As one of the most prominent voices in the pain community, providing expert insight and accurate information on topics regarding pain medicine has become a large part of Dr. Webster’s work. He is often asked to contribute to reports for a variety of major publications from across the nation. Below you’ll find a list of his most recent editorial contributions.

AAPM President’s Messages

  1. A Responsible Way to Treat Patients in Pain (May 2013)
  2. Eight Principles for Safer Opioid Prescribing (July 2013)
  3. Pills, Policies & Predicaments: The Unintended Consequences of a Health Care System’s Policy Towards Opioids (October 2013)
  4. New Policing Role for Pharmacists Undermines Partnership with Prescribers (November 2013)
  5. It Takes Many True Leaders to Become a Top-Tier Pain Organization (January 2014)
  6. Pain and Suicide: The Other Side of the Opioid Story (March 2014)

Other Editorials

  1. Opioid Prescribing: Understanding the Risks (National Pain Report)
  2. Making Opioid Drugs Less Alluring (Wall Street Journal)
  3. A Responsible Way to Treat Patients, Pain (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
  4. Eight Principles for Safer Opioid Prescribing (Pain Medicine News Q&A: Part 1)
  5. We Have An Epidemic on Our Hands and the Status Quo is Failing Us (Pain Medicine News Q&A: Part 2)
  6. The Answer Certainly Does Not Lie with Current Opioids (Pain Medicine News Q&A: Part 3)
  7. Senate Investigation: Conversation with Lynn Webster, MD (Pain Medicine News)
  8. NFL Players Reveal Nation’s Poor Treatment of Chronic Pain (Chicago Sun-Times)
  9. Finding a Life with Meaning by Managing Pain (The Washington Post)
  10. Intimidating Doctors Won’t Solve the Chronic Pain Epidemic (KevinMD.com)
  11. ‘Cultural shift’ should extend to pain sufferers (The Blade)



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