm link between prescription pain medication and heroin addiction. Yes, there are a lot of heroin addicts here, but as a former drug and alcohol therapist I can categorically state that “I had pain, the doctor got me addicted, cut me off and now I HAVE to use heroin” is one of the most common, and biggest, lie addicts try to claim.

        I am so sorry you had to go through all you did. PA is, in many ways, a very backwards state.

    25. ppl like U make the perfect ex of American ignorance. Just because U dont have chronic pain and U cant get a legal script or U cant control your brat kids everyone else should suffer.. Why? U obviously have no concept of what other ppl go thru day by day and how these medications R both safe and cost effect and R an alternative to dangerous surgeries that more often than not just exacerbate the prob… But its not like U care about these ppl at all. Its all about U and how U think they should live their lives to make U happy! Enough of your self imposed morality. U R no different than ISIS. They feel they know what God wants and U need to shut up and do it or die. U R no different.U just have a different angle of attack but your principles R the exact same thing.

    26. I think that the government has been given way to much power and our rights are being violated..Mind your own business and let others tend to our life and we should be allowed to take what medicine our doctor gives us without it being OK from the DEA..This isn’t the land of the free,its dictated by our government ..the good ol days are long gone,and this is a sad day when our doctors can’t use their GOD given gift because of ones that have no experience with feeling pain or treating it..what’s next? Is the government going to tell us when we can eat bathe sleep shit? The people aren’t being heard and we no longer have rights..same goes for our soldiers at war fighting for other countries when we need to just mind our own business,let people live their lives the way they choose..if it doesn’t directly affect you and yours then stay out of it..

      1. When you have a oxycodene. And it works and you have these dec come in mains sting how many pills you can have that don’t have t your pains they should huger them hopefully they all get our same problems and pains and are told too bad because they are god these drugs have been here for 60 years and now they want to do something about it they did they put the people on the methadone and the state still paying for quite a few people on
        South Crouse Ave when they got out of jail or rehabs keep it real don’t blame it on today look back the state made the problem
        With the heroin the meathadone and ne all the people with real chronic pain have suffer over some person
        That doesn’t know what pain is

    27. You obviously don’t have a disease that is so painful that you need some relief even to move. You obviously don’t know what it is like,to be in so much pain you cant even move. M8aybe one day, hopefully soon, you will be in the same position that the sick and dying are, no access to pain relief. You should be ashamed. You have nothing better to do than to post idiotic replies to people that have a real need. Maureen, go find a hobby.

    28. Are you a chronic pain patient? The # of patients surprises me. The count is just too high. However, I am a pain patient. I am 68 yrs. old, a woman and have used pain meds. for 18 years. I have not increased the dosage, although, there are times when I do need more than the amount I have. The rules for obtaining new prescriptions is rigorous. The government saving us from ourselves. A lady who has to travel 2 hours each way to pick up a new prescription is down right torture. You have a premise that legal pain meds. lead to illegal drugs, or leads to unmanaged use. Your conclusion is false. You follow a logic that is flawed. I am sure you have interviewed and talked with pain patients. Do you feel that all of them are lying to you? Recently Mackenzie Phillips testified before a congressional hearing for perscriptive pain meds. She has no right to do so. She is a hard core user sense the age of 10, has struggled her entire life. She is an addictive type personality, chose to have plastic surgery later in life knowing that there would be pain meds. involved. She says the prescription meds. led her back to using illegal drugs. She is not a pain patient, she is an addict and should restrain her comments to that area. However, the government listened to her. Why? She knows nothing about pain management, should not be speaking about it. My doctors have now become more cautious. A few years ago there was concern that cancer patients and chronic pain patients were not receiving the care they needed to control their pain. The medical field moved toward filling the gap that existed, now we are back under some crappy political posturing to whose good? The government gets credit for saving peoples lives, scientist get attention for writing about a subject they are not experiencing. You have taken a bad situation and made it worse. All of us should be working to make life better for those who suffer continual, unrelieved pain. Athletes have no problem getting pain meds during and after their careers. It is the patient who is off the radar that is getting hurt.

      1. I predict there will be more suicides and overdoses with liquor as a result of undertreating pain patients. My doctor is being force by my HMO to reduce my morphine dose from 120mg/day (which just barely makes my knee pain tolerable) to 100mg – but I think they are shooting for 90mg – it is a slow taper, but I have tried lower doses and I just end up in bed. Since they reduced my dose from 30mg every 6 hours to every 4, I have gained weight due to less exercise – this cannot be healthy. You can bet that the meddlesome politicians, if they are not alcoholics, get enough pain medication whether they need it or not. Somehow those in real pain have to find a way to get political clout in order to stop the government from interfering with the doctor-patient relationship.

      2. Mackenzie Phillips testifying about prescription meds is like the Warren Commission proving the single bullet theory, they start with the theory, then set out to prove it ignoring all evidence to the contrary. Siobhan Rynolds ran a National patient advocacy center (when her husband died in the car on the way to a pain management appt out of state)…she died in a plane crash on the way to Washington to lobby for patient rights, this was a few years ago.
        There’s money behind it, as always, & someone more powerful than the almighty pharmaceutical companies behind it, the DEA & political posturing is just that. What are they going to do with all that Afghan heroin the US gov is guarding (youtube). ? Conspiracy theory, yes, but once you figure out how corrupt the government is, how many times history has repeated itself (Vietnam), illegal opium production going from 2% prior to the US invasion to providing 98% of the World’s illegal opium (heroin)….it doesn’t take much to connect the dots…follow the money (& power)…..

    29. Theirs 16.000 deaths a year due to prescribed opioids that hardly constitutes an epidemic considering half a million people die from tobbacoo yet I don’t see the DEA shutting down the 7/11 that sold the tobacco to its now dead customerr.nmy doctor recently retired and in the process has destroyed my life because the DEA is making life miserable for any doctor prescribing pain medication theirs many common sense ways to combat opiate abuse cutting off millions of patients that have zero quality of life without them is not one of them.And I don’t care what you read in an article I’ve been on 2 painkillers same dose for 14 years and they still work.The government will now watch countless of pain patients die from their own hand or some illegal drug.But maybe it will be alcohol that substitute,s for the pain Medes it’s only responsible for 120 thousand deaths a year.Welcome to the new socialist America land of the not so free.

    30. Maureen, you are LYING and you know it. Please stop spreading your lies and falsehoods. You are a DISGUSTING PERSON for attempting to cause more pain to us Chronic Pain Patients who just need relief. You’re stupid if you think we haven’t tried many other things and that we only want pain meds. Don’t tar us with your brush of ignorance. YOU ARE 100% WRONG. Opiates work great for people with legitimate Chronic Pain. I’ve been using them since 16 years old, 26 now. Never had a problem, Never abused. The only problem I’ve now had is difficulty accessing my LEGITIMATE medication because the DEA and HORRIBLE PEOPLE like you are trying to make us seem like drug addicts when WE ARE NOT. It’s very easy for you to say the things you are about us because YOU ARE NOT THE ONE IN DEBILITATING PAIN!. You are a TERRIBLE EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING.

    31. I agree with Dr. Lynn Webster and have to say, HOW DARE ANYONE , make comments like, “do not mislead the public…” I don’t care WHO you ARE–

      I state this with education and respect, having been once in medicine, and now RELYING on medicines resulting from an accident.

      I find that these broad threat phrases, are typically from health professionals who either have not lived through, nor experienced the myriad of pain that they seem to write about and treat.

      Pain from seizures, which may cause DDD, or medicine induced lymphomas and myeloma’ ARE painful (9-13) on bad days- (3-5) if medicine is appropriate. I find that a lot of docs rely on other meds to create cocktails – in the long run- harming (toxifying) a patient.

      The new mandates punish patients with a legitimate need. I DO AGREE, that any patient taking meds or herbs for pain, should most definitely (a) be followed by PCP, PM, and/ or Naturopathic or Holistic Consultant – WITH TRAINING to watch for abuse, addiction, etc…

      However; Patients with MRI scans, or other legitimate history of medical necessity should not be made to feel like criminalized, addict-seeking people. Pain meds when PROPERLY dosed will allow the patient to physically and mentally progress. The physicians should be monitoring to ensure that if insured rehab has expired- the pt is continuing a regimen of progression. (Walking, Exercising, ADLs, Initiation & completion of projects, etc…).

      Perhaps, instead of the medical community totally over-reacting over the Opiod issue; we should look for ways to compliment the pain meds to cause the least harm. I.E. Lower doses in a 24 hour period, and ALL DR’s dosing on a 24hr base- not 12 hour. Pain occurs sometimes the worst at night.

      10mg q 4-6 hours no Tylenol, aspirin, ibuprofen…
      6 hours is four times in a 24 hour period-
      q4h is ONE tablet 10mg six times in 24 hours.

      If patient and physician work on the same dosage education, and, start minimally, one might be surprised by the effacy of these meds. The more non synthetic, the better for the patient.

      Meds for depression, fibromyalgia, etc… EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL states THE POSSIBLE INCREASE in suicidal thoughts, ideation, etc…. I haven’t yet heard about any actions taken about this.

      Doctors who give Tramadol, Trazadone, Effexor for example…. Increase the RISK of Seratonin Syn.. Some levels in patients are life-threatening. Where does control stop, and truly helping patients BEGIN AGAIN? I think the government already has enough to handle, and truly, if you haven’t experienced the wonders of feeling your bones being eaten away, the pain of disks falling apart, or my personal favorite, the horrific pain after a grand mal seizure that makes you feel like you’ve been hit by a MAC truck!

      I’ve asked my docs, have you ever HAD a seizure?
      Then you DONT know what you’re talking about. A patient who TRIES to improve- obviously – are being well monitored. The ones where problems lie? Time to take a look at the bigger picture – not rewrite laws.

      Respectfully submitted.

    32. The idea came into my state and the town I live in and shut down the doctors that they claim they had nothing to do with.So what people started to do is upgrade to heroin hmmm good job idea ohhh I forgot it was not you.So now you have started other things to deal with have fun and good luck you will need it.Because in my opinion coke will start to make a big comeback deco use it is a pain KILLER also.

    33. Maureen, Obviously you don’t know what chronic pain is all about. I’m not even going to bother explaining what my condition is (not that you would care) but the doctor is right on! If the DEA wants to go after dr shoppers, someone with multiple prescriptions etc..then please knock themselves out! But don’t lump all people into the same group. Medicine has saved my life and has given me a life. Now those of us who need treatment & care, who have never dr shopped or frankly done anything illegal are having to fight for care! When you take away perfectly effective pain medication for those who need it you will see a rise in abuse of street drugs (herion is becoming a problem). So making it harder for REAL chronic pain patients to get their medicine causes suffering for regular people, while those who were simply addicts will move on to stronger more dangerous street drugs! With all the problems we have in this world THIS is what our leaders focus on!! And of course the innocent pay a terrible price and the lawbreakers just find a new way to break the law!! Thank you dr Webster for telling it like it is.

      1. Why are American soldiers guarding the opium fields of Afghanistan? (youtube). From 2% before the invasion now responsible for 98% of the world’s illicit opium (heroin). It kind of appears the government is trying to force a heroin epidemic on the country…Vietnam? Follow the money…..CIA+Mob=government money.

      2. AMEN. I WOULD WRITE MY WHOLE STORY OF HOW A.SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE TRAINER IS NOW 100% bedridden because of chronic pelvic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia,chronic migraines and have been taken off all opioid pain management without a plan leaving me in a suicidal state but it’s actually too painful to type! I need help desperately after four failed abdominal surgeries and labeled a “Drug Seeker” /”shopper”, despite only being with 2 pain dry for five years. My life quality has suffered GREATLY and my life is spent in bed. Paid out of pocket $11,000 to see these docs and had physical Injections costing upwards of $400+ and each time they injected my LABIIA ended up.with swollen genitals the size of a large egg and excruciating pain. Dr blamed ME for not being “relaxed” enough to accept the injections. Sigh. Just got out of the Behavioral health ward because of denial to receive the medication I require to survive. How/who can help me? Dr. Said suboxone is my best option and I have never abused any of my meds a single day in my life. Jeez, there is so much more sadness to what I have lost but I can’t go on…

    34. 100 million people huh? That’s quite the claim, given that there’s around 327 million men, women and children in the US. Are you really going to stick to your guns and claim that 1/3 of the US population is opioid dependent?

    35. Excuse me but its obvious you do not have a painful disease and it is people like you who have made my life a living hell when it comes to getting proper pain management. I have been on pain killers for 10 years and they still work fine. Within that 10 years the laws have become absolutely ridiculous. It is hindering my right as a patient to access medical help. I have a painful joint disease that causes my bones to become brittle. I am 35 and need both knees replaces as well as having no cartilage left in my wrists. I honestly don’t care if kids are overdosing. That is not my, or my fellow disabled Americans problem…that is a parental problem. This country needs to start to find balance. We need a bit of that old 1950’s take responsibility for your own actions back in the mix because what happens is exactly what is happening. People have lost the right to smoke in bars and there was never a compromise…like have some bars where you can smoke and some where you can’t…and I feel that is what people like you and the DEA are doing to my health care…telling me its all or nothing. IF you people take away the only thing that makes me get through the day, my suicide will be on your head.

    36. How come people can rely on blood pressure meds, blood thinning meds, diabetes meds, life long anti-infective meds and so on and so on to live some what or a normal life but people that suffer from pain can’t receive the pain meds needed to live a some what normal life? These other drugs need to be increased in do time to keep the people living a normal life just like pain meds do that people take to live a normal life, you don’t hear about them outlawing them. You obviously don’t have any idea what chronic pain is and how a drug taking a person from a unexplained pain level of 9 or 10 down to a 3 or 4 can give them a reason to keep living. You think since scientists haven’t figured it out the people should suffer in till they do? Do you think people that are living in chronic pain haven’t tried to push through it and be strong about it, I did for years on and off going through withdraws repeatably just hoping I would make it,and that I was healed. I’m not just talking a couple of months I’m talking years pain pill free. I have two black belt degrees in the martial arts, I use to cycle 150 to 200 mile a week or more, I was so active and I know how to take deal with pain, I’m stronger then the average person when it comes to pain, but the pain was always there tearing me down relentless. Taking the pain pill made me feel so much less pain and gave me what I know as a normal life. After taking pills for a while I would try again to do it with out pain pills again. Taking these pills gave me a normal life to live and I was like the person off the pills that associates with you that’s without pain even though all my pain wasn’t gone. Off the pills I went years being less effective in life. I can’t comprehend my wife as well as others not feeling everyday pain, what is it like? It’s obvious you and people that don’t suffer with daily pain can’t comprehend what it’s like having pain everyday just like we can’t really truly comprehend why people think the way they do, you just except it. Now that I’m in my 50s, I can’t fight the everyday pain anymore and death is better than this pain, yes I love my wife of over 30 years, loving her still like a teenager in heat waiting to see her get out of the shower or just snuggle up with her and watching a movie ( as my tears roll writing this) I love my family and everything I stand for in life BUT I can’t have a normal life now because of the new regulations on pain meds and what people don’t understand. I am highly respected and I give it back in return to others but I’m treated like a criminal now trying to live a some what normal life. Yes I have been through every type of pain meds out there and I am over $3 million in medical costs trying to find some thing other than narcotics for relief or ways to just end the pain. You don’t mind people or yourself driving cars to run normal lives do you? Why? because it benefits you. In fact someone in this country, not global dies in a car accident every 15 minutes but there not trying to out law cars. That pain pill is my car in life. It would be painful to you if I took your car away, yes you would get by but less efficiently. God Bless and may you never walk alone.

      1. I’m a former Elite gymnast/coach/dance choreographer no more, and I can tell you I did the same thing, the “work thru the pain” or as my coach when I was 8 said “What? I don’t feel anything”. I was raised in an environment where it was unacceptable to not work through the pain…and after waiting 8 months to see my surgeon he said I was too thin and unhealthy to withstand surgery…that’s what the pain did to me in first few years. Now I’m older and have RA, cancer 2x, 11 surgeries, 7 of those from an infection I got at the hospital that nearly killed me, and so on. Toughing it out ruined my body & my life. I’ve lost all muscle at this point from my meds being cut from 120mg a day to 22 mg a day. I’ve never done anything wrong, failed a drug test, refused a drug test or pill count, gotten meds from another Dr….never broken my contract. I’ve been in pain the last 15 years progressively worsening, and pain and fighting it has stolen everything I ever worked for, owned, took pride in, etc everything except the people I have a responsibility to be there for them.

    37. 8 years ago while I was at work there was an accident that pretty much ruined my lower back which of course caused obscene amounts of pain and restricted my movement at which point I had back surgery to get fixed,which of course made the pain actually worse, and if that wasn’t bad enough I ended up with a resistant staph infection at the surgical site of my spine which caused even more damage including nerve damage which called for a second surgery to fix the damage caused by that as well.

      Since that second surgery the pain that I deal with on a daily basis is almost a nightmare. At first I agreed to try all kinds of other things to “manage” the pain….like cortisone shots…which only worked for me for around 3 days…and tenze unit….which didn’t work at all….not to mention ice and heat and lidocaine patches wherein it seemed to make things hurt worse. So at that point I decided to get a different doctor that was about 50 miles closer.

      Well this doc and I talked for almost an hour on my first visit while I explained my pain levels and where the pain was and__what kind of pain was where…you know…like burning pain or dull pain or stabbing pain. Well….to my complete surprise the doc prescribed me 2 different medications….one was Oxycodone which I was familiar with since that was what I had after each surgery to recover with and the other was MSCONTIN which at that point I had no idea what it was.

      Anyway I took the meds he proscribed me and for the first time in over a year my pain levels had dropped enough that I could actually walk my dog for more than a block and sit upright for the length of a movie…my pain was no longer stirring at 7 or 8 on the pain scale but at a 3 to 4…having the mscontin (time release morphine) for long-term daily pain and the oxycodone for the breakthrough pain INSTANTLY changed my life…I was able to do stuff again which defiantly increased my quality of life.

      That was 7 years ago…and as a long term pain sufferer…I think that if I HADN’T of got those medications I probably would have ended up suicidal due to having zero quality of life.

      I just try like Hell to keep a regular doctor because pain clinics are nothing but a huge bad joke that has like 2 to 3 doc’s trying to take care of thousands of patients each that they don’t even begin to care about much less try to understand because all they want to do anymore is hand out Tylenol and tenze units and cortisone injections instead of giving out something that actually helps because they fear that people who need to be on something for 20 years or so will get addicted/dependant lol.

      Guess what docstupid….I.d rather take 6 pills a day than come in every few months for cortisone shots that last 3 days…or get implanted with spinal simulators that limit some of the stuff I can barely do anymore anyway.

      And as a parting shot…how many of you guys out there have had docs try to tell ya a new med they are giving ya is for something like pain or sleep….only to find out they slipped you an antidepressant medication instead of what they told ya it was for?

      1. The exact same thing happened to my back, I had an infection that almost killed me, and I was prescribed (after years of suffering) MS Contin with oxycodone for BT, I hope you keep your meds & quality of life!